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The second Stefan stepped foot in my room I knew something was up. And the news just kept getting better and better. First Katherine tricks us into getting her out of the tomb and into my shower, then John shows up again, and now Isobel. Great. As if having to deal with Klaus and keeping Elijah dead in the basement wasn't enough.

I have to remind myself why I am doing all this. I mean honestly, why am I doing all this? Elena loved Stefan, and even if there was something inside her that had some feelings towards me, she would always love Stefan more. And I knew that. So why am I risking everything just to save her?

I should just go back to ripping apart anyone I see and feeding on humans without giving a damn. I liked that Damon. He had style.

But of course I had to get involved. Now I was on a mission with Gilbert junior and the witch. Fantastic.

We all walked up to the other witches apartment silently. It was finally nice to not have Jeremy breathing down my neck all the time.
Cautiously, I stuck my had in the doorway to make sure I could get in and there wouldn't be any weird witchy juju all over the place. I smirked to myself as I walked in with ease.

"Yep, everybody's dead." I said with a little too much glee.

"We should pack up all the grimores, they spent years collecting them. I wanna make sure there safe."

"You know we could just get another match and cremate him…"

"Don't be disrespectful," Bonnie said surprisingly gently. "Not to him." I raised an eyebrow. Since when did Bonnie defend anyone who tried to hurt her best friend?

"Fine. Ill burry him." Though I knew Bonnie hated me, there was something in her eyes that read a different emotion then loathing. She seemed sincere. Almost thankful that I had agreed with her without putting up a fight.

To be completely honest there was something about the Bonnie who could keep up and could hold her own that was alluring. Sexy. Her blood smelt pretty amazing too, but that was just an added bonus.

"Do you guys believe what Isobel said about the word getting out about the doppelganger?"

"Look I don't believe a word that she says but it would be stupid of us to ignore the warning." Elena smiled at Stefan cutely and I had to look away to roll my eyes. She looks at him like he's a saint. God its not like he's the only one attempting to save her life here.

"You know you should just stay here," naked, in my bed. "Its better for us to keep an eye on you." I smirked at the mere thought of Elena having a sleep over without Stefan around.

"What? In the house that any vampire can enter no! Her house is safer."

"Then we'll stay there." Actually yeah, I sort of like that idea better…

"So is that the plan? Neither of you let me out of your sight again?" Stefan and I both looked at each other and shrugged. Not that she knows it, but Stefan and I have that silent pact anyways. Now it would just be less stalker-ish.

"Lemme know when you come up with a better one." I said smugly. She really had to get off our asses about protecting her. Whether anyone liked it or not, whether anyone said it or not, we would all die for her.

Elena sighed finally defeated. "Fine then one of you bodyguards is gonna have to take me to the Lockwood Luncheon." Wow, total déjà vu there.

"That would be me." Stefan smiled. I had to choke back another eye roll.

"Not me. I have witch stuff to attend to with Bonnie." I snuck a glance at Stefan who eyed me suspiciously. I wasn't necessarily excited, but spending alone time with the hot ass Bennett witch was not as much of a chore as it used to be.

"Does that mean you're taking her to the-" I cut her off with a stare. Stefan and I both heard Katherine walk in, and she was the last person anyone wanted involved in this mess.

"Don't get quiet on my account." Katherine said, strutting down the library stairs as if it was a runway. With her around it was getting harder and harder to keep secrets. "If you have a plan to encombat the impending vampire doom, please do tell." No one said a word. "Seriously. What is the plan to get out of this mess hm? I delivered you a werewolf a moonstone and a dagger and so far all you have is the moonstone. Or so you tell me."

"No we have it." I said cheekily, just rubbing it in her face. God I loved having the upper hand against her. It was so...comforting. She had the upper hand on us all these years, it was nice to finally have the rolls switched.

"Where is it?"

"Its in a very safe place."

"I've been honest with you. Time to return the favor."

"I'm gonna be honest with you. Don't mistake the fact that we haven't set you on fire in your sleep – for trust."

"Fine." The bitch turned on her heals and strutted out of the room, seemingly annoyed which made the day suddenly so much better. Elena, Stefan and I all looked at each other. We knew that there was no way we would ever let Katherine in on any of our plans. Ever. That was one thing we all could agree on.

The witch mansion was even creepier then I remembered. The last time I was here was with Bonnie's ancestor, and now I'm here with Bonnie. Ironic. Maybe just to rub it in Emily's face ill deflower her decedent upstairs. I'm trying to save the girl I love now just like I was then. The only difference is Elena isn't a totally sociopathic skank.

