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Adorable Firsts- Part One


The first time Atobe and Jiroh met face to face was first year and Jiroh was running late that day.


The twelve year old pouted as he ran across the Hyoutei Gakuen campus to the tennis club house. He was late, and all thanks to his sensei. He rolled his eyes. Jiroh was always sleeping in class, what made this time so special as to make him stay after?

As the somewhat short boy turned a corner he found himself flying backwards and landing on the ground. "Oof!" he groaned at the sudden weight on top of him and looked up to see dark blue eyes staring back down at him.

Jiroh blushed. "Atobe-sama!"

The silver haired boy stared down at him. "Who are you?"

"Uh… Akutagawa Jiroh! I'm a first year too, I'm also in the tennis club!" He grinned cutely.

Atobe blinked.

He stood and helped the shorter boy up. "Ah, and you know ore-sama's name. Pleasure to meet you, Akutagawa-kun. If you're in the club, why are you not there now, ahn?"

The blonde scratched the back of his neck. "Oh, sensei kept me after for sleeping in class. Hehe…" they were silent.

"We better go," Atobe stated after a moment. "Ore-sama figures he will see you again soon." Atobe stared at him for a second longer before walking off, leaving Jiroh staring after him, eyes sparkling.

He actually spoke to Atobe-sama! Sugoi, ne!

The first time they played against each other was the first time Jiroh felt something like what he felt when he played against Marui-san.


Jiroh sat panting on the ground, sweat pouring down his face as he stared up at his opponent. Atobe-sama… he…Jiroh could hardly put up much of a fight against him. It made him feel… strange.

"Kakkoi…" he murmured to himself quietly as he stared up at the slightly heavy breathing Atobe.

The younger boy held out a hand. Jiroh stared at it for a second before taking it and pulling himself up. "Thanks," he smiled, bending down and picking up his racket.

"It's no problem." Atobe's lips twitched upwards slightly. "You're good."

He grinned and blushed. "Arigatou gozimasu, Atobe-sama."

"But not good enough to beat ore-sama." He said conceitedly and walked away, another first year named Oshitari Yuushi walking up and going with him.

Jiroh barely noticed when Gakuto and Ryou walked up to either side of him to glare at the arrogant first year's back.

"Che," Ryou started. "That guy is such a jerk. Lame,"

Gakuto glared hatefully. "I've actually gotta agree with you Ryou. I can't believe they let him walk all over everyone like that."

Jiroh barely heard them. "Atobe-sama… is amazing."

The first time Atobe found Jiroh asleep was also the first time that Jiroh asked him to call him "Jiroh".


It was nearing the end of first year and so far, Atobe wasn't all that impressed with Japanese middle school tennis clubs. There were a few that could actually put up somewhat of a fight against him—such as Oshitari—and there were others that could hardly defend themselves—like most of the senpai.

Atobe found it all kind of sad actually.

The senpai were called senpai because they were older, you'd think that would mean better and more difficult to beat also. But, it was nothing more than Atobe had expected when his family moved back to Japan, after all, Japan wasn't known for their tennis players.

Though the heir had a feeling that this little fact would be changing soon enough. After all, he was now there.

And Atobe's didn't do things half way.

He paused as he came upon a bench almost hidden beneath the leaves of the trees. Atobe squinted slightly, it looked as if someone was sleeping there.

Sighing, he looked behind himself and then back at the bench. It was really any of his business, and he honestly didn't care, but a part of him was saying to go over to the bench and wake the person up.

Atobe fought himself from rolling his eyes as he took a few steps forward. Well, the person looked small—smaller than him at least—so it couldn't have been some mere homeless commoner getting ready to steal something from him…

Unless that mere homeless commoner was a child.

When he found his way underneath the tree's leaves and to the bench he paused for a second, recognizing the person but not being able to put a name to the face.

The boy's hands and arms were being used as a pillow as he slept. His curly honey blonde hair fanned out around his face, cheeks tinged a light pink as if it was just naturally there instead of from physical activity, his lips slightly parted as small puffs of air escaped from him, they were turned slightly upwards, no doubt whatever he was dreaming was rather pleasant.

Atobe glanced down at the ground next to the bench to see a tennis bag. 'Akutagawa Jiroh', he read. Now he remembered. He had met him a few times before.

Bending down slightly, the silver haired boy shook the other boy's shoulder. It took a few times to wake the boy completely, but when he did, Akutagawa blinked and yawned before staring up at him.

"Ah, Atobe-sama!" the boy blushed lightly, face turning even pinker. "Uh… thanks for waking me up. It wouldn't have been good if I was late getting home again. Last time, okaa-san and otou-san almost reported me missing." He admitted as he stood and grabbed his back.

