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Katsuya snuggled up to the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and reading a book he'd pulled from Mokuba's shelf there in the "comfort room" (as Mokuba explained it, it was the most relaxed room in the house), and Seto swore that Katsuya was doing on purpose.

He swore Katsuya sniffed out his favorite shirt—a large, long-sleeved gray one with a Blue Eyes White Dragon on the side spreading from the front to the back—and put it on. He swore Katsuya knew that, by not wearing anything but his black bikini man-panties under the said shirt, it was driving him crazy. He swore Katsuya wanted to be raped right there.

Like he didn't have a hard enough time when Katsuya had all his clothes on.

Seto admitted he wasn't the most generous with his feelings. Hell, he hadn't ever known what possessed him to press Katsuya against whatever vertical surface nearest to them, beside the fact it started as a way to shut the blonde up, or what had started the wet dreams not too far along after. But now—now he just felt stupid.

Had Seto had a milli-ounce of less of control, his head would have repeatedly slammed his head against the keys on his desktop. No. And if he had an extra milli-ounce of control, he wouldn't have slammed it at all. He must like Katsuya, or something amounting towards the same direction of emotion. He had written to Katsuya earlier he hadn't hated him, and it was the truest thing since guns could be dangerous, but...he didn't just like him either.

"Are..are ya al'right, Kaiba?"

As dignified as possible, Seto raised his head. "I'm an idiot, I suppose."

Katsuya looked at him, cocking his head like a true puppy and Seto had to help himself from groaning; it'd been this way since Katsuya had walked into his room and, after shown the right drawer, took Seto's favorite shirt and disappeared into the shower.

Had Mokuba been here, with Katsuya and him, he could probably tell him what was making him react this way towards the personified puppy.

"For hiring idiots?"

Seto smirked at that. Most of the time that was true, he did feel like an idiot for hiring such idiots. "No," he said, clipply and left it at that. Katsuya's head cocked in the opposite direction before returning to the novel.

A part of Seto was disturbed at Katsuya's mellowness (though it was well on its way to midnight) and the mellowness he, Seto Kaiba, felt sitting around with "the Mutt" in his own home.

By themselves.

Without Mokuba.

With Katsuya in nothing more then a T-shirt and man-panties.

Oh, who was he kidding, he was aroused. Definitely, completely aroused. He'd had too many wet dreams not to know what the feeling was, but there was the other...emotion? mixed in with it as well.

That's what he needed help with. That's what disturbed him. Well, not completely all that disturbed him.

He'd seen it. The flinching, the twisted, pain-filled face when he hugged sometimes, the light and almost flickered out every time Seto called him worthless, the abuse, most of which everyone was too busy to see, or too protective to tell. He saw it, but why hadn't he noticed it? He'd slammed and rammed and pushed Katsuya into surface after surface, never once thinking about the flinch from the hugs the blonde had received earlier in the morning or the tears that welled in those un-platonic eyes of amber-honey or the smell. The same smell of cover-up Seto used to carry around with him when Gozaburo was alive.

Seto gritted his teeth, he felt so stupid. He felt so weak.

He stood.

"Goodnight," Seto said and walked out of the room, followed by Katsuya's eyes.

Katsuya put his book down and followed after, trailing Seto up the stairs and through numerous hallways before Seto stopped.

And after a moment Seto around to Katsuya and asked, "Do you need something?"

Katsuya's eyes dropped from Seto's face to his feet. He played with his toes, pigeon toeing them and overlapping them in nervous twitching. He was cute, Seto admitted. And Katsuya was goofy and sweet and had a big heart made of something money could never buy. Seto would say gold, but you could buy gold. You could buy diamonds and emeralds and sapphires. Hell, you could buy people sometimes too, if you knew the time and place. The closest guess Seto had was...heart. Katsuya had a big heart made of heart.

Katsuya peeked up at him through his bangs and immediately shot his eyes back down to the floor. Seto's eyes were so...seeing.

