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Adorable Firsts- Part Two


Jiroh stared out the second story window, finding it difficult to pay any attention to his sensei. There were only a few days left until graduation and lightheartedness seemed to be spread throughout Hyoutei. For Jiroh though, it was different.

He was sad.

While he had known that this day would come eventually, it hadn't hit him until quite recently. He hadn't realized he would never walk through the halls any longer, he would never see Shishido, Ootori, Piyo-chan, Kabaji, or Gakuto every day any more. He knew that they would all try and keep in touch with each other (except maybe Hiyoshi, he was sure Ootori would have to force Shishido to… if they even kept in touch), but if he was realistic about it, he also knew that in the end they would probably all end up stop talking. They would all lose contact with each other. And finally probably forget about each other sooner or later.

It kind of made him want to cry.

At least he had Kei-chan though. He would always have Kei-chan.

Or, at least, he hoped he would. Lately, he didn't really know.

Keigo had been rather distant with him over the last few weeks, saying that he had work to do, or he didn't have any time for him at the moment, student council president stuff to do, thinking that Jiroh would understand.

And, for the most part, Jiroh did, he understood, but that didn't mean that he was at all happy about it.

They had gotten together when they were third years in middle school and had been together ever since, so almost four years, that is, if you didn't count the two times they had broken up.

The first time was neither of their faults, Kei-chan's parents had introduced him to the girl he would be marrying and she had put a wedge in their relationship, causing Atobe and Jiroh to grow further apart. In the end though, everything had worked out. That is, until the second time they broke up.

Unlike the first time where Jiroh hadn't been hurt even nearly as much, the second time he felt pain unlike he had ever felt before.

And it was all because of stupid Sanada.

He knew it was unfair to blame Sanada that way, after all, it wasn't his fault. But he wanted somebody to blame and it was either Sanada or Kei-chan, and of course he would rather blame Sanada then the person he was in love with.

But blaming him hadn't taken his pain away.

When he first found out about the affair, Jiroh was going to surprise Kei-chan by waking him up and forcing him out as, as far as he knew, Kei-chan hadn't gotten out of his mansion for a week at least.

It was their second anniversary.

He should have known though when he first stepped into the house.

"I'm sorry," the butler who answered the door had said.

Jiroh just tilted his head, confused, before continuing on his way to Kei-chan's room.

The smile on his face dropped when he heard the sounds coming from the room. He recognized his boyfriend's laugh, it was the laugh that he only used when they were alone, together.

When he heard the name "Sanada" fall from his lips, he turned away and made his way out of the house, trying not to make a sound as tears streamed down his face. His heart ached.

He ended up falling asleep in the park.

Jiroh never did let Atobe know about what he heard, to this day he never told him, and he knows he never will.

They broke up the second time Jiroh found them together.

That second time, he swallowed his tears and walked into the room, removing the ring on his right ring finger that Atobe had given him for their first anniversary, walked up to the bedside table, ignoring the soft whispers of "Jiroh," and placed the ring down.

Jiroh stood there for a second and, instead of looking at Atobe, he stared at Sanada and said, "Enjoy him," before turning and walking out of the house again, not looking back.

Last he heard though, Sanada was now together with his captain, Yukimura Seiichi.

He still didn't exactly understood how they had gotten back together, about a month and a half later he was sitting in the empty clubroom, staring out at the darkened sky when Atobe had quietly sat down next to him and just held out the ring, truly looking sorry. Jiroh stared at him for a second before slowly holding his hand out and letting the younger boy slip the ring back onto his finger.

They hadn't talked about it, but they both knew without words, they needed each other.

But that was all in the past, they were now happy, together again, and probably always would be, or so they both hoped. But something was bugging Jiroh, and he didn't like it.

Kei-chan still had never told him "I love you".

Jiroh had said it back in first year and Atobe had made a few hints that he had, but he had never said it outright, and Jiroh was beginning to wonder, did Keigo really love him at all?

He really wanted the answer to that question.

But—then again—he also didn't want the answer to that question, for fear that the answer would be something that would hurt him again.

"Akutagawa-kun," Jiroh looked forward to the front. "I know graduation is nearing and you are eager to get out of here, but please, pay attention."

The blonde didn't bother to correct her. "Hai, sensei."


Jiroh let his eyes wonder around the club house. It was all of them again, as regulars, he hadn't doubted that fact. It would be like a cycle, after they left, Hiyoshi would be the buchou, Ootori would be the fukubuchou, Kabaji would move up to be the treasure also since Taki would also graduate. But—unlike last time—the cycle would end after Hiyoshi, Ootori, and Kabaji graduated. They would also move onto college and they would all probably never see each other again.

First he let his eyes stop on Ootori and Shishido who sat close together on one of the couches in the room, hands barely touching and heads bent together, quiet whispers passing back and forth between them.

