Full Summary: A dreadful secret has lead Hinata to fight against the world she has known. Acorrupt world where power is the true currency. Did she do the right thing, or is she in way over head? The cold steel surrounding her is her only true friend.

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The rain falling in heavy sheets dampened my hair, dyed navy a while ago. The skintight, black, technologically enhanced body suit I was wearing was impervious to the rain, keeping my body warm. But my face felt numb. Then again I've been feeling numb for a while now.

My fluorescent green eyes surveyed the city of Kai, taking in everything that I wouldn't have seen on ground level. My perch on the building ledge was perfect; I could clearly see the main entrance to a sub branch of the Uchiha corporation, the target for tonight.

I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds, letting the sounds of mechanical gears turning fill my head, before opening them again.

"Talk to me, Bug Boy," I said softly.

The voice that seemed to be talking in my head was informative. "The main elevators don't go to it, the stairs don't lead to it, and the blueprints don't show it, but there are 3 sublevels of the building. What we're after is on the third."

"Of course," a new, gruffer voice replied. "They had to put it on the lowest level."

I smiled; despite his many complaints, Kiba loved going on missions.

"What are you sensing, Spidey?" I said, glancing down at the street below me, watching the "suits" go by under their white and red umbrellas. My part in that world almost felt like a distant memory.

"Hmmm…" Squishing sounds could be heard from Kiba's end. He was probably placing his ear and hands on the ground. "Ten guys on the first sublevel…another ten on the second…and only five on the third? Wow, they're making this too easy!"

"Not quite," I said, focusing my eyes on the Uchiha building. My eyes adjusted, until the ground beneath the building disappeared, revealing the floors below. "The third level isn't heavily guarded by people because it is heavily guarded by laser fields, warp guns and weight sensitive mines."

"Damn. Alright Eagle Eye, you ready?" I could see Kiba's position at the back of the building. He was immersed in the foliage that surrounded the building, staying out of sight.

"Yeah, I'll be with you in three minutes."

I closed my eyes then, again listening to the gears click until my sight was back to normal.

It amazed even me, who has grown up surrounded by the latest medical technology, how much of a genius my father was to invent these contacts. They can do so much and they are so easy to adapt to that it feels like I never lived without them.

A dull pain echoed through my chest, reminding me that he was a forbidden topic.

"Come on, Hinata. Focus." I shook my head, feeling my short hair whipping my face. I walked to the edge of the building and leaped to the roof next to it, gracefully, agilely, letting the familiar sensation of being unbounded fill my every nerve.

As I leaped across buildings, a smile broke out across my face. Though it may be routine, my life finally seemed like it was fitting together. Before, I never felt like I fit in, an outcast of the social corporate world…


I looked up at my father who was staring at me, his eyebrows frowning with disproval.

"Yes, father?" I asked.

"Get your head out of the clouds and give coat check your jacket."

I slightly blushed and quickly removed my black trench coat, revealing a stunning midnight blue evening gown with silver satin straps that continued past the edge of the bodice to swoop under my well developed chest. My long black hair contrasting well with my pale complexion and the deepness of the blue of my dress.

My father looked at the dress and nodded his head in approval. "Nice choice. Dark blue is one of Itachi's favorite colors on you."

On the outside my face was blank, but on the inside an old anger flared up slightly. Of course my father would find a diplomatic plus on my dress. He hardly pays any attention to me. I'm nothing but a bargaining chip.

I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see my cousin Neji walk in. I smiled at him and walked over, kissing him on both cheeks.

"I didn't know you would be attending," I said watching Neji remove his coat, revealing an impeccably tailored ebony suit.

"Uncle asked me to come," Neji said, handing his coat off to coat check and hooking his arm through mine.

"On business or to watch me?" I asked walking with him to the mahogany double doors that would lead to the reception hall. It has almost become tradition that Neji would be my formal escort to my father's business gatherings, but since he got his own apartment, I haven't seen much of my cousin.

He smiled down at me. "Both," he said, as he opened the door for both me and my father.

I dreaded parties of all kinds. I didn't have many friends due to the sheltered life that I lived so I didn't have much experience on parties. So when I went to my first for my 16th birthday, I was shocked at all of the socializing people expected me to do.

Frankly, I don't like talking to people I don't know well.

Neji has always been a sort of buffer at parties, doing most (okay all) of the talking. Leaving me with what I do best, nodding and smiling. I never minded it, I actually embraced it because it saved me from unnecessary talking.

"Go along Hinata," my father said gazing at the crowd of people mingling and chatting. "You know what to do. Neji," it was obvious that my faher was going to issue a command at Neji from his tone to the look in his eyes, "I want you to stay with me while we talk to other execs, understand?"

Though his first duty was always to my father, Neji gave me an apologetic smile before nodding to my father and walking away.

I sighed, gazing longingly at Neji's retreating back. I really didn't want to have to mingle.