"I..." Katsuya started. His hand shot to his mouth and he bit a bit on his index knuckle. Seto sighed and relaxed. Maybe if he did Katsuya would, just a little, open up. Katsuya looked up again and released his knuckle. "It's not as weird as it sounds, but...could I sleep wit' ya?"

Seto's eyes opened wide and his mouth gaped. So much for relaxing.

"No!" Katsuya said immediately after, waving his hands frantically in Seto's face. "I don't mean sleep wit' me, I mean-just-I-sleep! That's what I mean! Sleep! Not'ing else! Just...sleep... Oh! neva' mind!"

By now, Katsuya's entire face was red. Hell, even his ears glowed! His eyes were as wide as full, honey moons, and his eyebrows were knitted so tightly together up in his forehead!

Seto laughed. Seto was well aware he was, just not too aware when the last time he did. It felt hard to laugh, it scratched his throat and sounded more like gruffs and growls then actual laughter, but it felt good. Like he'd just scratched an itched that had been in a place he couldn't reach for ages. And then when Katsuya looked at him like he belong in a friggin' mad house, Seto's cheeks began to hurt.

He couldn't take it!

"P-Puppy, I got it!" He chuckled, the scratch dying down and he wipe his eyes with a 'whoo!' and a wry smirk. "I don't remember the last time I'd been so amused."

When Katsuya's face stayed frozen and Seto noticed the blush, although starting at his hairline, waterfall under the neckline into his favorite shirt on Katsuya...Seto coughed and straightened his posture. He should probably try to convince Katsuya...well, convincing wouldn't be hard and there was something in Katsuya's eyes. He remembered that feeling. Loneliness. When he looked at someone for companionship when he was all alone.

Seto bit his cheek and watched Katsuya stand there and turn his gaze away. Seto was almost tempted to tell him to look back at him, to let him see those beautiful amber eyes.

Mokuba had a cell phone.

"It's alright," Seto finally said, waiting for Katsuya to shoot a surprised look at him before he turned around, "Follow me to my room. I'll leave you there for a moment. I have to call Mokuba and wish him good night."

"Afta' your done, can I call Shizuka too? Ma doesn't know this numba' and I haven't talked to Shizuka in a while."

Seto had to stop himself from stopping. Of course, Katsuya's life would suck even more. He was glad Katsuya couldn't see his face and vice-versa. He would have hugged the blonde and kissed him and-

"Yes, you may."

He heard Katsuya breath happily and he swore he could feel the blonde's happiness radiate on his back. "Thanks so much, Kaiba!"

Seto also swore Katsuya wouldn't be saying that if he had the slightest clue of what Seto was violently imagining in his head. He just nodded and opened the door to his room. "Use the phone next to the bed, I will use my cell to call Mokuba."

And when Katsuya walked all the way in he closed the door and walked away.

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"-and when he bit his knuckle I thought he was cute, Mokuba, cute. And for some reason I keep imaging all these inappropriate things about him. When I noticed his blush went under his shirt...I don't know," Seto ran his hand through his hair, "I swear my heart skipped a beat."


"And I wanted to kiss him when he asked if he could call his sister. What's wrong with me Mokuba?"


"When he asked to sleep in the same bed as me I almost said no because I don't have the faith he won't wake up with me having a hard-"

"SETO! I realize we're close, but really! Too much info! Too too much!"

Seto sighed, and opened the door to his room, just for a peek. Katsuya sat on the bed, his legs folded neatly beside him and he was smiling this enchanting, heart-skipping smile as he talked to Shizuka. She must of said something because Katsuya laughed before he cradled the the phone to his opposite cheek.

Seto quietly re-shut the door and leaned bonelessly against the wall. "I apologize, Mokuba."

"...it's okay. Don't you think it's possible you like him?"

"I know I like him," Seto said, "If I hated him he wouldn't be here at the mansion."

"No. Seto. Like. As in like...like like."

Seto's brow furrowed, "'Like...like like'?"

