Chapter One – Intro

2015, that's the date, that's where Japan was overruled, every segment of our land was divided into pieces, people were captured and imprisoned or killed, the rest of us lived in small bonkers left from a war many thousand years ago, my name is Asunaro, they took our world, they took my life, I wanted it back!.

Guard "Sir…Sir I have captured the people that escaped last day, what do you want me to do with them, put them into the cell down in the basement or maybe perhaps kill them right in front of you?"

???" Put them into the cell and let them be there for some days until I decide what I want to do with them, except for those 2, let the others rot down there, but put those two somewhere else."

I was one of those two, it was just me and a girl with bright white hair, her eyes glowed like a blue diamond and her clothes were cut in half yet she didn't care.

Although I was scared I wanted revenge for what they did on that day and she could see and feel that.

White Bright Girl" Give me your hand, my life isn't worth it, but you my son is just the right size, the right shape, you are perfect for this."

I didn't know what to do but took her soft hand, she began bleeding from her eyes, her hair began falling apart, I hurried in taking my hand back but couldn't.

White Bright Girl" This is your destiny, shape forth this world, use this power that you so much wanted to gain, this is the ultimate way, become the first Asunaro, became the first ultimate weapon."

She slowly faded in the ground; I could feel power inside, some power that seemed so close, the guards decided to show up.

Guards "come with us, stop doing that, this is it, this is the time for reckoning."

With the power of my soul I slowly made them taste their own blood, they cried, they screamed for help, nobody could hear them anymore though, this was only the beginning and this was my beginning

I slowly turned around to look into a door that the guards had opened and walked through; slowly I looked at my fists and thought to myself.

Asunaro (Heeeh, with this power, I feel it, I can feel the power flowing through my veins, I can feel the strength, with this power haha….I can rule the world!"