Jiroh hoped that they would figure out their feelings for each other before they graduated.

Next they rested on Hiyoshi who was leaning against his locker, smiling for once, and texting someone on his phone. Jiroh tilted his head, he wondered who it could be.

Kabaji wasn't there, he was somewhere off with Atobe, helping him take care of something.

Finally he let his eyes rest on his best friend, Gakuto, and his boyfriend and doubles partner, Oshitari Yuushi. The acrobat was backed up against his locker with the tensai hovering over him, gently twirling a strand of the shorter boy's dark red hair around a finger.

They were smiling at each other.

Something he and Keigo hadn't done in weeks.

Jiroh sighed and stared over at the couch Keigo had ordered back in their third year of middle school. They had had it sent over to the high school when they entered their first year.

He didn't sit in it anymore.

Everyone noticed, but thought it wiser to say nothing. At times, Jiroh was thankful for that, but at other times, he wished that someone would just ask him if something was wrong between him and Atobe. He probably would have answered, depending on who the person asking was.

The fact that he and Kei-chan had been dating since middle school was now a well known fact among everyone, what with the number of times they had been caught in empty classrooms, it was impossible for the school not to know. Nobody really cared all that much, and—even if you did—you couldn't say anything or face the wrath of Atobe Keigo.

His lips twitched upwards. Sometimes he missed how Kei-chan would be so protective of him. The younger boy always had been protective of him, especially after the incident involving Sanada (no doubt needing to reassure Jiroh that he was his and not Sanada's), but lately it seemed as if Atobe just hadn't cared.

That thought made him ache.

"Jiroh," said a quiet voice.

"Hm?" he looked up at Gakuto as the redhead placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you okay?" his friend asked, worry lining his voice.

The blonde forced a smile onto his face. "I'm fine, Gakuto. What makes you think I'm not?"

Gakuto stared at him for a second before removing his hand and shaking his head. "Betsuni. Are you coming to the party tonight?" He asked suddenly.

Jiroh narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Party?"

Raising an eyebrow, Gakuto asked, "Didn't Atobe tell you?"

"Tell me what?" he scratched his arm and looked to the floor, already knowing what Gakuto was going to say.

"Atobe is throwing a graduation part tonight, just us regulars. I would have thought that you would be the first to know…" his voice trailed off before picking back up, louder this time, and successfully gaining the attention of the other regulars. "Jiroh, what is going on between you and Atobe? This has happened before but it was different. I thought I was your friend, why don't you share anything with me anymore?"

Jiroh raised his eyes and took a small step forward and whispered urgently, "Nothing is going on Gakuto, just drop it, ok?"

Gakuto swallowed. "Fine, I'll drop it." He stormed over to his partner, grabbed his arm, and pulled him towards the door. "Come on Yuushi, let's go get ready." He spared Jiroh a glance before they disappeared from sight.

When Jiroh looked up the others look hurriedly away and went back to what they were doing. Sighing, Jiroh scratched the back of his neck and looked out the window before stalking over to his locker, grabbing his tennis bag, and almost running from the clubhouse.

After he had also disappeared, Hiyoshi, Shishido and Ootori just looked at each other. What was going on?


When he finished removing his shoes, he didn't bother saying hello to his parents and brother and instead stormed up the stairs and to his room, throwing his bag across the floor and laid on his bed, glaring up at the ceiling.

For such a usually sweet boy, people knew to hide from that glare, it was rather nasty.

Learned it from Keigo of course.

Jiroh knew sulking didn't suite him and neither did anger, everybody said he looked cute when he pouted but being sad made them feel sad. Nobody liked seeing a sad Jiroh because of that.

The blonde now wanted to say, "How do you think I feel?"

He threw the blanket over himself as there was a knock on the door and then it quietly opened.

"Jiroh," his brother Ichirou called. "Are you okay? I heard something heavy fall."

Wanting him to go away, he merely answered (knowing that not answering would make his brother worry and thus stay), "It was my tennis bag, I just dropped it, nothing serious. I'm fine Ichirou,"

Jiroh could almost see him nodding to myself. "Oh, okay," he heard steps coming closer to him and groaned. That was supposed to get him to see that nothing was wrong and leave! Not to stay! "Do you want to talk? I've not talked to my little brother in awhile."

"I'm fine nii-san, just… go back to doing whatever it was you were doing." He stated hopefully.

His bed dipped down. "I was doing nothing important." Ichirou tugged on the blankets and Jiroh decided not to put up much of a fight.

Removing the blankets from his younger brother, Ichirou stared down at the teen's sad expression and averted eyes. "Tell me what's wrong. Is it that Atobe guy? If it is I'll go down there and beat him up for you."

