Immortal Is A Letter Away From Immoral

The by-product of being two thousand years old and still in the body of some age of youth was that Yao had never grown out of many of his (what might now be called) teenage quirks. He had learned much and had managed to change with the times, but he had never managed to learn patience to the degree that the others had.

He had never gained the fascination with death that they had either.

The secret of immortality had been his at the age of eleven. When it had been stolen by the ambassador (who had identified himself as a Turk) he had gone the distance to recover it. He squabbled the entire way with the Indian who had come to his country to steal it in the first place, but had been slower than that ambassador (who had run to Rome, leaving them barely a trail to follow the entire way).

But the ambassador lost it and it had ended up in Egypt, where the Egyptian prophet had kept it in a vase, not knowing what it was and not wanting to give it up. The war they were caught up in which had the four of them fleeing the Romans to Greece, where they saved the barbaric Germanic tribesman from death. Where that Roman had decided that they were in the right in keeping the secret of immortality away from the Roman Empire and helped them escape. The Greek warrior woman who followed them for an escape from a marriage she refused to want.

They were such a strange group of misfits.

Immortal misfits.

With the secret of immortality that Yao never took out of that vase. Not until he lost it.

When Nefertiti found the vase, it was empty. Immediately Marcus founded a town upon the area. The moron, the moron. Yao could not understand why he would do that. Did Marcus want everyone to know now? Had he changed his mind?

Yao did not want to die. Yao wanted to live. And he wanted to live as he wanted, so when someone stayed for too long, he made them leave. He made them leave and he made Muhammad make them leave.

Their secret had been safe.

Now the others living here were being to question their youth. He should have known. He should have chased them off, he should not have gone to Hong Kong the last time he had left, hoping people would forget how long he had lived here. He should not have taken Kong and brought him back here. He should have simply stayed and gotten rid of those people who had stayed for too long, before they found out the truth.

It was a little late now. Arthur had asked. Arthur would know.

Yao wondered exactly what it was he should do. He liked the people who lived here now. He did not always agree with them, but he liked them. They were interesting. Life was not boring here in Hearth.

Then again, he had liked some of the people he had chased away from Hearth as well.

"Immortality... it will turn them all into monsters, aru."

Yao knew it all too well.

Once Heracles had left, Gupta finally decided to pick up the pieces of glass. Not sweep it up, he picked up each piece individually, placing it onto a towel. What would he do with this? He could not get rid of it, but it was beyond repair. Gupta was not certain.

Accidentally, he cut his finger on one of the sharper pieces. Blinking, he stuck his finger in his mouth.

He did not taste blood.

Gupta pulled his finger out, staring at the unmarred surface of his skin. He stared back at the glass, which had a speck of blood on it.

Then back to his finger.


"Report, Honda."

Kiku stared at the screen, face blank. "There has been no new occurrences worth noting, sir."

"Including age?"

"Nothing new."

"Your associate had to return to his base. He left you a message."

"Oh?" Kiku stared at the screen.

[[Don't mess up things while I'm gone, fucker.]]

Kiku hesitated. Well, I should have figured he would say that. He sighed. Kiku almost thought he heard iLudovicus clear his throat and that unnerved him. His boss did not say anything more.

"Anyway... I will continue to observe the town. When I find anything I will report directly to you."

The screen went black.

"Or will I?"

"...Kiku?" iLudovicus asked. Kiku shook his head.

"I think I know what my problem was now, iLudovicus," Kiku responded, settling himself into a chair and continuing to stare at the blank screen. "It is not the secrecy. I just do not want anything to change."

And a couple, far away from Hearth, looked down upon a map.

"Is this the place?"

"Yes. Yes it is. What were their names?"

"Matthew Williams and Alfred Jones."

"Matthew and Alfred," the man smiled. "Thank you for being here."


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Ludwig And Feliciano

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