Inspired by Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, much like Comedy of Errors was inspired by The Comedy of Errors. So only very loosely.

To State the Obvious, I Give You Antonio!

I am getting married.

It was his first thought every morning as Lovino would hit him over the head repeatedly with a pillow. "Yo! Idiot! Wake up, it's already past ten!"

"Hmmm..." Antonio reached out and pulled Lovino into the bed with him. Despite a 'hey!' from the Italian and a whack to the side of the head, Lovino finally let him win. "My early bird, Lovi~" He nuzzled his nose into Lovino's ear.

"It's not early anymore," Lovino protested as Antonio kissed his neck. "It's late and I was supposed to open the restaurant already!"

"If someone really wants something to eat, they'll call!" Antonio reassured him.

"I'm not 'by appointment' like you," Lovino tried to sneer, but Antonio cut that off by kissing him.

Honestly, sometimes Lovino seemed to forget that he was happy. It took him to about noon to settle down and be as calm as Antonio knew he could be. Antonio was trying some new things to cut the time that took down. Maybe by eleven today. Though that did not give him much time. He decided more kisses would have to suffice. It was one of his favourite activities. Enough of them and Lovino would stop resisting and return them.

"Do you want to go over the guest list?"

"Hell no," Lovino snorted. "I don't want most of them coming."

"But Lovi... you're the one who wanted a big wedding."

"Yeah. Doesn't mean I want to talk to them."

Antonio sighed happily and cuddled in with his fiancé. He really did not care why it was Lovino wanted it this way, just as long as the other was happy. Lovino was very sweet when he was happy.

"Really... Antonio," Lovino sighed as Antonio pressed kisses down his chest. "I have to go in."

"What about breakfast?"

"It's on the table, whenever you want to get up." Lovino was grinning, obviously enjoying the surprise on Antonio's face.

"You made me breakfast?"

"Well... don't sound so surprised," Lovino pouted as Antonio sat up.

"You made me breakfast? Oh, Lovino!" He engulfed Lovino into another large hug, despite one word of protest. "I knew you loved me!"

"I wouldn't be marrying you if I didn't love you, stupid," Lovino drawled, seeming quite comfortable with just leaning into him. "It's getting cold though."

Two months until the big day. Antonio had heard that with marriage came a lot of stress, but he was not feeling it yet. In fact, since he had managed to salvage their relationship and was able to ask Lovino to marry him in January everything had gone smoothly. Both Gilbert and Francis said he was insane, but that had always been their way of being supportive.

Eventually Antonio managed to extricate himself from Lovino so as to get dressed and head downstairs to have breakfast. Not that he really wanted to, he wanted to stay in bed with Lovino, but despite the fact Lovino worked with his brother at a restaurant he did not cook at home often. Nothing like Feliciano, who had to have his hands tied together to stop cooking.

He had reached for his food just as the phone rang. Lovino apparently used that as an excuse to shout "I'm going!" and shut the front door behind him. Antonio sighed and picked up the phone.


"Antonio? It's Marcus!"

"Oh! Hello, Marcus! Did Lovino tell you?"

"No, but I've heard! Congratulations!"

"Thank you! Are you coming for the wedding?"

"Oh, I'll be there! Try and keep me from one of my grandson's weddings!"

They spoke for about ten minutes, with Antonio practically telling all of what he and Lovino had decided for just about everything. It was only after saying he would hear from him soon and hanging up did he suddenly remember.

Antonio checked the caller ID. The call had definitely come from Vash's house, not from out of town. Which meant it certainly was not Marcus, it was a house. A house which was congratulating him for being engaged. And while Antonio might have been pretty cool about almost anything else that happened, a house congratulating him for getting married and wanting to talk about his personal life was stretching it a little.

It was just would have to get Vash to stop iMarcus from calling before Lovino picked up the phone and began to freak out.

Oh boy.


It is a small town... if someone really wants to eat at the restaurant, they have Lovino and Feliciano's cell phone numbers. Though people are more likely to call Feliciano. One guess why.

All iProducts are attributed to whoever it was that made them. I just needed to make a distinction between two different people.

The play 'Much Ado About Nothing' is about a pair of lovers who are to be married in a week. To pass the time, they conspire with friends to trick another couple into confessing their love for each other. All the while a jealous illegitimate brother plans to sabotage the wedding. All I can promise is that there is going to be a wedding, a trick into confessing feelings, and a jealous brother. Or several of any of the above. Guess about all of those as you see fit.

I will hopefully have more tidbits of info for you in these notes in later chapters. I am trying to remember everything I have already established. Hit me with a loud canary brick if I totally mess something up and I will either fix it or pretend it never happened. Like authors tend to do.

I am putting this up so people do not think I have forgotten. I have to write chapters four and five for Hearth before continuing. It is a two-parter that happens between CoE and this. Once I have put that up I can promise that my update schedule will be every other day.

The first few (read: many) chapters are just going to be like how I set up CoE, except it is not all on the same day. Or like it at all. If anyone is confused at any point, just ask and I will try my best to clarify. This is going to be a very long one. Hold onto your hats, chickies.

One last thing: I only know so much about weddings. If anyone has been to one recently, I would love to know. Hear some stories about it, or just be reminded of some of the problems with planning and setting one up if anyone knows. I can look this up and try and dredge up the memories from my youth of family members weddings, but it has been a while. And you all know how I love the little nuances. But this is not going to be very accurate. Just amusing. I hope. Thank you for understanding.