"Yeah, as in the beginning to fall in love kind of 'like'."

Seto thought it over in his head. "Just because I believe he...would look nice in bed, does not mean I have and feeling that prelude to love."

"I've known you your entire life. You said he makes your heart skip a beat...Oh-" Mokuba's voice trailed off in the background for a moment and Seto had a suspiciously bad feeling about it. He heard Mokuba thanking and commending Yugi and his stomach dropped. "Name a quirk."

"Mokuba, are you-"

"Name a quirk, Seto."

Seto bit his cheek in rebellion for a moment before answering, "His eyes rarely meets another persons. When they do they immediately shoot to the floor. And he enjoys climbing into places others can't reach. And when something peeks his interest his forehead raises." Seto snorted. "If he had ears they'd be standing up."

There was silence on the other line for a moment before Mokuba decided to speak, "Don't...don't do anything stupid, Big Brother."

Seto stood straight up, "What?"

"I'm warning you. You like-like him. Don't do something stupid." And before Seto could say anything in defense, Mokuba hung up. He was so grounded.

Seto slid the phone away from his ear and slapped it shut. Great, Mokuba may have given him advice but he sure didn't know how to feel about it.

Ew, feelings.

Well, fate was out of his hands. Seto opened the door and walked inside his room. Katsuya looked up at him from the back of the book he'd picked up from Seto's nightstand, eyes curious. He was also wearing Seto's trench coat that was once hanging off the bathroom door. He was still talking to Shizuka but told Shizuka to hold on for a moment and cradled the mouth end of the phone away to speak to Seto.

"Shizuka says 'hi' and 'thank-you' for takin' care of me and allowin' me ta use your phone. Somethin' 'bout being worried I wouldn't thank ya."

Seto nodded and Katsuya loosely translated the nod (via human language and not Seto language) to Shizuka.

"I've gotta go. Sorry I called ya so late...I love ya, too. Stay outta trouble alright...Yeah, I promise I will, too...Sweet dreams."

Seto watched as Katsuya gently hung up the phone and looked over to him. Prelude to love, huh? Seto supposed, watching Katsuya (who was smiling like an idiot) now, it was plausible. Possible even.

Taking a breath Seto walked over to the bed and sat down next to the blonde. Maybe he could talk to Katsuya. Tell Katsuya a little bit about...well, he hadn't gotten that far yet.

It was...quiet.

Seto watched Katsuya as the blonde turned to sit towards him. Watched him as a blush spread across his face. Watched as he knotted his fingers together in his lap. Seto was about to say something when Katsuya spoke first.


Fast, but first. And awkward.

Seto's mouth dropped. And Mokuba implied for him not to do something rash!

And then Katsuya got up and ran away.

Seto sat there. He didn't really know what to do. He, himself, was going through this 'I have feelings?' part in his life (a part most, normal people don't have) and the he was told he was liked by the boy he'd been having wet dreams about? Somehow, he felt extremely screwed over.

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Katsuya stuck his arm in first, then his shoulders and head, and soon after he sucked in his breath and wiggled his chest in. After that, it was all good. Past his chest was thinner. It hurt a little on account that the wood pressed against the bruises he had on his body from...fighting. He reached his arm out and grabbed Seto's trench coat and shirt. He didn't want to tear them while he climbed through the window. His tendons were slightly raw, like usual when he contorted his body, but with a groan he was able to curl his limbs back into a normal position.

He'd found this place, an abandoned tree house he supposed was for Mokuba when the kid was younger,when he was following Seto upstairs. It was outside one of the hall windows and it looked...cozy. But the tree had grown around it and branches blocked the door. He had to wiggle his way in through a small, open window. A window he knew Seto Kaiba couldn't get in. Not that the brunette would want to get in. Katsuya just confessed his love and he was positive Seto wasn't into that sort of thing.

And he couldn't help but remember Bakura and Atemu's story. It hurt. It really did hurt.

