In watching and reading "The Vampire Diaries", i found Damon the most complex and interesting of the character. This particular episode "Friday Night Bites" i found myself thinking about Damon a little more thoroughly. I did my best to put how i see Damon's thoughts down and share it will you. I appreciate constructive criticism but please keep in mind that this is how I see Damon, and other people might see him differently. Enjoy!

High school. The cliché football games and cheerleaders, the pep rallies and the burning of the other team's jersey, ah so refreshingly human. A fight had already broken out, how cute. I could see Stefan making his way over to save the day…how noble of him. Of course, he's always the noble one isn't he, always do what's right? I say, let the damn kids fight; it'll be the only action they'll be getting for a while.

The pale stoner one broke a bottle and swung it across his body in attempt to hit the football duesh but – oh shit, Stefan gets in the way of course. And Elena can tell he's "hurt" too. How's he gonna cover this one up? I took another swig of some cheap beer as I looked down from the roof of the school.

Elena grabs Stefan's hand insisting him to let her see it. The gash is probably gone by now and still closing up, "but – I saw it, it was -"

"He missed. It's not my blood," Stefan "wiped" the blood onto his jeans; I roll my eyes, how pathetic. Why does he go around pretending? Just getting buried in more and more lies. Not that I care. "See?" he shows Elena his now clean hand. Now, I expected her to fall for it like everyone else, but she turns out to be very persistent.

"No, I saw it! The glass cut your hand,"

"Its ok," Stefan pushes. "I'm ok." Wow, he'll say anything to this chic wont he. It's like one of those dumb reality shows. Elena still stares at his hand confused. "Its almost kick off time, so um, I'll see you after the game." She nods and he rushes by her, trying to escape while he still can. Pathetic. If he were like me, he could just make her know it's not blood. Such a waste of time, trying to cover everything he does. She watches him walk into the locker room as she stands and thinks. I'll give her credit, she's not like all the other mindless dumb asses we were sure to meet. Ah, speaking of mindless dumb asses, here comes Caroline now. Of course wearing that scarf I most generously gave to her. And there is my cue to leave.

I still waited by the school, aching for Elena to be alone at some point. I had an overdue conversation with her. After a few minutes, she walked to her car and opened the trunk. My entrance had to make her coil or it wouldn't be much of an entrance. She just about turns around and I'm there. She jumps and flinches when she sees me. Perfect. I flash a toothless grin. "You scared me, what – what are you doing here?" she asked, a hint of fright still on her lips.

"I'm," I looked around. "I'm hiding from Caroline." I whispered.

"And why is that?" Elena whispered back, she looked a little irritated. Which just gave me more of a reason to continue.

"I needed a break, she talks more then I can listen."

"That could be a sign."

"Well, she is awfully young."

"Not much younger then you are." I laugh humorlessly and continue.

"I don't see it going anywhere in the bigger picture. I think she'd drive me crazy." I said…completely honest for once.

"Caroline does have some really annoying traits, but we've been friends since the first grade and that means something to me." Elena was really sticking this in my face. Stefan's warning must have sunk in and he's right…she sound be afraid. But I played the innocent guy.

"Dually noted. I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable. That's not my intention." She looked at me strangely.

"Yes, it is. Or else you wouldn't put an alternate meaning behind everything you say." I laugh again, this time with a little humor. I was getting to her.

"Your right," I say. "I do have other intentions but so do you." I point out.


"I see it," I joked. "You want me."

"Excuse me?"

"I get to you, you find yourself drawn to me, you think about me when you don't want to think about me, I bet you even dreamed about me." I get closer. She just stares at me. I know I have her now, my eyes adjusted to control her. "And right now, you wanna kiss me." I half smile and lean in for Katherine to kiss me. But that's not what happens. Before I could even see it coming, she slaps me.

