Darkness. Thats all she saw. Darkness, that surrounded her, so she saw nothing.


Nothing answered, but she knew there was something there, watching her, stalking her, an animal getting ready to pounce. She knew, for she had had this dream every night for the past two weeks.

At this thought, as if on cue; four glowing, red eyes opened in the darkness, they stared at her through the slits, then a voice spoke,

"You cannot escape me! You are mine! And, if you don't admit it...you will regret it dearly! I shall destroy everyone that has ever protected you from me! Starting with some certain teenage friends.

"Leave them out of this! They never knew!"

The voice laughed.

"They know now. They choose to protect you, therefore they will die!"


"Do not deny me! You will join me soon enough..."

The figure stepped out and its features were now clear, its blood red skin shone in fire light as fire itself broke out, encircling the girl, who could only stare in horror as the demon raised a clawed hand and pointed it at her.

"...my daughter."