He put the shirt back on and snuggled the trench coat. They were warm and they smelled like Seto, a sweet-sugary coffee smell. He loved the way Kaiba smelt, like waking up in the morning to fresh brewed coffee.

Katsuya bit his lip and released it in a small, pathetic sob.

Why did he just blurt it out like that? Seto was just sitting there, doing nothing! And the look on his face when he told him! Katsuya could have died!

He laid on his side, watching the dust float into the air and a small ant crawl by. He felt like he was that ant, lonely and lost, but no where near as strong.

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Seto growled, half tempted to call Mokuba again and demand to know any spots where the blonde could be. No. He should be able to do this. What else did Katsuya do when he was frightened or hurt...

Hide. Well, duh. Great going Seto, he internally moaned, you're such genius. He had to think harder...tight spaces. Earlier the squad had talked about a small space in Motou's stairwell, and before that he'd found Katsuya in a tree at the park. So anywhere people couldn't normally get to, right?

Seto walked down the hall and glanced out the window. It was getting cold tonight. High forty's and low fifties in the area. He could feel the cold radiate from the window from three feet away. He stopped and looked out the window. Katsuya wouldn't be stupid enough to go outside, would he? Sure enough, from the corner of his eye, Seto caught a glimpse of white disappearing into Mokuba's old tree fort.

Katsuya, that idiot.

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Katsuya shivered, yet unwilling to stop snuggling with Seto trench coat and just lay it over himself. He liked snuggling with the trench coat, he told himself, sniffling, tearing and freezing. It was almost like he had Seto to snuggle with, just not as good.

Not as good at all...and Seto had even pacified him and said yes to lying in the same bed!

He shot up. There was a soft, deep grunt that sounded horribly familiar. We he turned to look out the window his heart skipped a beat (well first he melted because the trench covered his freezing legs, but his heart still stopped for a moment!). Seto was miserably climbing up the now pathetic excuse for a ladder towards him carring a bundle of blankets.

Katsuya let a shriek, and moved to the far side of the house. How did Seto find him? And so fast! He looked around, hoping for an escape route but the only place he could leave from Seto was climbing towards!

It took a moment for Seto to get up all the way and settle on the brance beside the window before he peeked in on the terrified Katsuya, but when he finally had, his heart broke at the horrified expression on the blonde's face. He didn't even understand why! He hadn't said anything to Katsuya's confession yet! Where did that blonde get off thinking that he, the great and mighty Seto Kaiba, didn't like him anyways?

"Are you going to come out? Because it seems I have no way to enter."

At Seto's confirmation, the blonde rapidly shook his head.

"Well, fine then." Seto said, before pushing through a pair of sweat pants and a heavy blanket. "At least use these."

Katsuya was hesitant and slow, but (much to Seto thankfulness) he put on the sweat pants and wrapped himself (as well as the trench coat) under the heavy blanket.

Satisfied, Seto leaned back limply against the tree fort and pulled a blanket over himself.

"Y'know," Seto started, hearing a small, light thump-probably from a surprised Katsuya," Mokuba used to come up into this fort everytime he was mad at me. I'd have to bribe him to get him down."

Seto listened. Nothing.

"And one time, he was so mad at me he packed a bag of things and didn't come down for two days. I tried once to pull him down with force, but I wound up falling and breaking my arm."

Seto waited a second and right before he started to continue, Katsuya spoke.

"Was Mokuba okay?"

"He was...distraught, but okay. He used it against me afterwards, knowing I'd never try to do it again."

Again, Katsuya said nothing. As much as he dreaded it, Seto figured there was only one way to get Katsuya out. The truth.

"Katsuya...I...about earlier-"

"I'm sorry! Please forget it! It was stupid-!"

"No." Seto stopped him. He felt his stomach knot and his nerves crawl. He was so not ready for this! "It's not, especially since...I'm also...fond?...of you...?" Seto's own eyebrows furrowed at his own words. Great, what a loon he sounded like.