I felt the eyes of someone glaring at me and immediately knew that it was my father. I quickly submerged myself into the crowd.

The only good thing, or maybe bad depending on your point of view, about these business parties was that there hardly ever were any new faces. It was always these corporate giants and their families schmoozing around. The bad part was that I never liked nor got close to any of my supposed peers. I prefer solitude and conversations on 21st century literature. They like to discuss their most recent gossip.

As a waiter passed by I grabbed a flute of champagne, just to hold in my hand, and slowly made my way to the group of people my age.

"Wasn't that party yesterday in the white district fun?" the pink haired girl in the middle, Sakura, asked. Hair dying was a common thing to do now, but the color pink was still considered outrageous in the corporate world.

"Of course, after all I threw it," a woman with long blonde hair that covered her left eye said, while sipping at her drink.

The two chuckled before turning their attention to me.

From the short pause that followed it was obvious that I wasn't necessarily wanted.

"Hello Hinata," Sakura said shrinking her emerald eyes. She looked devastatingly beautiful in a maroon floor length dress.

"Hello Sakura," I said quietly, not meeting her gaze directly. She was intimidating, sue me.

Her blonde friend, Ino I believe, took a quick glance around before asking, "So, where's your cousin?"

"Neji?" I asked, glad to be on a topic I could talk about, "He's with my father."

"That guy wears his hair really long!" Naruto, a blonde haired friend of the Uchihas said. Well, more like shouted.

"I-it's tradition in the Hyuga family…" My reply was answered with blank uncaring stares. I really didn't like parties.

"Where's Sasuke?" Sakura asked, flipping her pink hair impatiently. It was common knowledge that Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke were kind of together. I don't know the details, but apparently Sakura didn't really like Sasuke though, just his face and body.

"He's over there," Naruto said pointing at a group of men. My father, who was in the group along with Neji and Itachi, nodded towards me.

"Excuse me," I said bowing towards the three. I turned and heard Sakura say, "Ugh, she's so weird. Her eyes and paleness alone freak me out." I bit my lip to keep the pain that caused in check. I couldn't help those aspects of me, they are characteristics of the Hyuga line.

I sighed and decided to actually take a sip of my champagne, letting the bubles clear my head for a few moments.

"Ah, Hinata, glad that you could join us," Neji said. He smiled discreetly, trying to alleviate the nervousness that I always felt around the Uchihas.

Sasuke and Itachi were handsome. Painfully so. But my nervousness did not stem from that fact (though it most certainly didn't help). Itachi was 26 years old, 6 years older than me and his brother Sasuke, and the current heir of Uchiha Inc., a multibillion dollar conglomerate that was infamous for consolidating its opposing companies.

As the daughter and heir of the Hyuga Medical Industry, I was almost engaged to Itachi. Although it was never formally written, me and Itachi understood the expectations. I, though, was hoping he would find someone new. Itachi was cunning, sly, charming, and ruthless. My more gentle nature didn't allow me to fully comprehend him, nor understand what he was thinking.

Sasuke was a different story. He was always quiet whenever I met him, but even I could see that there was something brewing beneath the surface. Again, he and Sakura were kind of together, so there were always rumors about the two. Supposedly he was more of a livewire, more disobedient than Itachi and therefore unfit to inherit the business.

The two combined, especially when I was left alone with them, was a whole new level of uncomfortable.

"Hinata, you look lovely as usual," Itachi said, taking my free hand and kissing it.

"Thank you," I said, trying not to blush.

Itachi smiled, before redirecting his attention to his previous conversation with my father.

"As I was saying," he continued, "these 'rebels' are becoming a nuisance, as of late."

My father nodded his head. "Agreed. Their weaponry is a little too advanced to be created in those slums. Someone's supplying them."

I normally tried to pay attention to what was being said, but tonight I just couldn't. My eyes drifted over back towards the group I left, a bad idea, I realized as my eyes met Sakura's.

Despite her involvement with Sasuke, the Uchiha family in general didn't think Sakura, or the Haruno family for that matter, was good enough for them. The Haruno business lied in entertainment, technology designed for public appeal like virtual reality rooms. Despite the business's wealth and prosperity, it is still seen as beneath the corporate world.

In public business settings then, Sakura could never be close to Sasuke without there being some sort of issue, explaining why right now she was glaring at me. I could tell that she was envious of my position in the "elite" circle, but honestly what was there to envy? I didn't quite belong here with the men and she made it VERY clear that I didn't belong with her and her friends.

Where am I supposed to be?

But now, I realized that I never had to go back. I was fine where I was now and no one would force me back to that life I led.

I dropped to the ground, silently, listening for any misplaced sound. When I figured that the coast was clear, I gently called out to Kiba.

"Spidey," I said turning my head to where I last saw him.

