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Gibbs hit the gas and sped through the first stop sign, "Hold on Abs, we have company." he then caused the car to swerve over to the right then back to the left, weaving through the sparse traffic and then he gunned it to make it onto the interstate again but just as quickly he took the next exit.

Abby turned around looking for the car to follow but saw no sign of the headlights. The car no longer could be seen. "I think we lost them Gibbs, I don't see their car head lights anymore."

But Gibbs was not convinced, the isolated road looked desolate but he felt a strange feeling in his gut, something wasn't right. " Watch after Tony." he instructed as he hit another road, but it was gravel covered and the car slid back and forth the first few hundred feet before adjusting to the new paveless texture of the road.

Then he heard the sound of retching in the back seat, "Dammit!" he slid the car into the lowest gear and then slid over to the side of the road, the car sliding on the gravel as it came to an abrupt stop sending up dust and rock. He threw the car into park and pushed his door open quickly.

Abby was already over the seat to assist her friend, but Tony was puking the nutrition up, and he was having a difficult time getting his breath.

Gibbs pulled Tony up into a sitting position but when that didn't help his choking he grabbed a hold onto his agent then pulled him out of the car. Gibbs continued to assist Tony in getting up whatever it was in his lungs that was giving his breathing a challenge and he attempted to get Tony to stand to get his breathing under control, but the man was having a terrible spasm, his lungs wheezing, his accessory muscles were retracting, his lungs were spasming, he was unable to keep an upright positon and he slid to the ground. Tony continued to attempt to pull in a good breath but failed with every attempt.

"Dammit DiNozzo! You okay?" he asked as he continued to percuss his agent's back. Finally, when he thought he was going to pass out, Tony was able to pull up the mucus plug that had caused his lungs so much distress and he slid into Gibbs arms, Abby at his side. Together they gently picked him up off the cold ground and lowered him into a sitting position in the back seat of the car.

" Mm,Okay boss." he was breathless, probably needing oxygen after that bout of distress. " Must have been your driving, never could travel with you on a gravel road without throwing up." he wheezed out, still attempting to get in a good deep breath of air into his lungs.

"You scared the shit out of me Tony." his words weren't harsh toned, they were more worried sounding. Abby was rubbing both Tony's and Gibbs' shoulders in a comforting manner, they had just experienced one hell of a scare.

"I'm fine boss. Just let me have a minute to get my breath." Tony looked over to Abby and patted her hand. "Thanks Abs." he wanted to assure her that he was fine, wanted her to know he appreciated her being there for him.

"You better be fine for real Tony, that was scary." she admonished, he had terrified her with his inability to breathe and she wondered if her boss's actions warranted putting Tony's life even further into danger. She didn't speak it out loud but she really hoped that Gibbs knew what he was doing, especially if they had somebody following them. Somebody that had evil on there side.

Gibbs kept an eye out for their tail but he/they were gone, they must have lost whoever it was, but he still had a bad feeling, a feeling that wouldn't leave regardless of the fact that whoever they were, they could no longer be seen. Regardless of that fact the feeling in his gut was telling him that he was just not seeing them, but they were there.

"Let's get you back lying down in the car Tony. This cold air can't be helping your lungs." he fussed over Tony like he was his son. Abby, too, felt a deep responsibility to her friend.

They cleaned up the emesis from the floor board and changed Tony's sweatshirt into a thicker long sleeved shirt, then settled him back into his seat, using Ralph and Bert as his pillows they propped his head back up and covered him up with a soft blanket they had taken from the hospital. Within just minutes he was sleeping again, his body exhausted from the bout of coughing and vomiting.

Abby returned to the passenger seat, and picked up Tony's gun and laid it in her lap, ready to defend if it was deemed necessary.

Gibbs took his place behind the wheel and put the car into gear and moved a little slower along the gravelly and bumpy road, feeling that Tony would again have a problem, his agent always had a terrible stomach when it came to travel.

How many times had he seen his agent holding his head out the window, tossing his breakfast or his lunch up as he drove, too many actually, guilt washed over him at all the times his agent had suffered due to his own selfish, thoughtless acts.

Gibbs looked back into the rear view mirror, the darkness of the night engulfed the road, he just hoped that whoever it was following them didn't actually like the cover of darkness, his gut still telling him something was definitely wrong.

