Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to, or anything relating to, And Then There Were None. The following story—and the characters within—are completely original.

A/N: The characters are inspired by (but not based on) people I know. I'm working on character development and since I can't seem to create characters that stand out from scratch, I figured that I would take bits and pieces of my incredibly unique friends and use them to develop character.

I'm writing this to flex my creative muscle and don't expect it to be perfect, although I would love for it to be. Since this is, to some extent, an excersize, all reviews are welcome and appreciated.


Casper, Jayde

Conseco, Sadie

Ellis, John

Gregory, Alexander

LaChapelle, Misty

Marcus, Addison

Molina, Gabrielle

Sinclair, Dominic

Watson, Brooke

Watson, Vincent

Letters. Amazing that these people, these identities, can be broken down into letters. When you think about it, everything can be broken down into smaller bits. Buildings into bricks, meals into ingredients, bodies into bones.

They did well. Set everything up, arranged the perfect place to die. They had no idea that in planning this weekend they were setting up the pawns in this proverbial chessboard. Sealing there own fates. Now it's time to play.