The Past Can Really Explain Things

Update: I can't get myself to write the rest of this. So this story is FINISHED and there is no chance of me picking it back up again…

So, since this is the end, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO ARE AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF; especially the people who have been with me since the beginning and reading this. This is my most popular story and it still shocks me to this day how popular this story was, I STILL get favorites and story watches on a regular basis and it breaks my heart knowing I'll most likely not finish this… Teen Titans was one of my first HUGE obsessions and it will always be a special show in my heart, but I fell out of love with it a long time ago.

BUT, I'm not going to be one of those asshole writers that will stop in the middle of a story without at least giving you guys some closure about what I was planning… SO, without further adieu, I will summarize the rest of my story…

AN: The next chapter I was going to bring Arella back through this portal from Azarath.

Do you remember when Lily told Raven that she would get something very soon that would help her contain her powers a bit more? I was going to have Arella give her that stone that could accomplish that. With the stone within Raven's grasp, she slowly becomes more optimistic and starts to hope that maybe she won't be alone forever.

After that chapter, I was getting fuzzy so I was going to add a ton of filler chapter (with lots of fluff) to waste a bit of time before the final battle with Slade. Since I started this story on the first of November and continued it for about two months; you would get to see all the holidays, right? So I was going to have a Thanksgiving , Christmas, New Years thing, etc. Turn things up with some mistletoe and presents for some tenderness with our two love birds, blah. I had an idea of the Titans giving Lily her own room, that would one day be one of the future Titan's rooms. I had another idea of Lily and BB playing a prank on Raven, nothing mean, but for some laughs and for Lily keeping her promise to her dad in the first chapter. Raven and Beast Boy would still train with Lily… they both almost completely master what they learn. Raven gets more and more signs that she might indeed love him.

When it comes down to the final show down, they don't make the same mistake they did to mess up the future.

Now, the HUGE question… how do Raven and Beast Boy (Changeling) find out that Lily it their shared daughter? Truth is, I had something planned but since I've long forgotten. I probably would have had Raven in danger and Beast Boy in a dazed state that Slade put him under. Lily would have snapped him out of it yelling, "YOU'RE MY FATHER! I'M YOUR DAUGHTER! SHE IS YOUR FUTURE WIFE! SAVE HER DAMMIT!" That sure as hell would have snapped him out of that… Changeling goes all Beast on Slade's ass. Slade does something stupid and end up killing himself by accident. SPARKLES AND BUTTERFLIES EVERYONE IS SAVED!

After it's all over, the future Titans show up through a portal. After all the Titans (young and old) clean up the city, they go back to Titans tower.

A LONG time ago, I had an ending ready, a final Chapter so-to-speak. To wrap up this story, here it is! Thank you all again. If I left any holes, please don't hesitate to ask me about them.

Everything was right again. Good trampled out evil. Loved ones are reunited. The lies and secrets have been released. But the only thing that doesn't make this fairy tale a happily ever after is that the guy, didn't get the girl. Yet.

The common room was full of chatter and laugher as the Titans from the past, future, and yet to be alive laughed and recollected the good times and the times some had to come.

Lily Logan (who is proud to be able to use her correct last name again) was catching up with Moonfire who apparently had tons, to tell her. Lily doubted it. Lily could write a 1000 page novel easily about what happened in the last two months.

Collin snuggled in her arms, trying to desperately feel his older sister's warmth with no avail. He eventually gave up and started to play with Lily's long locks of violet hair. Lily looked out the massive common room window and into the bay.

The water sloshed along the rocks of the little island in the middle of Jump City bay. The water was the most peaceful shade of blue and shimmered in the setting sun's light. 'So, this is what this is what this is going to look like at home now...' Lily indicated. 'It's so bright now! And it's all because of me!' Lily smiled widened as tears of joy threatened to fall from her tear ducts.

Her moment of accomplishment was ruined by a sharp tug ripped through her hair roots.

"OW! Collin!" Lily scowled the green child.

Collin gave her this look that made her think that she had forgotten about something terribly important…

"Lil." He said in a Raven like tone that was so dead on it was scary. It was almost like he was meaning: 'Really? Come on Lil! Get in the game!'

Lily looked around and realized that her future parents we're practically ignoring each other! Raven was talking to well… older Raven. And Beast Boy was now talking to Changeling, trying to figure out who had the best jokes.

'O my god! Seriously guys!' she aimed at her parents for distracting their younger selves when they should be together!

Lily sat down on the common room steps and thought for minute.

Suddenly, almost like Edison just invented the light bulb again, Lily got the best idea that it was proven almost too perfect to work!

She tightened her grip on Collin as she went to go get Moonfire, a certain CD that she bought and boom box…

No one really knew why Lily brought a boom box into the common room… but they figured it must be good…

A guitar started to hum through the speakers in a never ending beat.

The adult Raven gasped, their song.

Changeling looked towards his wife and soul mate and smiled a big grin. He held out his gloved hand to her, asking her to dance.

The dark beauty nodded and placed her delicate looking hand in his. Together, the went to a open spot in the common room, she put her arms around his neck and he put his hands on her also delicate looking waist.

The married couple swayed side to side and in circles, the man twirled the women at the appropriate times, just like pro's.

Just as he saw his older self take Raven on the dance on the 'dance floor', Beast Boy gulped. He knew he didn't have to ask Raven to dance if he wanted to, nor did he feel obligated to.

He had feelings for the sorceress, there was no denying that, not now. This is a make it or break it moment, and he knew it. Should he get over his feelings of rejection and ask her to dance? Or should he let nature take it's course?

'No, ask her.' He told himself firmly as his eyes found Raven. She almost looked…uncomfortable. She never let her eyes warder, she never day dreamed, why now? Beast Boy saw her hand twitch up towards her hood which laid there lifeless.


