I know I usually never write anything this short, but I just couldn't help myself, this idea was just one I had to write.

Summary: Sam has been thinking about the birds and their song, and has come to a conclusion. Wee!Chester, just because they are so cute.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the dream that I did. Oh, I do own the idea…

Birds Dream

"Dean?" A little voice asks.

"Yes, what is it Sammy?" Sam is holding his hand, and they are walking back to the motel. They have been out playing on the playground.

"Di' you know that when we say that birds a singin', we'r all w'ong?" Sam looks up at him with big, glassy eyes, and Dean can see Sam has been thinking about it for a long time.

"No I didn't, but what are they doing then, Sammy?" Sam looks like he has just won in lottery, a triumph of knowing something his brother didn't, and a big, bright smile spreads all over his face.

"They are not singing as we thin', they are talking 'bout their d'eams," he tugs himself a little close into Dean. "They talk to each other 'bout their d'eams."

"How did you know that?" Dean asks curios.

"'Cause I heard the little bird's d'eam," Sam's small finger points at a blackbird sitting on a bench, tipping its tail a few times. "It was very beautiful, and she talked to me."

"What did she talk to you about then?"

"'Bout a big b'other," Sam nods eagerly.

"Now, who could that be," Dean says as he looks around like he is trying to find someone, and that makes Sam giggle.

"Silly, that was you!"

"Me?" Dean pauses; he doesn't really know what to say. "Come here Sam, then I'll make you fly like a bird," he says instead as he get down on his knees and makes Sam crawl up on his back.

Then he slowly begin to run home, Sam on his back with his arms spread to each side, so it looks like he is flying. They both laughs, as Sam come with excited howls, like he is the king of the world.

When they get to the door, Sam slings his arms around Dean's neck, rests his head on Dean's shoulder, and slowly whispers.

"Then the bird was right, you did make me fly."

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