Jiroh almost laughed. "You can't beat him up, nii-san, he's an Atobe."

"And I don't give a shit if he's an Atobe or fucking Kami, if he hurt my little bro he's going down." Ichirou said honestly before looking back at the door and then to Jiroh. "And don't let kaa-san know I cursed. She'd kill me if she found out."

The blonde giggled. "I won't, don't worry."

Ichirou smile lightly. "You're laughing, I've not seen you laugh in awhile."

His laughter trailed off. "I've… not had much to laugh about recently." He gave a bitter smile and looked down at his hands.

"Tell me about."

And Jiroh did, every little detail. From Keigo's former "fiancé" to Sanada to now. By the end of it he was crying and more confused than he had been. Ichirou held his brother to him and rocked him slightly, running a hand through Jiroh's golden curls.

"I just don't understand what's going on anymore." Cried Jiroh. "We were so close up until the end of January, now I've barely seen him in three weeks. He's having a party tonight too," he added as he pulled back and wiped his tears. "And I didn't even know. I had to find out from Gakuto. Gakuto hates Kei-chan! And sure, he might have found out from Oshitari and not Keigo, but I highly doubt it. Keigo probably told them when I wasn't there or I was asleep and nobody thought anything of it because they figured I already knew because I'm always with Kei-chan." His chest heaved quickly as he tried to slow his breathing. "But I'm not anymore." He ended, letting his brother pull him into another hug.

After a moment, Jiroh said, "I'm not even sure if I want to go."

Ichirou stared down at him. "It's your choice, but I'll say this, if you don't go, you might regret it."

"I know," Jiroh admitted, pulling back and looking up at him. "But if I do go, I might regret it even more."


In the end, Jiroh decided not to go, and he was glad he didn't. He and his brother really hadn't talked in a long time, so they stayed up the whole night watching movies, playing video games, eating popcorn, and snacking on Pocky of course.

Jiroh honestly couldn't remember the last time he had had so much fun. He was laughing and joking and really happy. And since he had stayed up all night, he almost didn't go to school the next day, and wouldn't have if Ichirou hadn't literally dragged him about his room, helping him get ready and then driving him to school.

"You decided you would stay up all night, you are suffering the consequences." He said as he pushed Jiroh out of the car.

The blonde stumbled and nearly tripped. He glared at Ichirou and ignored the looks they were getting. "Now go talk to Atobe." He stated, grabbing the handle and closing the door before driving off down the street.

Jiroh sighed and made his way to class.

Upon entering his first hour, he walked to his seat, ignoring how Keigo was staring at him curiously.

He sat and dropped his books onto the table, pretending to stare somewhere out the window.

"Where were you last night?"

Jiroh didn't answer.

"Ore-sama asked where you were last night Jiroh." Atobe stated almost harshly causing Jiroh to look at him disbelieving.

"And why do you care?" he asked with a forced smile.

Atobe blinked. "Ore-sama thought you were coming to the party for the regulars."

A look went over Jiroh's face as he nodded and grinned. "Oh, you mean that party you never told me about." He lost the smile.

The silver haired boy looked slightly startled. "Mukahi said he told you."

Jiroh stared at the front of the class. "I was at home," he answered. "With my brother, wondering why you didn't tell me yourself actually." He glanced at him for a second then averted his eyes again.

"…Ore-sama… was busy." He admitted quietly.

He gave a bitter laugh. "Too busy to tell your own boyfriend, right?"

Atobe was silent for a moment. "Why didn't you say that you weren't coming?"

Jiroh continued staring at the sensei. "Why didn't you call and find out if I was?"

"Mukahi called, you didn't answer."

The blonde turned and looked at him. "I didn't want to, but I would have if it were you calling." Jiroh continued to look at him, only turning back around when the sensei called to them to pay attention.

Ichirou was right, he was regretting his decision not to go slightly, but he was still glad he hadn't.

When it came time for tennis practice, Jiroh walked to the clubhouse on his own, hoping that he got there first so that he could change and get out to the courts before the other regulars.

He sighed thankfully when he saw that he was the first one there.

In a hurry he changed into the Hyoutei jersey and nearly made it out the door when the others started coming.

Atobe stared at him when he walked in before telling him to go to court A; he had something to announce to the tennis club.

Already knowing what it was, Jiroh merely nodded before speeding off to said court.

After the club had gathered, Atobe stood in front of everyone and sighed. "Again, it is almost the end of the year for us third years and the time comes that I need to announce my successor as buchou of the tennis club." He stated quietly, but everyone heard him perfectly.

