The Past Can Really Explain Things



Is now 36 years old. Has long violet hair. Her costme is generally the same except it's all white. She's married to Changeling (Beastboy) and has 2 kids with him: Lily(15) and Collin(6 months)


Is now 36 years old. Has forest green hair that goes down to the nape of his neck. His costme is a little different. He got out of the Doom Patrol uniform to be his own person. His uniorm is purple with a large strip of white down the center. He still has the regular gray Titans belt. He also got taller and is more muscular. He's married to Raven and has 2 kids with her: Lily(15) and Collin(6 months)


Is 15 years old. She has long straight violet hair and emerald eyes. Her skin is Raven's color. She has pointed ears. She wears a dark green leotard and a light green cloak. She has Ravens powers and can change into small animals. Her Parents are Changeling and Raven. Her sibling is Collin.


Is 6 months old. He has light green skin, forest green hair, violet eyes, and pointed ears. His powers are too early to tell, but they guessed Changelings because of his appreance. At this point he doesn't really have a uniform. His hobbies are destroying toys, annoying his sister, smelling his feet, bothering (Spitting, clinging to him, poking him, etc.) uncle Cy, Playing with Tyler and Spencer, and strangely showing signs of reading. His parents are Changeling and Raven. Sister is Lily.


Is 37 years old. Has long black hair. Has gotten taller. He now wears a black suit with a blue falcon streaching his wings on his chest. And of course he still had his mask. He's now married to Starfire and has 2 kids with her: Moonfire (13) and Tyler (1).


Is 36 years old. Her features hasn't changed, just her costme. She wore a uniform that is similar to when she first came to earth. All the places were skin used to be is now metal or what looks like metal. Where she is tradionally dressed is now black. Her hair is the same lenght but now she pulls it into a small ponytail at the nape of her neck. She's married to Nightwing she has 2 chilren with him: Moonfire (13) and Tyler (1).


13 years old. She has jet black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Her powers are blue starbolt and martal arts (taught by her dad). Her uniform is like Starfires (FUTURE starfires) exept the main color is a light blue, and a light blue cape that stops at her legs. Her parents are Nightwing and Starfire.


Is 1 year old. He has red hair and green eyes like his mom. He has a cute laughing nature. He seems to always laugh when someone tickled him or made a face for him. They found out the hard way what his powers are. One day he was playing with his daddy, he stared to charge at him and gave him a red starbolt to the face. Nightwing at the moment is working on his uniform. His hobbies are: playing with the Titans and Spencer and Collin, eating large amounts of food, rolling on the floor, destorying random things with starbolts, and hugging peoples legs so tight that they can't feel them for a while.


Is 38 years old. He grew a little bit taller, but besides that his physical features are the same. For his uniform is black were gray used to be and darker blue were the regular blue is suppost to be. He's now married to Bumble Bee and has 3 kids with her: Spencer (9 months), Shawna(11), and Tech(14).

Bumble Bee:

Is 37 years old. Instead of her hair up, she now lets it hang down revealing long wavy brown hair. Instead of tight black tights for her uniform, she now wears lose black pants. She hasn't changed much. She's married to Cyborg and has 3 kids with him: Spencer (9 months), Shawna (11), and Tech (14).


14 years old. He had his fathers build but was skinnier. Cyborg made him armor like his because before Cyborg was a robot he was a human, his main color was yellow with black metal holding it togehter. He also had the ability to shrink. He had a thin layer of hair on his head and brown eyes. His parents are Cyborg and Bumble Bee.


11 years old. Has the exact powers as her mother. She has brown eyes and long dark brown hair that she partly pulled back. Her uniform is horisonal striped of blue and yellow with lose black pants. Her parents are Cyborg and Bumble Bee.


9 months old. Power is unknown as the time. But they have the idea that he takes after Bee because once he disapered and re-aperred 5 minutes later. He had black hair and brown eyes. His hobbies are playng with Collin and Tyler, catching bees (with out beeing stung), eating meat (and lots of it!), poking his belly button, and pushing Collin over (he gets in trouble every time he does it but he does it anyways.) Parents are Cyborg and Bee.