Fandom: Kiki's Delivery Service (a Studio Ghibli film)
Pairing: Kiki x Tombo
Theme Set: Epsilon
Title: Bikes and Broomsticks
Rating: PG
Warning(s): None
Notes: A love shared in childhood innocence and a shared passion in aviation.

1. Motion

From the very beginning, it felt like an elaborate game of "keep up."

2. Cool

Tombo was absolutely spell-bound when he first saw the very plain-looking girl float down the street, but little did he know, was that Kiki was just as taken by the geeky boy on the beat-up bike.

3. Young

Hanging out in Tombo's garage and messing with his airplane models did not constitute a date (dates were icky things stupid adults did).

4. Last

Kiki always seemed to be the last one to get it, but that never stopped the young witch from trying.

5. Wrong

Sometimes, Tombo couldn't help the little bit of hate inside, when he realized that he would never be able to fly like her.

6. Gentle

Then she gives him that smile and asks for a bike ride across town.

7. One

Jiji missed the good-ol' days when all he had to worry about was one hyperactive kid.

8. Thousand

Kiki and Tombo both shared a love for the tales of Arabian Nights.

9. King

Tombo was the king of his garage, but when in Osono's bakery, he was a jester at best.

10. Learn

Whenever Kiki isn't trying to improve her time and technique on her broom, Tombo is teaching her how to navigate rought terrain on a brand new mountain bike.

11. Blur

The dirigible incident was a blur in Tombo's mind, except for the few seconds when the rope fell from his fingers and all he could see was the determination on her fast-approaching face.

12. Wait

He doesn't mind waiting for her to finish her deliveries before the Aviation club meetings.

13. Change

There were times when Kiki considered adding a passenger seat to her broom.

14. Command

Kiki wondered if she would ever have her mother's strict control over her emotions (Tombo makes it hard sometimes).

15. Hold

The little witch giggled at the expression of reverence on Tombo's face as he held her broom in his hands.

16. Need

Flying was in his blood; Flying was in her bones.

17. Vision

On Kiki's birthday, Osono bought her the prettiest yellow dress.

18. Attention

Now, people can see her coming from miles away (which forces her to retire the dress until a special occasion).

19. Soul

It never occurred to Tombo to question Kiki's ever present cat: it almost always felt like being accompanied by a chaperone.

22. Picture

Kiki has a wall in her room, dedicated to her favorite customers.

21. Fool

"Dummy, flight is all about concentration and heart."

22. Mad

In the beginning, Tombo didn't care that every one thought he was crazy for wanting to know more about the town's new witch.

23. Child

It took him about 30 minutes to bring himself to hold her hand so that she wouldn't wander off into the crowd.

24. Now

Children never think about the future.

25. Shadow

If Kiki gets off work with bags under her eyes, Tombo offers to take her on a bike ride around town until she falls asleep against his back.

26. Goodbye

Youth might have left Barsa and her mistress years ago, but they enjoyed any of it's visits whenever Kiki and Tombo turned up on their doorstep.

27. Hide

The first week after the dirigible incident, they had fun dodging paparazzi (it got old really fast).

28. Fortune

Covered in bike grease, Kiki sometimes remembers the Senior Witch that told love fortunes and wonders how she is doing (Jiji just hopes that her snooty cat had died an unfortunate flying accident).

29. Safe

Even dangling hundreds of feet in the air, Tombo could feel that he was safe in her hand as she lowered him to the ground.

30. Ghost

Kiki didn't believe in angels, only guardian spirits and she knew that there was always one looking after her.

31. Book

Her shelves are bare save for one cook book and a photo album.

32. Eye

Their first kiss was shared in the dark, eyes shut tight to awkward blushes.

33. Never

Tombo would never stop trying to touch the sky as long as she was in it.

34. Sing

Kiki doesn't mind babysitting Osono's new baby girl; even when the Baker starts belting out weird opera tunes.

35. Sudden

One day, Kiki wasn't just a witch, but a girl witch.

36. Stop

There are times when Kiki needs to stand still just so that she can breathe.

37. Time

Okino and Kokiri vaguely wondered how much time had passed since their little witch left for the first time and came back with a young man in tow.

38. Wash

Tombo's first sucessful airplane prototype landed ina mud puddle 50 yards away from the lift off site.

39. Torn

She couldn't resist returning his excited smile as they mended the wing together, both covered in mud glorious mud.

40. History

"The witches back then were ugly because they didn't have soap, stupid."

41. Power

Kiki was o.k. with not being efficient at potion-making or fortune-telling.

42. Bother

There were many days when Jiji simply couldn't be bothered by humans.

43. God

Every night, Tombo thanks whatever higher power is listening for letting Kiki choose his town.

44. Wall

She was a witch-girl and he was a human boy.

45. Naked

Tombo admitted to feeling naked without his glasses (Kiki can't help but agree).

46. Drive

Riding on the back of a bike has a magic of it's own.

47. Harm

Broom riding isn't easy for a guy.

48. Precious

Watching Jiji clean his kittens, Kiki wonders if she'll have kids of her own someday.

49. Hunger

Having your homebase at a bakery has it's perks.

50. Believe

Kiki always knew that together, her and Tombo could dance in the stars.