It has been twelve years since the last time a Diclonius was spotted. Eleven years since the mysterious soldiers created to destroy Dicloniuses were last paraded in public...and the citizens of Japan started to breathe a little easier. The soldiers were a huge help with the psychopathic Dicloniuses. However, they were also regarded with no small amount of fear. Cleo's were what they were called; the reputed children of god. Gods last chance to mankind after their seemingly imminent doom by the invisible hands of the Dicloni. cleo's were commercialized to the public as safe and under control of the government, the new elite police men, and the new future. You could have a psychic baby except without the threat of bodily dismemberment three years later! Understandably not many flocked to the new genetic future, especially with the traumatic aftermath of the bloodbaths still fresh in their minds.

The Cleo's, though unloved by the public, were lauded among the rulers of various country as new weapons of the future. At the assembly of the nations, by the side of the prime minister of Japan, there stood two uniformed Cleo's. There was great craning of the necks from the visiting dignitaries. They all murmured amongst themselves at the young pair, throwing jealous and fearful glances at the jovial prime minister himself.

Megan fought the urge to scramble the brains of the watchers. What the hell?

A very small, very malicious smile curled her lips.

Megan... Megan Nai scowled at the warning reverberating through the telepathic line. Her light brown eyes narrowed in petulance while her
partner, who stood on display on the other side of the prime minister, shook his head in exasperation. Edward Wolff sent an impression of a
disapproving glare through their connection.

What? Megan argued silently. I was going to fix him when the conference was over. Don't be such a stick in the mud!
Edward wanted to reach on over and give his best friend a good pinch to remind her why they were here in the first place. Megan had fried the brains of one Ken Ottumwa, a very important politician's son. Megan had done it when one of her human correspondents had sent a telepathic message detailing the plans she'd overheard about a possible coup during the assembly, with Ottumwa right in the middle as the mastermind. Ofcourse it was after she'd scrambled the poor fools brain that she remarked that he was too stupid to of had actually masterminded the whole thing anyway and so here they were... bodyguards and display items that would probably be 'recalled' (as in killed) if their hunch didn't pay off. Edward loved his partner, but there are times that he wonders if he shouldn't request a change on basis of threat of insanity.