There was something about the mansion that was off. The second we all entered the place became bone chillingly cold. Everything was quiet, but I felt like we weren't alone. I flared my nostrils and took a wif of the house. No other humans besides Bonnie and Jeremy…

I looked out the back window at the old graveyard and smirked. We were in the right place. It was all too familiar. The ash covered fields and the keep witch spirits. It was 1864 all over again.

Jeremy was scared. I could feel it. He felt uneasy and nervous. His heart was beating erratically, but Bonnie on the other hand was surprisingly calm. The house that the witches built didn't seem to bother her all that much. She had balls. I took a step into the light when I froze. Literally I couldn't feel anything and I couldn't move.

I looked at the witch and raised my eyebrows. "Whatever witchy prank your playing…its not funny."

"I'm not doing anything."

"I can't move!" Suddenly the house went from bone chillingly cold to hot. Really hot. Like, Put-your-hand-on-a-burner-and-leave-it-there-for-five-minutes hot. I looked down at my hand and at my ring. My skin was burning. As if the ring was completely shot.

I could feel my flesh peeling off and turning into ache. I looked at Bonnie pleadingly. "Do something!" I whispered before I let out a blood-curdling scream. The sun was just warming me up, in a minute; I could be completely on fire if Bonnie didn't do anything.

I thought my body was going to give into the sun, until I finally fell forward and my skin cool and heal. I looked at Bonnie who had a glimmer of pride on her lips.

"I don't think the witches like you being here."

"I'm gonna go…wait outside." I stole a quick glance at Bonnie before exiting. I looked at her with as much compassion as I could muster for the moment, and I hoped she got the message because I wasn't going to say anything out loud.

She was one hell of a pain in the ass, but the little spitfire attitude she had…was hot. And though I knew I would never actually feel anything for her, there was something about her that attracted me. Maybe if I have time to, ill get her into bed. Purely just to…piss off Emily.

Why did they let Elena go? They easily could have taken her to Klaus, grabbed a werewolf and gotten all this over with…but no. They had to throw us another curveball.

I stood by the stairs, listening in on Elena and Stefan's heart to heart about Isobel. I really couldn't comprehend why anyone would be upset about losing her. She was like another Katherine, but as far as Elena was concerned worse. She was her own flesh and blood and she didn't give two shits about whether Elena got hurt or not. She was manipulative and untrustworthy. She ruined Alarics life and Elena's. And the worst part about it? It was my fault. It was all my fault.

I let out an exasperated sigh. I wasn't about to go down the self pity road right now. Me and Stefan had work to do, and if I ever wanted to make up for all the shit I've caused, keeping Elena safe would be the only way.

"He knows that we're not gonna turn you into a vampire, he knows that you have us keeping you safe…"

"He knows I'm not gonna run…"

"Which is why we're gonna take some precautions. Cause we got played." I looked at Stefan and Elena, who were looking at each other. "All of us." Though I knew it was the right thing to do, I hesitantly dropped the papers in front of Elena.

"What's this?"

"The deed to our house." Stefan said. "In Zach's name and as soon as you sign it, it'll be in your name."

"You're giving me your house?" Elena looked at me, and I smirked. This was the smartest thing to do for her and yet she still didn't understand the lengths we would go through to keep her safe.

"Isobel had the right idea with the safe house. You'll just stay here till it's all over. That way you can control who gets invited in and who doesn't." Elena was about to protest when I cut her off.

"Although ill be super pissed if you lock me out." I smiled a little, Elena didn't. Jeez, even after everything no one enjoys any humor around here.

Before anything else could go wrong, a sharp gasp struck the air and we all turned around. There lay John Gilbert, alive once again. Unfortunatly. I smarled and ran to him as fast as I could. I threw his bitch ass against the wall and cut off his air supply.

"I swear!" He managed to breath out. "I had no idea what they were gonna do!" He looked at Elena with pleading eyes. I prayed she wouldn't buy it. "I swear."

"Damon let him go."

I looked back at Elena in shock. Was she really gonna let him get away with this that easily? He had been lying to us the entire year and she still was gonna show him pity? You gotta be kidding me.

When Stefan and I let Elena and her ass of a father talk alone, we got a chance to review the day. Stefan noted that Katherine had no idea that Bonnie had her powers back, and I noted how Isobel didn't know a thing about what Bonnie and Jeremy did today. Which meant that Klaus was in the dark. Everything he thinks he knows will all be thrown off when Bonnie comes into the picture.

We both smirked and touched glasses in victory. One thing had gone right today. One thing we could check off the list. One thing.

Bonnie was our secret weapon. No one knew what she was capable of. Even I shuttered at the thought of all the ways she could kill me now. But she could do a lot of other stuff with that power I would love to help her with…

But the main point was, for now, we had the upper hand. And with Elena in danger, Stefan and I needed to keep it that way. Too bad thats so much easier said then done.

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