AN: I wrote this to add to a drawing I did of Duo (though I've edited this one a tad). Wanna see how it turned out?

_~* Is It Fun Playing On The Battlefield, Shinigami? *~_

Shinigami, the God of Death, bringer of sorrow and suffering

In the guise of a human - a mortal - among us, and around us

The blood on his hands has earned him the morbid title

Innocence lost at such a very young age, he is but a child

One slash of his scythe and another life is brought to a gory end

Slash after slash after slash, death after death after death

It doesn't stop, and neither does he- does Shinigami feel sorrow?

He doesn't waste time thinking, doing what has become automatic

Another slash of his scythe, another life lost- this is the duty of a soldier

Opponents who have laid eyes on him will not come out alive

He values not his own life, willing to destroy himself for the good of his allies

Compared to his fellow soldiers, Shinigami is the light-hearted one

He is able to poke fun at himself and others, like a morbid jester

Then, he cuts another victim's lifethread with his scythe

Is it fun playing on the battlefield, Shinigami?

Or is that twinkling in your eyes not laughter, but sorrow?