"What the hell!?" she says, I'm adjusting my face to feel if that really just happened. "I don't know what game you're trying to play with Stefan here, but I don't want to be part of it. And I don't know what happened in the past but let's get one thing straight, I am not Katherine." I look around really confused. How did she not kiss me? I just ate; she had to have kissed me. I did everything the same, so how the hell did it not work? As I turn to watch her go, I realize it. The one thing that keeps vampires from getting into human's heads, Vervaine.

Later, before the game...

I walked back to the edge of the building watching all the empty headed football jocks go by. They didn't see me of course; I was way too good at hiding. But I was waiting for Stefan, but he was busy talking to some other dude. I was sure as hell not getting replaced. I wasn't listening to their conversation, but then I got bored and decided to eavesdrop. "I was a dick at practice this week," huh, I wonder why. Maybe Stefan would be ok if he was my dinner …

"You had your reasons." Stefan said. Don't let this guy go off so easy.

"No excuse." Blondie stuck out his hand and Stefan looked at it and then took it. I though they'd go frolicking into the parking lot together, but then the one that wasn't Stefan said "Good luck tonight, we're lucky to have you" and walked off.

I could not give up this opportunity. I started applauding as Stefan turned around.

"Isn't that nice? Stefan joins the team, makes a friend." He just looks at me. "It's all so, rah! Rah! Go team! Yeah!" I made myself look like Caroline for a second as I struck a pose.

"Not tonight, I'm done with you." He turned around and I was there.

"Nice trick with Elena. Lemme guess, Vervaine in the necklace? I'll admit, I was a bit surprised. It's been a long time since someone could resist my…compulsion." I half smiled and raised an eyebrow. I loved messing with Stefan. He nodded, I smiled. "Where'd ya get it?"

"Does it matter?" he walked passed me, but I wasn't letting him get away so easily.

"I guess I'll have to seduce her the old fashioned way," Stefan kept walking. "Or I could just…eat her." I made a face and heard his footsteps stop.

"You're not going to hurt her Damon" we faced each other.


"Because deep down inside, there's a part of you that feels for her." I didn't let my face get serious. "I was worried that you had no humanity, left inside of you. That, you may have actually become the monster you pretend to be,"

"Whose pretending?" I smiled a wicked smile.

"Then kill me." He says.

"Well, I'm – I'm tempted."

"No, your not. You've had lifetimes to do it and yet…here I am. I'm still alive and there you are, still haunting me." I was not gonna let him get to me, but I felt his self confidence grow as the speech continued. "After One-hundred and forty five years. Katherine is dead! And you hate me, because you loved her," I looked at the football field again. "And you torture me, because you still do. And that, my brother, is your humanity." I exhaled angrily as he leaned away from my face. I couldn't show that he got to me. But he had. I shake my head as his coach calls our last name. Stefan turns away with a smug look on his face.

"What the hell we got a game to play!" the coach motions for him to be inside. But I get a better idea. I sure as hell was not going down that easy. I cock a little smile as I look at the coach.

"If that's my humanity," I raise my eyebrows and Stefan looks back at me. "Then what's this?" I race away from Stefan and dig my teeth into the coach's neck. I start sucking the racing blood until he is almost sucked dry. Stefan was not winning this. I let go of his neck and let him fall to the ground, either dead or unconscious I didn't care. My eyes were red and my mouth was dripping with blood. I looked back at Stefan as he objected.

"Anyone. Anytime. Anyplace." I was still full of anger that he had gotten to me. My eyes had veins bursting out as I growled at Stefan and smiled at the look of utter disbelief in his eyes. I had won.

Stefan's Journal: I thought there was some human left in Damon...I was wrong. He is a monster, who must be stopped.

She was so beautiful. They did look exactly alike. Same face, same skin, same spunk. I had been invited in, so I watched her sleep. My head cocked to one side as I stroked her brown hair. Then my index finger found its way to her soft cheek. I couldn't deny it, I did love her. And I still do. I wouldn't take her away from Stefan…at least, not now. She flinches and I know she's getting up, so I fly out her window, leaving a crow where I took my last glimpse.

Did you like it? Tell me what you thought...if people liked it enough, then maybe I'll do another episode in Damon's POV. Any requests?