His body responded to his mind before he had even thought about it. He walked straight up to her and caught her hand in mid-air.

"Don't do that, Raven."

When I see your smile
Tears run down my face

Raven was shocked to say the least. When she realized he was touching her, she blushed a bit too.

She released her hand, letting her hood fall back to her back. Beast Boy also released her arm. Awkward silence followed. Neither moved.

I can't replace
And now that I'm strong
I have figured out

Beast Boy turns to Raven with a very hesitant smile on his face. He holds out his hand to her hesitantly, as for asking for a dance.

How this world turns cold
and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find
deep inside me

This was a huge choice for Raven. Either choose to ignore her attraction and disprove the future…

I can be the one

Or take it by the hand.

She shakily took his hand.

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever

They danced awkwardly for the first couple of seconds, but quickly got comfortable in each other's arms as they stepped and swayed to the beat.

I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

It's okay.

They went a little slower to the tune, Raven unconsciously leaned into him.

It's okay.

She leaned her head on his shoulder comfortably. She was indirectly showing him that she trusted him completely.

It's okay.

Beast Boy smiled a true and genuine smile as he pulled her closer.

Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us

They side stepped to the faster beat.


Days grow longer and nights grow shorter

"Hmm?" She answered back.

I can show you I'll be the one

"I like this song." He commented.

I will never let you fall (let you fall)

"As do I."

I'll stand up with you forever

"Raven?" he didn't wait for her to answer this time. "I think I really like you."

I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

She was silent for a moment, thinking.

Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away

"Beast Boy." She managed to start.

Cuz I'm here for you

"I think-"

Please don't walk away and

"I like you too." She finished. There, she laid out what she was denying to herself for a long time. In front of the person it should matter most to.

Please tell me you'll stay, stay

He grinned the biggest grin he ever grinned in his whole entire grinning life.

He picked her up and spun her around.

"Wooah! Wooah!" she said half fearful, half laughing. That sound made him spin faster before setting her down.

Use me as you will

Lily also grinned her biggest. She did it. She really did it. She did her mission and she got her future parents together, what more could she ever want right now?

Pull my strings just for a thrill

Beast Boy twirled Raven in a circle.

And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall

Future Raven came up behind Lily and laid a hand on her shoulder. "I'm really proud of you." She told me while looking at her young self with a ghost smile on her face.

"That's all I ever wanted." Lily answered back.

I'll stand up with you forever

"So, I was supposed to come back to the past and fix all of this? And I was to be the one that got you and dad together?"

Raven smiled. "That's how it was supposed to go."

I'll be there for you through it all

Lily watched as Raven and Beast Boy wrapped up their dance.

"The past can really explain things, without my mission, things might of never came into being." Lily found herself saying .

Even if saving you sends me to heaven

AN: Okay, I didn't write the rest but, the older titans (including Lily) say their goodbyes and go back to the future… just reading that really got me motivated again… so I'm going to write an epilogue on the spot! (but I will not pick this story up again so enjoy this one last part :D)

Epilogue: Two Weeks Later…

The crack on the sheet filled the abandoned room as it floated to its position over the dresser.

Raven and Changeling were throwing sheets over the old furniture and bed that belonged to their future daughter just two weeks ago. They didn't want the room getting dusty, so they thought they would preserve it.

Beast Boy (now Changeling), clad in his new white and purple jumpsuit, was helping Raven to have some alone time with her. After saving Jump City (once again), the mayor demanded ceremonies for the Titans and thanking them. Thus, with crime fighting and other business to take care of, Changeling hasn't had the time to spend with his new girlfri- she was his girlfriend, right?

In the last two weeks, Beast Boy had got his new uniform and with it, his new name.

They covered the rest of the room before standing back and admiring their work.

"Done." Changeling stated.

Raven sighed, "Yeah… I'm going to miss her though."

They both blushed thinking about Lily being their daughter.

"Think on the bright side, she'll be back here in a couple of years…" he hesitated then added, "maybe."

They both blushed harder at the thought.

They both sat down on the already covered bed.

Silence lasted for a moment- things were still a little awkward-before they both tried to speak, at the same time.

"You go on…" Changeling told Raven.

"Mine wasn't important, you go…"

"Okay then." Silence. "I was actually wondering if you- if we-"

"Spit it out Beast Boy!" Raven teased him, stilling calling him Beast Boy until Changeling stuck.

"Hey! It's Changeling! C-H-A-N-G-," Beast Boy stopped because he suddenly lost track where he was. "Anyways, I was wondering if you were-," he took a deep breath before sputtering out, " my girlfriend."

"Well, I AM a girl and I AM your friend." Raven played dumb.

"Rae, you know what I mean."

She tapped her fingering to her chin for a moment, thinking. "If I am, then maybe we might do something tomorrow, let's say at…6?"

Changeling grinned at hugged Raven tight. "Thank you Raaaaae!" Raven smiled, just a little bit. Then it occurred to Changeling stronger. "Wait, I HAVE A DATE TOMORROW! I have to tell Cy!" He yelled as he burst out of the room.

Raven sighed with a small laugh as she stood up to walk back to the common room, until something zoomed back into the room.

Raven hardly knew what happened, but Changeling had rusted back into the room.

The next feeling she felt was a pair of lips brush against her own for a split second before he lost his nerve and ran out of the room again.

Raven stood there in a daze, it only happened for a second, but that second left her nerves end as if she was a live wire. That was her first kiss.

She smiled for a second before stepping forward into her future. A future that didn't seem bleak or dark anymore, but very light.

The road ahead would be a very happy one, Raven could feel it. She took a step into the future without fear because she knew that someone would always be at her side.