HI. I'm kind of new to fan fiction but I've read some stories on here that are very good. I loved them so much that I decided to get an account and…here I am. I wanted to start off with Teen Titans because I'm kind of obsessed right now. Alright, enough about me, here's the story.

This takes place during the episode "The End pt. 1," it's like an alternate ending more with Beastboy and Raven than Raven and Robin. So it's been three months since then and now I stop talking. Oh, and I don't own any people from the Teen Titans. Just saying.


Chapter 1- Remembering


It was a dark night. A lonely figure walked down the deserted city street. The figure was small and dressed in a black snow coat.

"Brr. Winter feels colder this year," Garfield Logan looked up to the sky, "but no snow."

Garfield looked around, the city was gray in the evening air, and it had been that way for three months now.

"Three months since…"

Garfield looked down at his sneakered feet.

It hurt so much just remembering; the day he'd lost his heart, the day he'd lost Raven.

"Three months… wow, feels like it's been longer." He shrugged, and started on.

He had just ended work at the comic store down the street and was heading back to his apartment. He had lived there for two months since Titans Tower.

Garfield had been Beastboy then still. He had watched Raven be chased by Slade, become covered in red markings, and admit she was a portal, and he had still held his feelings. It had hurt so much to see her go, to turn into the portal that brought the monster, now being held in an iced sleep, in a tightly secured prison in the middle of Antarctica. But, Beastboy had wanted to destroy that demon, the demon that had killed Raven, his own daughter.

"Trigon. I'll kill him. One day he will pay." He had told the other Titans.

He had been moody since that moment. He stopped training and fighting, eating, and stayed in his room all day. The other Titans had been getting worried since then. They had tried talking to him but he had shut the door in their faces. A little less than a month later, they argued. The other Titans, all with tears in their eyes told Beastboy he was being stupid and had to move on. He disagreed. He went to his room, slammed the door, and came out ten minutes later carrying a suitcase.

"I'm leaving." He told them and left without another word.

He had an apartment, and a job, but he was not happy. He fought crime now and then, but was never into the fight. He saw the other Titans occasionally, but never talked to them, and they didn't talk to him.

Garfield was at his apartment now. He climbed the stairs and opened the door. He went inside, and took off his snow coat and dropped it on a nearby chair, revealing his small, slightly muscular body clad in a black T- shirt and jeans. Garfield went to the fridge and took out a Coke, clicked it open and took a sip. He walked over to the couch and flipped on the T.V.

"As usual, nothing on."

He finished his Coke and went to take a shower. His hearing picked up a news report as he put his hand on the knob of the bathroom door.

"Cinderblock has been sighted downtown at the bank, stealing money and causing havoc."

Garfield had already gotten his costume on, and was nearly to the window. Now he was Beastboy. Beastboy changed into a condor and soared out of the room.

As he flew, Beastboy thought he saw something fly ahead of him. He looked closer. Yes, something had, it was Starfire, shooting green starbolts at Cinderblock down below, who was also fighting Cyborg and Robin at the same time.

"Go time." Beastboy turned into a T-rex and dropped onto Cinderblock's shoulders. Strong as he was, Cinderblock could not hold Beastboy in this form, he collapsed. Robin and Cyborg quickly tied him up. Starfire landed nearby.

Beastboy climbed off Cinderblock and looked at his former team mates. They looked at him. Cyborg stepped forward.


"No problem."

Beastboy shuffled his feet and looked at Starfire and Robin. Starfire looked like she was torn between coming over and hugging him, and staying behind Robin. Robin just stared, he was wondering how Beastboy was coping but had to much pride to ask. Beastboy felt him looking him over.

"I guess I got to go. Good job."


Beastboy looked around at Starfire. So did the others.

"Are you doing ok?" It looked like she had tears in her eyes.

"I'm fine." He faked a smile. "Ha. I gotta go, my favorite show is gonna start soon and I don't want to miss it." He lied.

And to everyone's surprise, Starfire walked forward and hugged him. Robin looked shocked and Cyborg looked grim and happy at the same time. Beastboy held her for a few moments then pulled away.

'I'm fine, I got to go."

Beastboy turned around just as the tears began to spill. He turned into a bird and flew away.

Robin watched as Beastboy flew away. He knew how much this hurt him. He wanted to go to him and say his sorry but he couldn't.

"Come on. Let's get back to the tower. Looks like the authorities are coming."

Starfire clasped both Cyborg and Robin's hands and flew off to the tower.

When they landed, it was getting really dark. Cyborg walked down to the garage muttering about the T-car needing a wash and Starfire sullenly walked to her room.


She didn't look back. But Robin could see little tears roll down her cheeks just as Robin had seen Beastboy cry.

When Starfire vanished down the hall, Robin started for the living room, his mind whirling. It had been three months. Three months! Couldn't he even just try to forget and come back?!


Robin knew that Beastboy couldn't forget. Robin even couldn't. Raven had been like a little sister to him. He loved her like a sister. He wanted the team back together; with Beastboy cracking jokes and goofing off, Cyborg playing video games, Starfire trying to cook weird, strange tamaranian foods, and Raven, reading her books and meditating by the window.

He wanted it to be the same again, but he knew it wouldn't be. Starfire had abandoned cooking, Beastboy had moved out, and Raven was…

"Don't even say it." Robin told himself.

A few hours later Robin was sitting by the main computer looking at pictures of the team from past years- the team fighting, training, eating pizza, or just goofing off- it hurt to see the smiling faces then and look at the future now.

Cyborg entered the room, and glanced at Robin who didn't look up. He had found a picture of the team all piled on Cyborg's shoulders. He was looking at Raven who was- on the rare occasion- smiling.

Her violet eyes, beautiful, and full of mystery was looking at the camera, and was holding herself up like she didn't have a care in the world but getting Beastboy to stop poking her.

"Robin, you shouldn't be looking at those."

Cyborg had come up behind Robin and was looking over his shoulder.

"I know, but I had to."

There was silence.

"What do you think Beastboy would say if he saw these?"

"He would probably walk away and start crying."

Cyborg looked at Robin with a puzzled look on his face.

"Why do you ask?"

"No reason."

"Ok, it's almost eleven. We should probably go to bed now."

""Ok, I'll go up in a sec." Robin turned and faced the screen again.

"Alright. Suit yourself. But, Robin, really, those will just hurt more."

He locked down the tower and walked away.

"I know but, I had to." Robin repeated to the darkness.


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