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'Cause baby there, Ain't no mountain high enough'


He stood watching as the early afternoon sunlight glistened over the Thames, creating a million mesmerizing patterns with each ripple of its surface, and bounced playfully over the buildings that littered its banks. He felt the soft breeze against his face and inhaled deeply, each breath cleansing away his sins one by one, allowing a new slate from which his life would now begin. He smiled deeply, the thought intensify the warmth within him, warmth that had settled the moment he had boarded the plane, now a constant companion that made him feel alive.

He checked his watch, the nervous butterflies in his stomach becoming animated once more, and turned back to face the building he had spent the last hour watching. He gazed at the tall trees shrouding it, flower buds now appearing discreetly, but adamantly, in the warning of imminent beauty to come and he could not help but smile at the perfect poetry of it all. His gaze flew towards the large glass doors as they opened and he felt his heart sink as a group of men in smart suits emerged, chatting eagerly and laughing jovially.

Then she appeared, a splendid feast after a spiteful famine, her red coat lapping at the wind demanding the attention she deserved and he felt like his heart had begun to beat sincerely again for the first time since they had left him a week ago.

He watched as she approached the group of men confidently and they separated as if Moses himself had parted them, each eagerly shaking her hand and making her smile with fond goodbyes.

He watched as she bid them farewell, watched as she walked in his direction unsuspectingly, watched as she looked up and stopped suddenly, raising her hand to her mouth, overwhelmed with disbelief.

He pushed off the railing, realising that he had been holding it firmly enough to make his knuckles white and walked towards her nervously, surprised that his legs could function at all. But with each step he took he felt his pace increase, butterflies a distant memory, and when he finally reached her he wrapped his arms around her, seeking her lips urgently and finding them sweet, warm and inviting-a taste of his new life. He felt her return his kiss willingly and her hands rest against his chest, above his very heart, the place where they belonged.

He reluctantly broke their kiss and pulled back, holding her gaze, seeing the emotion and questions in her eyes that now glistened with imminent tears.

"Ask me what I want"

She held his gaze, the love within her eyes as clear to him now as the taste of her on his lips. When she spoke her voice was soft, intimate.

"What do you want?"

He smiled, happiness eliciting from him that which had been so hard to find before.

"I want a life, not just an existence, I want a home not just a barren house....I want all the things that scare me, want them badly enough that I don't care anymore...."

He smiled sincerely and raised his hand to her warm cheek, cupping it softly, and continuing.

"....I want Caleb, want to be something that I never before believed I could be..."

He ran his thumb over her cheek, wiping away a tear that had traced a path across it.

".....And I want to wake up every morning knowing that you are mine.... and I am yours"

She smiled softly then, a smile that reached her eyes, and another tear retraced the path its predecessor had already braved. He felt a broad smile creep across his face, surprised at how easily he had found the words and actions that had mocked him for an eternity. He was finally complete, a part of the life he had longed for, and holding the women that had possessed every space within him from the moment their eyes had first met.

He raised his other hand, cupping her face gently within his hands and holding her gaze.

"It has always....will always, be you"

And then he claimed her lips, smiling inside at the knowledge that he could do it freely, could do it whenever he wanted, for the rest of their lives.

Somewhere in the distance Big Ben began to chime.

The End

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