Unknown area of the Interstate

Gibbs had returned to the interstate, they were exhausted and Tony had suffered two more bouts of vomiting and his cough seemed to be worsening, hopefully he wasn't aspirating the feedings, he thought to himself as he drove.

He knew it was time to finally take a break, even though they were just a couple of hours away from his Father's he knew Tony had suffered enough in the back seat of his car.

"Stopping for a while Abs." he patted her shoulder gently, she too was exhausted from helping with Tony.

"Where are we?" her voice raspy from the short nap she had just taken.

"A hotel. It should fairly safe now to stop," he opened the door and walked around to Abby's side of the car, "Wait here, and keep the doors locked." he instructed as he walked inside to get a room. "And use h te gun if you need to, don't hesitate if you feel someone is going to harm you or Tony." He shouted back as he entered Hotel Bates.

Abby nodded, increasing her grip on Tony's gun, she would open the doors for nobody.

Tony sat up in the back seat, his mind a little fuzzy, he didn't recognize the place as Daddy Gibbs' place, it was too bright. "Where are we?" he asked, seeing Abby sitting in the front seat by herself.

Abby quickly turned, "Hey Tony, you're awake!" her voice excited that he wasn't throwing up again.

" Kinda Abs. Where are we?" he was still trying to focus his eyes on the building attempting to get the name down, and then it was finally clicking in his thick haze of a brain that they were at a hotel/ motel. "Great, we're staying at the Norman Bates Motel. Wonder where the psycho is hiding?" he asked, making a reference to the 1960 movie.

" Tony, that was just a movie. Stop scarring me!": she admonished her friend as she looked around, wondering what was keeping Gibbs.

"Sorry, didn't mean to, kind of scared myself too." he admitted as he looked around at the desolate area. It was rather reminiscent of the movie in a way, flickering sign and all.

A knock on the window scared both of them, making both occupants of the car jump.

Abby quickly recognized Gibbs face and rolled down the window. "You scared us Gibbs."

"You have a gun Abby, I would think that anybody with common sense would be more scared of you." he opened the passenger door, rolled up his wondow and allowed Abby to exit, then they both went to the back to retrieve Tony.

"I feel helpless." Tony moaned as they assisted him inside of the older motel.

"You're still sick DiNozzo." Gibbs replied to Tony's moaning.

Abby was less than impressed as they entered the older motel, but she knew the room was more for sleep than anything else and right now they all needed some rest.

"There's only two beds." Tony noticed as he was placed on the bed further from the door.

"I'll sleep with Tony!" Abby called out, as she took off her jacket and crawled onto the bed with her friend.

" Do you snore like Ziva?" he asked. Remembering the terrible sounds Ziva had made while sleeping while they were undercover.

"I do not snore Anthony DiNozzo, but Ziva told me you do." she grinned as Tony rolled his eyes.

"Right, she lies." he returned,lying down on the bed, finding himself ready to sleep, pushing back the comforter that he knew probably hadn't been washed in over a year, the smell giving it away.

Abby assisted Tony in ridding them of the dirty,faded comforter then when Gibbs returned with her bag she disappeared into the bathroom. After a few minutes she reappeared dressed in black sweats adorned with skulls and cross bones.

Gibbs was already attempting to make coffee in the archaic coffee pot. He seemed to be losing his temper with it more than actually making coffee.

"Need help boss?: Tony asked, his eyes closed.

The glare was missed due to his eyes being closed but Gibbs had sent it his way regardless, "Damn machine, must have been manufactured in the 1960's." he cursed under his breath as he took out his knife and started making adjustments.

" Told you Abs, Norman Bates must have stayed here." he whispered to Abby, giving her mischievous smile which was followed by the pillow hitting his face.

" Oww!" he moaned, but then laughing at her response.

Gibbs looked over at the two people he cared about the most, he wanted to protect them, wanted to get them to a safe place. The motel didn't offer much in regards to looks or cleanliness but he knew the owner and he knew the man protected his occupants with deadly intent, if necessary. Right now, that is what he needed for his senior agent and Abs.

He continued to work on the coffee pot, noting that both Abby and Tony had fallen asleep rather quickly. He reached over and switched off the bright lamp, but that is when he noticed a shadow cross their window. He reached down and took his sig out of it's holster and aimed towards the door as the knob started to turn, sure that he would have to kill whoever it was on the other side.

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