Kiba stood up with a smirk on his face and ambled towards me. He too was wearing a body suit like mine, one that showed every definition of his well developed body. Kiba was the perfect definition of a bad boy. He had fang tattoos on his face and a wild personality that has gotten him in a couple of sticky situations in the past. Matching that with his body and you got yourself a hot and reckless guy.

"I can never get over how good you look in that suit," he said as he walked over to me, drifting his gaze up and down my body.

I blushed and shook my head. "Come on, let's get this over with."

The doors opened, unleashing a bright light that penetrated my drowsy eyes.

"Ugh," I moaned, holding on to Kiba a little tighter.

"I know, Hinata. We're almost to the medical wing."

Kiba was running through the rebellion base quickly, trying to get me some medical attention. I f I wasn't in so much pain I would sigh. I've been undergoing some intensive training ever since I was accepted by the Rebels so I could aid them in their cause. According to Lee, I've been making great progress, but reality is a lot different then training. Slip-ups are easy to make.

"Shit Hinata, the next time I say 'behind you' just duck, okay?" Kiba was looking down on me with a very worried expression.

I gave him the best smile I could manage. "I'll…keep that in…mind…" I struggled to say, moaning as each breath I took sent a fre through my chest.

The rebellion headquarters was a bit extensive considering that it is all underground. The dark and musty metallic walls echoed and resonated with Kiba's thudding footsteps.

"Yoshino!" he called as he finally reached the room.

I cracked my eyes open and saw that the medic Yoshino, was talking to her son and leader of the rebellion, Shikamaru. Both looked my way before Yoshino sighed and pointed to the nearest health pod.

"What happened?" she asked as I was placed into the pod. As soon as it was closed, green mist entered the tube, coating my skin before being absorbed into my body.

"Hit directly in the chest with a pulse blast that sent her flying. Shr probably cracked a rib or two."

Even though he couldn't see me, I nodded my head in agreement. It certainly felt like something was cracked.

"Ah, how troublesome,' Yoshino said.

I smiled to myself. I really liked the two Naras, they were both so smart and yet at times so lazy. Shikamaru definitely took after his mother. Both had no distinguishing features, except for Shikamarus's high ponytail that poofs out. His mom had her long brown hair tied loosely in a low ponytail.

The capsule reopened and I took a deep breath, relishing in how pain free it was.

"Alright," Yoshino said to Kiba, "she'll be fine. All she needs now is rest."

"Did you get the nano chip, though?" Shikamaru asked.

Before Kiba could answer I spoke. "Of course we did. We know the rules."

"Just checking," Shikamaru said as Kiba handed him the chip. He observed it for a few seconds before nodding. "Good, send this to Shino say he can do a diagnostics check before hacking into it."

Kiba left immediately, glancing back once at me. I smiled a brave smile at him, trying o reassure him that I would be fine.

"Don't stand there, get her out of the capsule!" Yoshino told her son.

"Tch," he said in response though he still picked me up and led me to a nearby cot.

"Thank you," I said as he placed me gently on the bed.

"Hmph, don't mention it." Shikamaru said looking down on me, taking in my disheveled appearance. Then he smiled a little. "Congratulations. By being in the medical center at least three times, you are an official member of the Rebels."

"Yeah," I said sarcastically. Closing my eyes. I felt Shikamaru pat my hand before leaving.

I sometimes look back on my decision of coming here, trying to figure out if it was the right decision to make.

When I came here, I was desperate and half out of mind. I didn't know if I would ever find the base, nor even be allowed to stay but Shikamaru was there for me.

"No, she can stay," he said to his father, Shikaku.

"Shikamaru…" he said in a low voice.

I couldn't stand anymore, I was so fatigued from walking everywhere for the past week and a half, trying to find the rebellion. If I was turned away now, I would just give up on everything.

"She left them, dad," Shikamaru said to Shikaku. "And look at her, she's obviously on the brink of dying from exhaustion."

"But what if it's a trap? She's obviously a Hyuga!" Shikaku said, urgently to his son.

Shikamaru didn't reply to his father. I nstead he made his way slowly to where I was struggling to stand.

"You are Hyuga Hinata, right? What are you doing here?"

I took a few deep breaths, remembering that I decided to tell them the truth. "I…What companies…like my father's are doing…it isn't right." At that moment I sank to the ground, retaining consciousness. I reached into my pants pocket slowly, pulling out a small case. "And for this…"

Shikamaru took the case curiously, opening git slowly. "Contacts?"

I nodded weakly. "The latest…in Hyuga technology. I need…implant…"

When I woke up, there were bandages over my eyes and restraints on my wrists. Looking back on it, it's funny at how much of a threat the Rebels thought I was, some still do, but I've proven my allegiance.

I want to bring down the very world I was raised in. I want to shatter it to pieces.

Author's Note:

Hello, everyone I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

The idea for this was inspired by Stephanie Meyer's book the Host, which is a WHOLE lot better than her Twilight series.

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