Atobe blinked at the random bit of information this boy told him. He shook his head slightly. "Fine, but ore-sama won't do it again. Ore-sama doesn't have time for waking little kids up and making sure they don't get lost. Akutagawa-kun," he nodded and turned to walk away only to stop when he heard a voice behind him.

"Call me Jiroh! Everybody does."

Atobe turned his head slightly and nodded once more. "Akutagawa-kun," and he walked away.

The second time Jiroh asked him to call him by his name, Atobe listened.


Atobe rolled his eyes at Oshitari who was on the other side of the court talking to a short, blushing redhead. Mukahi something, Atobe thought.

They were supposed to be getting ready to play a match as the buchou had told them to. A doubles match. Atobe didn't play doubles. And, instead, Oshitari was over there chatting to his partner and where was his partner?

He had no clue.

He didn't even know who his partner was, buchou hadn't told him.

Atobe turned slightly when he heard a yawn and saw the same boy from the year before walk over. Akutagawa Jiroh, he was sure that was his name.

"Oi, Jiroh! Where were you? Sleeping again?" Mukahi grinned.

Akutagawa smiled slightly back before yawning. "I can't help it. I'm tired. Buchou said I was playing a match, a doubles match. Who am I playing with?"

Mukahi sneered and looked across the net.

"You are playing with ore-sama." Atobe answered causing Jiroh to whip around in surprise, no doubt not noticing him there. "You are playing with ore-sama against Oshitari and… Mukahi-kun?" the red head nodded, glaring.

The blonde blushed and grinned. "Then I guess we better get started."

Despite not liking to play doubles, Atobe wasn't at all surprised with the outcome of the match. Oshitari and Mukahi-kun hadn't stood a chance against him and… Akutagawa-kun. Though, the two other boys had put up a rather good fight. Between Mukahi-kun's flamboyant acrobatics and Oshitari's counters and good planning, it was more difficult than he expected it to be.

Atobe eyed them slightly as they talked before turning to a flushed but grinning Akutagawa. This boy… well, he was definitely very good. A lot better than some of the others there anyways, and that was actually, surprisingly, saying something.

He didn't have any doubt that Akutagawa Jiroh might just make it onto the regulars when he becomes the buchou.

"You did very well Akutagawa-kun. Ore-sama… somewhat enjoyed playing that match with you." The thirteen year old admitted to the older boy.

Akutagawa grinned and hopped on the balls of his feet somewhat. "I really enjoyed playing with you too, Atobe-sama! It was fun, I hope we can do it again some time!"

Atobe thought for a second. "Maybe," he let his lips twitch upwards for a second, for some reason finding this boy's hyper activeness kind of… cute for lack of a better word.

He shook his head slightly to rid himself of that thought. He wasn't supposed to find other boys cute. Especially not when they were being hyper.

"Ore-sama should go, and…" his voice trailed off for a second before he took a step forward and whispered. "If you keep it up, you might just have a spot on ore-sama's regular team next year."

Akutagawa smiled softly and swallowed, suddenly a little nervous. He didn't doubt what Atobe-sama said, everyone, from the moment he beat all of the senpai in first year, knew that Atobe Keigo would one day be the buchou of their tennis club, he was the only one in their year who could do it.

The blonde turned when the younger boy walked off. "Call me Jiroh! Please," he said hopefully.

Atobe turned. "Jiroh," he smiled before walking away, leaving the beaming boy on the court to himself.

The first time Atobe said that they weren't friends, he was lying, and Jiroh knew that.


Jiroh lay on the bench next to his newly made buchou, not wanting to fall asleep, but just wanting to stare up at the silver hair of the younger teen.

It was now their third year, and Jiroh, and nobody else actually, was at all shocked that Atobe was made the buchou of their tennis team, especially considering he had beaten Seigaku's buchou the year before.

But everyone was a little shocked when Atobe had said that he hadn't wanted a fukubuchou (that would have no doubt been Oshitari). Especially since he was also student council president of Hyoutei (which also was not a surprise in the least). Everyone was slightly worried that Atobe wouldn't be able to handle it, but Jiroh wasn't.

He was Atobe. He was great.

Jiroh bit his lip and smiled over at his friend Gakuto who was supposed to be playing a match against his doubles partner, Oshitari Yuushi, but was instead talking to him over the net, blushing every few minutes when the tensai said something embarrassing.

They were all regulars; Atobe, him, Gakuto, Oshitari, Shishido, Taki Haginosuke who was doubles partners with a second year named Ootori Choutarou, and Kabaji usually as an alternative.

He was surprised when Atobe had made him as second singles. Atobe had told him that he was good a few times, but Jiroh hadn't thought that he was good enough to be second singles (with first Atobe of course). Third, maybe. Second? Not really.

