Title: Cold

Rating: T

Pairing: A bit of AkuRoku - not really. x.x

Warning: Slight swearing? Nothing big.

Word Count: 406

A/N: It was snowing when I wrote this, I think. It's pretty old, but I still think it's kind of adorable. And besides... Axel doesn't do well in the cold, anyway.


Roxas rolled his eyes as Axel sneezed violently.

"God, I habe snow," Axel grumbled as he rubbed at his reddened nose.

Roxas patiently held out a box of tissues. They were going to be on patrol for quite a while, and Roxas always hated doing it in the winter with Axel, since his partner did nothing but whine about the cold.

Axel took the tissues, blowing his nose with a sigh, tucking the tissue and box into the pocket of his leather coat. At least the Organization-issued coats were able to keep him warm for the most part, and being a pyro, he was naturally warmer. Axel, however, could not understand how Roxas wasn't freezing his ass off already. "How much longer?" Axel asked, almost in a whine.

Roxas sighed. "A few more hours," he replied dryly. That had been the third time Axel had asked in the last twenty minutes, and Roxas was very nearly ready to smack Axel the next time he asked 'how much longer'.

"Anything to keep us busy for that long?" Axel asked, grinning wildly at Roxas.

Roxas just rolled his eyes. "Keep your hands to yourself," he said firmly.

Axel huffed, pouting as they walked on. "You're no fun, Roxy," he said after a while.

Roxas sighed. "Don't call me that."

"How come, Roxy?" Axel's grin was back in place. He got way too much pleasure out of teasing the small blond.

"Because if you don't stop, I'll tell Larxene about what you did with Demyx," Roxas said simply.

"Hey!" Axel turned red for a very different reason now, Roxas noted with a smirk. It was a pretty potent threat, too, because if Larxene knew, it would only take about fifteen minutes until everyone in the Organization knew. That, or she'd use it for blackmail material later. Axel shuddered at the thought.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, Rox-ass," Axel said petulantly, making sure to enunciate Roxas' name.

"Thank you."

"You're not welcome," Axel grumbled, crossing his arms over his cold chest.

Roxas sighed heavily, but reached up, tugging down Axel's arms, and gently lacing their fingers together without a word.

Axel brightened at this, and stopped pouting as he gave Roxas' hand a small squeeze.

"Hey, Roxas?"

"Yeah?" Roxas asked quietly, looking up at Axel.

"I – AH-CHOO!"

Roxas chuckled softly, rolling his eyes at Axel. "Have a tissue," he said gently, poking the box in Axel's coat.

Axel sighed. "Thanks, Roxas."