But suddenly Katsuya's face was right next to his, cheeks red and eyes bright with hope. "So...ya don't hate me?"

Seto's mouth couldn't decide which direction to pull. "The opposite."

Katsuya's eyes furrowed and his eyes darkened. "The opposite of not hating me?"

Seto had no control, he face-palmed. "I...like you like you like me."

Katsuya's cheeks took on a darker hue of red, a cute hue, and he looked shyly through his bangs. "You're not saying that ta get me out, are ya?"

"I'm not." Seto verified, looking straight-faced into Katsuya's. Well, before Katsuya had pushed his head out a little more and lightly kissed Seto's lips. Seto pushed back harder before he pulled away. "How about you twist yourself out of there and I'll warm you up?"

Katsuya nodded okay and poked his head back inside to undress.

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Again with the kissing. Seto had him pinned against a surface, his mouth pressed against his own. But now, it didn't start with insults or walls. Nope, it started with soft, heated kisses and a soft bed.

Katsuya was sure that if he hadn't been slammed into surfaces for the past few months, this would feel awkward.

Seto, before, had stripped off the trench-coat from Katsuya and dropped it on the floor on the way to the bed and started to smother him with kisses that were much more hotter then Seto's brr-cold hands sliding their way up the bottom of his shirt. When Seto's lips trailed from his jaw to his small Adam's apple he shivered in delight and a bad case of goosebumps broke out over his skin. He was so hot and Seto's hands-!

Seto's lips slid sadistically into a smirk for a moment against his for a moment, taking in the shiver before he pressed hard against Katsuya's lips. The blonde was so cute. So sexy. So much more sexy then his dreams-and that was saying something. In his dreams Katsuya was so erotic.

Katsuya crooned, hooking his knees on Seto's hips as the tips of Seto's fingers slid beneath the sweatpants that, no matter how elastic, still slid low on his hips on the rush to Seto's room. Katsuya half wondered how, even though Seto's finger tips felt like ice, they left an steaming trail of fire on his skin. The other half of him was focused on why the hell was Seto going so slow?


Seto's lips moved away and Katsuya wanted to cry like a baby for Seto to replace them, but when Seto started to nibble on his jaw up to his highly appreciative ear lobes, he found he didn't mind too much.

"I've had dreams about this," Seto whispered. His voice was an husky octave that made Katsuya bite his lip and send a jolt to he groin that made him whimper. He sounded so sexy. "You, under me." He started to suck lightly just behind Katsuya's ear and he felt the blonde quiver and tremble. Oh, Gods. Out of all the times he's pressed the blonde against something, why didn't he ever do more sooner? "Your ankles were locked behind me, " Katsuya immediately locked his ankles behind Seto's back, "And," Seto rocked, Katsuya whimpered, "I remember feeling your thighs flex on my hips as we moved."

"Oh-oh!" Katsuya moaned, using his locked ankles and legs to raise his hips and grind back against Seto and the brunette disentangled their arms and pulled off their shirts. He pause for a second, taking in the old scars, as well as the new ones, and all the bruises Katsuya's shirt hid. he'd have to talk about those later.

Katsuya grabbed Seto's cock and groaned. Seto gave a groan of his own. Katsuya was so good. So reactive and all he was doing was touching Seto's cock. He'd worry about the bruises later.

Seto smirked, and reached between them to cup the bulge in center stage of Katsuya's (Seto's actually, but Katsuya was wearing them) sweat-pants. Katuya's hips thrusted upward and Seto felt the hidden cock harden in his palm. Oh, Goddess, Katsuya was amazing, and as he started to suck on Katsuya collar he also noticed Katsuya tasted even more so. Not that he didn't notice before, but before his always had something distracting him-whether it be work or worrying someone might pop out of somewhere. But now, it was just him and his sexy little puppy.

Seto snorted at himself. The way he described Katsuya, you'd think he was into beast.