But it was a pleasant surprise none the less.

Jiroh yawned loudly causing Atobe to look down at him. "Are you tired?" he nodded. "You can sleep some if you wish."

He grinned. "Thanks Atobe, you're such a nice friend."

The younger boy was quiet for a second as Jiroh rolled over onto his side. "We… aren't friends."

Jiroh smiled and nodded, hearing through the lie. "Okay, whatever you say Atobe."

The first time they kissed, it was an accident… and entirely Oshitari's and Mukahi's fault.


Jiroh scratched the back of his leg shyly with his other foot as Atobe smiled at him. The fourteen year old had surprised him by buying a large comfortable couch and putting it in the clubroom just so that he would have some place more comfortable and warmer to sleep than outside on the benches.

He was very happy with this surprise. As he could tell by the way his stomach twisted itself into knots and his heart beat a little faster in his chest as Atobe stared down at him.

The fifteen year old grinned, face turning pink. "Thanks, Atobe! I love it."

Atobe had to fight himself from grinning back. "As ore-sama knew you would. Ore-sama doesn't want one of his players to be sore for any other reason than he should be sore for."

He nearly slapped himself as Jiroh stared at him, face turning an even darker red and the sound of badly suppressed snickers from behind him. "Ore-sama meant tennis practice!" he called over the laughter loudly.

"I know," Jiroh blushed still though.

"Hey, Jiroh! What reason do you have to be sore?" Gakuto laughed, leaning back into Oshitari.

Oshitari smirked. "Atobe, is there something you and Akutagawa-kun aren't telling us about your relationship?"

Jiroh whimpered quietly as Atobe spun around. "And would you like ore-sama to reveal what he knows about your and Mukahi's relationship, Oshitari?"

Gakuto raised his hands and turned back to his locker as Oshitari just smirked and leaned down to whisper something to Gakuto.

Atobe turned back to his blonde friend. "Sorry about that, Jiroh. They have too much in common when it comes to teasing people."

He nodded. "I know." They smiled.

A second later Atobe felt hands push him forward and he went stumbling into Jiroh as they fell onto the couch behind him, his lips collapsing on top of the volley specialist's.

His lips, they're soft, said a voice in his head as he continued looking down at the blushing face beneath him.

Atobe could hardly hear the whistles from the regulars, only concentrating on his heavy breathing, the small hand placed on his chest, and the large brown eyes staring up at him.

"Shishido-san," they heard a no doubt grinning Ootori say. "Do you Mukahi-senpai and Oshitari-senpai could be right about them?"

"Hmm, I wouldn't bet that they weren't right, Choutarou." Shishido smiled back.

"Buchou," Hiyoshi Wakashi started. "If that was your first kiss, I beat you in that."


Atobe breathed out through his nose and said, "Twenty laps, all of you, now." But he didn't look away from the older boy still lying on the couch.

As they all left, Jiroh sat up and moved to stand. Atobe stopped him, placing a hand on his arm. "You don't have to Jiroh; you didn't do anything."

He smiled lightly. "I know," Jiroh stood and walked toward the door of the club house. "But I want, maybe it'll clear my head."

Atobe just watched him walk out.

The second time they kissed… well… that time it wasn't at all an accident. It was also the first time Jiroh called Atobe, "Kei-chan".


The clubroom's showers might not have been the best place for a second kiss, but it also wasn't the worst place ever either.

Especially since they had an excuse for being almost naked in the same room.

Atobe threaded his hand through the soft blonde curls, pushing the older boy's head closer to his own. The Hyoutei tennis club buchou forced the boy back against the tiled wall, winding his free arm around the thin, muscular waist.

Dragging his tongue across Jiroh's pouting bottom lip, he quickly gained entrance and let his wet muscle explore the dark cave that was Jiroh's mouth. He sighed slightly when he tasted chocolate Pocky and something else he couldn't put his finger on. It was just so Jiroh that Atobe had to enjoy the taste of it.

Jiroh inched closer to the taller teen and wrapped both arms around Atobe's back, stepping up onto his toes and pushing his mouth harder to the pair of lips against his own. He giggled lightly and bit down on the tongue, earning a wince from his… boyfriend?

Taking the appendage between his teeth, the fifteen year old sucked, still inching as close to Atobe as he could, wanting to be as close as possible.

They separated reluctantly when the need for air got to great.

Jiroh leaned his flushed face against Atobe's bare chest, enjoying the feel of his fingers running through his hair and down the spine, leaving tingles where ever they touched.

Atobe smiled down at him. "Is ore-sama that good of a kisser, ahn?"

The blonde bit his lip and looked up. "He's better," he leaned forward and pecked his buchou's swollen lips.