Atobe stared out over the 200 + members. "Once again, the new fukubuchou of the tennis club is Ootori Choutarou," he paused as everyone applauded for the tall gray haired, blushing boy. "And as ore-sama is sure you all guessed, Hiyoshi Wakashi as buchou." Another applause. "Ore-sama is certain that you two will do another brilliant job in charge of the Hyoutei team." He smiled slightly. "Ore-sama wouldn't put you in command if he thought otherwise, you all know this. This time, though, will be slightly different than last time. Whereas after the second and first years here graduated from Hyoutei Gakuen, you moved up to the high school section where you are once again under ore-sama's command. It won't be like that his time. We third years graduate, and then so will you first years, and then finally you first years, but this time you won't find yourself back under me again as buchou and as student council president. After you graduate you will find yourself members of the real world and not a high school tennis club.

"Definitely not as fun, ore-sama assures you that." He joked lightly, earning some laughs from the club. "But you will, and you all probably won't have any time whatsoever for tennis (unless you enter into that career), friends, lovers…" he glanced over at Jiroh for a second. "Or anything else. And ore-sama asks that you try to work those little things in, those people, or you will probably end up regretting it." He sighed. "Dismissed."

He stalked gracefully away, Jiroh staring after him.

Standing on his toes, Jiroh tried to see the silver head of hair somewhere in the crowd. He had a feeling that he was surrounded by that big crowd. He sighed impatiently. Jiroh needed to talk to him.

Jiroh nearly started when he was spun around quickly and got an armful of a squealing redhead. "Uh, Gakuto…?"

Gakuto stepped back a little and beamed at him. "Yuushi asked me to move in with him!" he exclaimed happily.

The blonde blinked. "Huh?"

Huffing, Gakuto just grinned even more. "I said!" he stated a bit louder. "That Yuushi asked me to move in with him!" a few people around them eyed them but Gakuto seemed not to notice.

Jiroh smiled at his friend. "That's fantastic, Gakuto!" he said honestly. "I'm happy for you, really."

The acrobat smiled somewhere behind him and then looked back at his childhood friend. "I'm happy, I really am." A tear ran down his cheek but he still grinned. "I love him. I've not told him that yet."

His smile slackened a bit. "Well now is the perfect time. Look at him." He nodded over to the tensai who was laughing with his family.

Gakuto sighed happily. "You're right." He looked back at Jiroh. "You're right, I can't put this off any longer. It's been killing me, not saying it that is. I'll talk to you later, kay Jiroh?" Not waiting for an answer, the redhead sped off and jumped onto the blue haired man's back, laughing.

Frowning, Jiroh turned around only to come to a halt and gape at what he saw. Shishido and Ootori standing chest to chest, kissing, with Ootori's hand tugging at Shishido's now long again hair.

Even his depressed state, Jiroh couldn't help but to give another smile. About time.

Turning another way he stopped short again and would have shaken his head saying "Is this some kind of joke" if he hadn't been completely astounded. That wasn't… it couldn't have been… were Taki and Hiyoshi really holding hands?

Jiroh squinted. Yup, that was Taki and Hiyoshi alright. At least they weren't making out in public like Shishido and Ootori. No, instead they were hidden somewhere dark, only holding hands and talking, and not getting insulted looks from other people.

"Ore-sama never even realized he was neglecting you." Jiroh froze at the sound of the voice behind him before slowly turning around to look up at Atobe. "And ore-sama is sorry for that, Jiroh. You don't know how sorry."

"How did you not realize?" he asked. "We were inseparable until late January, and then suddenly I don't see you for a few days and then when I do again, you completely ignore me saying that you're 'too busy' or 'have stuff to do' or something along those lines. I just wanted to spend time with you Kei-chan. That's what people in a relationship do." He told him, fingering the ring on his finger lightly.

Atobe glanced down at said ring. "Ore-sama deserves that."

"You do," Jiroh said a bit lamely. "I'm going to go now." He turned.

"Ore-sama has something to tell you!" Atobe stated in a hurry.

"And Jiroh doesn't want to listen to it." The blonde said, continuing to walk away.

"No! Ore-sama—I love you!"

Jiroh stopped, not noticing the heads turning in their direction. Dizziness hit him and he raised a hand to his head to steady himself. Slowly, he turned around.

"What?" he asked quietly.

Atobe took the few steps forward and grabbed Jiroh's smaller, smoother hands. He swallowed nervously. "Ore-sama… no, I am in love with you."

He blinked. "Huh?"

Atobe groaned. "Must ore-sama say it again?"

Jiroh grinned. "Yes,"

The man noticed and laughed. "I said that I'm in love with you! I think I have been for years." He stated, lowering his voice slightly.

"Kei-chan," Jiroh smiled and threw his arms around his shoulders. "I love you too Kei-chan! But you already knew that!" the older boy forced his head down, his pouty lips meeting Atobe's in a heated kiss. To them it felt like the first kiss.

Atobe broke away and whispered, "But I love hearing you say it."

To them, it was the first time of the rest of their lives.