"Seto!" Katsuya keened, sliding his body up against Seto in a way that made the brunette groan. He was half tempted to croon for more. Katsuya had to stop doing that! Seto already had little control, if the blonde did that again the CEO didn't know what would happened! "I want you!"

Seto's brain shut down for a moment to take the comment in, but a small part immediately started up. The slightly sadistic part that Seto had trouble hiding around Katsuya.

"You want me?"

Katsuya hastily nodded and unwrapped his arms from around Seto's neck to cup the brunette face helplessly. "So bad-! I want you so bad, Seto!"

Seto smirked and leaned down, allowing Katsuya to support a bit of both their body weights and be sandwiched between the sadist and the bed. "But you already have me."

"No-!" Katsuya cried, squirming beneath Seto and making the older teen groan. "I-I want you to shove your hard cock into me as hard as you can over and over until my throat is raw from screaming and we pass out!"

Seto's eyes rolled into the back of his head. Katsuya had always been blunt, and he supposed wanting sex certainly wouldn't change that. "And how would you know about that!"

"You-!" The blonde keened, "You always-! When I'm alone-! You always fuck me when I'm alone!"

Seto's brow furrowed and he smiled, "How does that work?"

Katsuya shifted, mostly rolling his hips to capture Seto's attention and ignoring the question, "I'm so hot, Seto! Please! I want you!"

Slowly Seto's hands slid down the back of the sweats Katsuya was wearing to cup the blonde's tight ass. Seto groaned, rolling his own hips and making Katsuya pleat miserably. "Okay, I guess I could..."

Katsuya squealed, feeling Seto's long finger slid between the crevice of his butt cheeks and rub against his hole, "Yes! There!"

"Hold on, I don't even have any lube on them, it would hurt," Seto said. Slowly, as if to torture the blonde, Seto pulled off Katsuya's pants.

"Nn! I don't care! I-!" Tears sparkled Katsuya's long eyelashes that, unlike his blonde hair and pubes, were a dark as if he were wearing mascara. "Seto!"

Seto smiled, reaching over to the the lube he and his hand had been sharing for quite a few nights sat blatantly (against Mokuba's wishes) on top of the nightstand. Though he cursed himself the nights he awoke, hard and swollen, in the middle of a wet dream, Seto was glad now that they'd made him buy lube. Especially the fact he kept it on the night stand since the way he slid over the blonde's body with his own made them both swoon.

He sat up, straddling Katsuya's wanton hips and started to coat his fingers in lube. He stopped. Did Katsuya really want this? With him? He looked down, starting to ask if it was what Katsuya really wanted. But Katsuya had to twist around the punch line.

Fed up with Seto and his 'lube', Katsuya sat up and yanked Seto's pants down mid thigh, as far as they would go while they were parted by the blonde's legs, and placed his hands on Seto's hips to keep them still as he took the tip of Seto's swollen cock into his mouth.

Oh-oh God! It felt so good! Seto dropped the lube, letting in bounce on the bed as he gripped Katsuya's hair in his fists. By gods! Had Katsuya done this before? The way he licked him and slid his tongue over Seto's slit-!

Seto pulled Katsuya's head back with a hard enough yank it made Katsuya cry out in pain. "Yipe!" He cried as Seto pushed him to the bed.

"You're a bad boy, Katsuya," Seto berated. His hand was holding Katsuya's head to the pillow, but not with much effort. It wasn't tightly clenched so it didn't hurt his puppy. He looked into Katsuya's eyes that were staring back at him with hooded, hazy arousal that sent jolts to Seto's balls. Seto swore if Katsuya ever looked at him like that in school he'd leap over the desks and rape him or something equivalently as bad. But now, in his bed, Seto feathered his lips down Katsuya's skin to his nipple. "You shouldn't mess with...dragons like that."

Dragon. What a lame thing to call himself.

Katsuya didn't mind though, he just continued looking up at Seto wantonly. "I-I'm sorry, Dragon, sir! Master! Please! I want you!"