"And ore-sama's second singles player is rather good himself." He complimented.

He blushed and threw his arms around the younger boy. "Thanks, Kei-chan."

Atobe pulled back and held Jiroh away from him a little. "What did you call ore-sama?"

Jiroh averted his eyes nervously. "Kei-chan, I hope you don't mind Atobe." The silver haired teen thought for a second and smiled. "As long as it's you calling ore-sama that, then ore-sama doesn't mind."

He squealed and jumped up into his arms, pushing his lips against "Kei-chan's" only to be walked back into the shower wall again.

And only a moment later the two broke apart to scream as cold water was poured over them, sending goose bumps up and down their body.

Someone chuckled. "I thought you two needed to cool down a bit." Atobe narrowed his eyes and growled as he turned around.

"Oshitari," he said slowly, glaring hatefully.

The tensai didn't so much as flinch as he put the bucket down and stared at them. "What?" He smirked.

"If I could, I would kick you off of the team here and now." Atobe stated.

Oshitari just laughed and walked back over to a sniggering Gakuto. The redhead grinned at his blonde friend. "Jiroh, I should have warned you that public places isn't the best for your first make out session." He jumped onto Oshitari's back who caught him professionally. "Yuushi, let's go make out somewhere where we can't be caught unlike these two idiots." He said, nodding to Atobe and Jiroh who were both now turning red.

The bespectacled boy smiled up at him fondly. "You got it Gakuto." He glanced over at the two still in the shower stall. "See you two some other time."

"Bye bye," Gakuto waved mockingly as they disappeared out of the room.

After a moment, Jiroh started laughing. "I guess it really wasn't the best place, huh?"

Atobe laughed with him like the teenager he was.

The first time they had sex, it was perfect.


Jiroh stared up at the boy hovering over him, chest falling and rising as he tried to calm his breathing. His moist and swollen lips were parted in an attempt to obtain more oxygen, but the effort was useless as the hand on his thigh crept higher upward.

His skin burned along the trail of his boyfriend's soft and gentle touches.

"Kei-chan," he whispered, using the hand that was placed in the smooth silver hair to tug him down, forcing their lips together.

Automatically, Jiroh opened his mouth, welcoming the tongue that crept into his cavern, legs spreading slightly when Atobe laid himself across his smaller body.

Atobe's hand massaged him slightly through the cloth of his shorts and Jiroh moaned, letting his hand slip down the arching back of his former buchou.

Placing his hands on the small waist of the volley specialist, Atobe slowly began pulling both Jiroh's shorts, and his boxers down his legs, trailing kisses from his mouth, down his neck, and over his chest as he did so.

Successfully removing the last remaining clothes that Jiroh wore, Atobe dropped them over the side of his bed, and moved back up his body, hand traveling between them to lightly grasp the blonde in his hand.

Jiroh gasped in pleasure, bucking his hips forward almost impatiently.

"Shh, Jiroh," Atobe calmed, placing a soft kiss on the pouting lips. "Soon enough," he whispered, lips grazing the shell of the older teen's ear.

"Kei-chan," he said desperately. "I don't know if I can wait."

Atobe stared down at him. "Then ore-sama won't make you." After placing some lube in his hand, Atobe placed a finger at Jiroh's swollen entrance, pushing his finger in slightly and hearing his boyfriend's quiet moan as Jiroh closed his eyes.

To Jiroh, it didn't really hurt, at least not yet. Kei-chan was being too careful, he wouldn't ever hurt him. Jiroh was sure of this.

When Atobe entered into him, Jiroh fisted one hand into the expensive bed spread and the other tightened its grip on Atobe's hand. His walls tightened around Atobe as the teen slowly moved in and out of him, gaining a little speed each time.

Wrapping his legs the heir's back, he pulled Atobe's head down, their lips meeting in a slightly rushed kiss. The hand on him gripped him tightly, moving up and down with their same pace.

They both felt wonderful, as if they were high on pleasure. This: it was just perfect.

Their first time having sex was also the first time Jiroh said those three words everyone wants to hear.


After it was all over, they lay silently in Atobe's large, king-sized bed, staring up at the ceiling, sweat silently rolling down their skin in an attempt to cool them off.

Jiroh adjusted himself so that his head rested against Atobe's chest, his finger softly drawing small designs over him. The blonde smiled up at him. "I'm happy," he stated, gently nudging the hand the came up and caressed the side of his face.

Atobe smiled back down at him. "Ore-sama too," he let his hand brush through the golden curls as Jiroh placed small butterfly kisses upon his skin.

"Kei-chan," he whispered, leaning up and letting their lips brush against each other's. "I love you."

Atobe kissed back.

But the first time Atobe told Jiroh that he loved him, didn't come until much later.