Freaky Fred's New Love: Chapter 1

Walking into the barber shop, a girl with a small pink dog waited for the barber to notice them. This girl is you. Remembering Muriel's words, you waited.


"Rin, deary. Please take Courage with you to me nephew's barber shop. You did want to meet him, right?" you nodded, smiling. Courage made a worried noise and shook his head rapidly, looking like he was telling you not to go. You giggled, saying, "Oh, Courage. Don't be a fraidy dog." Muriel laughed at your joke, as you took Courage with you.


"Excuse me?" you asked. Courage shivered as the barber turned to you. He had blond hair, and a huge grin. It was kind of scaring you, but you shook it off. "And how may I help you?" he asked, the grin never leaving his face. You did need a small trim, so he invited you to sit in the one of the chairs.

"And how may I assist you today?" he asked. You smiled. "A small trim, please. Just on the bottoms of my hair. I have split ends and I don't trust myself with scissors." He laughed a little as he looked at Courage. "This dog! He looks very familiar." the man said, still grinning. Courage whimpered, as you heard the sound of a razor blade. "Sir, I said just a trim. Not a full shave." you said, looking up at the man. "I'm very sorry." he said, getting out a pair of scissors.

After cutting the ends of your hair, you used your pocket mirror to look at yourself. "Thank you." you smiled. Courage tried dragging you out of the shop, but you wouldn't move. "Excuse me, but are you Muriel's Nephew?" you asked. "Yes! You must be Rin, the young woman my dear aunt Muriel tells me about in the letters we exchange. My, you certainly are a kind young lady." he complimented.

You blush a little, giving him a small grin. "Thank you, Fred. And I'm glad you cut those split ends for me. If I would've cut it myself, I wouldn't be too happy." you giggled. Courage kept pulling your sleeve. "Alright, Courage. We're going!" you laughed.

It's a fairly cold day, as you walked around the city. You had asked if you could get anything Muriel needed for cooking or any cleaning materials. Muriel wrote you a small list of things, but you asking about any of the family needs was just an excuse to try and see Fred. "This list isn't exactly long." you told yourself, looking for the barber shop. "Hiya, Fred!" you said, smiling as you walked in. Fred had his usual grin, as you watched him shave a man's hair clean off.

Your smile disappeared as the man looked unsatisfied, but didn't say anything, thinking Fred was too creepy to even get complaints. The man pushes you out of the way, walking out the door. "Well, he was rude." you said, glaring at him. "Rin! It was very kind of you to visit once again." You were beginning to wonder how he was able to keep that creepy grin on his face all of the time.

"No Courage?" he asked. "He didn't want to come with me. He always seems suspicious about every little thing." you replied. What a lie. Actually, you pretty much understood what Courage was trying to tell everyone almost half the time. Like the evil things that always seem to like to intrude in Courage's little family. You never really knew why Courage's enemies aimed for either Muriel or Eustace. Mostly Muriel. Why would anyone want to target a kind elderly woman just to kill a dog?

The questions ran through your head as you didn't notice you were being stared at by other costumers. "Rin, is there something wrong?" Fred asked, as you snapped out of your mind. "Nothing is wrong. I just wanted to say hello, that's all." you smiled and waved as you exited the shop.

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