Seto groaned. What kind of sexy mess had he gotten himself into? He sighed, breathing over Katsuya's nipple and making the body beneath him ripple in pleasure. He supposed if the mess reacted like that...he'd just have to suck his nipple and prepare him, wouldn't he?

He took the poor nipple into his mouth and slightly bit down on it, making Katsuya croon and lift his chest more towards Seto's mouth. Seto smirked, sucking on it and giving a quick pinch to the other pebbled bud before sliding his hands down, allowing one to rest of Katsuya hip and the other to continue down...

"S-Seto! Oh-wah! Set'!"

Seto took a moment to fondle and treasure the swollen sac. The sac swollen with need for him. The sac beneath that nice, hard cock weeping with clear honey. And attached to the heated, blushing body. And all of it was for him.


Seto smiled and leaned up to kiss Katsuya's wet cheek before he slid his finger inside Katsuya's chamber...a rather open one. Like-like-"Katsuya, did you masturbate today?" he blurted out.

Katsuya nodded and humped down on Seto's finger. It felt so good and his fingers were so long! And they-they-! "Yes! Hi-hit there! Home! Dildo-vibrate!"

"Home? When did you go home?" Seto's question his brow furrowing as he easily slid in two more finger that were more than greedily sucked in. Gods did Katsuya have a wanton ass. He could imagine it sucking in his cock, swallowing the thing whole!

"School! Home! Park! Seto-! Please, come in me! Please, oh! Please! Can't-!"

Seto moaned, pulling his fingers out, positioning himself, and leaning over to search for the lube. Where did it drop? He'd always been able to find things and then Katsuya comes along and now that's only got one thing one his mind he can't even find the fucking-!


Seto clenched his teeth as he felt Katsuya yank himself onto his cock. He slid in so easy! Should it be this easy? "So-so much better! Better then dil-oh!"

He guessed so.

"Gods Katsuya!" Seto moaned, taking Katsuya's bucking hips in his hands and thrust hard and fast into the writhing blonde. "Just-Gods!"

"Seto! I-mmm! Yes!" Katsuya cried. It was so good. Seto was so. Hot. And hard! And fast! So good! And he was almost there... "S-Ah!"

Seto tightened the grip on the blonde's hips, feeling the blonde clench on him. Katsuya was so tight already and now-!"Katsuya!"

Seto collapsed, feeling Katsuya's cum, that was splattered the front of the blonde's body, mush between them almost sickly. When Katsuya moaned, Seto pulled out and rolled over after giving Katsuya's cheek a wet kiss.

After that, he didn't remember much.

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Katsuya was half tempted to go for Bakura's wallet, knowing something of interest (money from bets placed on him) would be there, but he had a feeling it was too close to Bakura's ass and Seto was staring right at him. If he saw Katsuya reach up...well, he'd be in a lot of trouble.

But he really wanted the money.

It wasn't because he needed it. No, after he'd spent the night at Seto's he went 'home' told his dad he was gay, got punched (hence the bruise from a 'fight' on his cheek) and was promptly kicked out and welcomed at Seto's. And after some fighting about his father (which Katsuya won) things became comfortable and Mokuba started begging Katsuya to encourage Seto to start asking him questions instead of his scarred little brother (it seemed Seto didn't think about censoring what he asked or said to Mokuba). No, now it was from the pure enjoyment that he could be a better thief then someone who had been doing it for thousands of years.

Well, he could earn it.

He smiled at Seto who raised a brow in return but after a moment, figured out what Katsuya was doing. Why, he didn't know because Katsuya's friends already knew about them. They practically set them up and Katsuya had told him Atemu's and Bakura's story.

But Katsuya stood and placed a five on the table. "I bet everything in your wallets I can surprise you."

The group looked at him put nodded their heads. When Katsuya placed bets he always lost. It'll just be hard trying to figure out how to divide a five among six.

"Seto's nine inches. Which means he's longer then my vibrating dildo."

Seven heads met desks at that moment.

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