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Chapter 1.

Bella's point of view.

I cant believe she was making me go!

I mean, I didn't even know the guy. Who care's if he's dead? My mother and father where making me go to my Great Uncle Franks funeral. I only met the dude once, and that was when I was like 3. I can't even remember the man.

My parents are so annoying.

My mum, Renee Swan, worked at the local high school teaching art and drama.

My dad, Charlie Swan, was chief of Police. We lived in forks.

And I hate it!

It's tiny and it always rains. We moved here four years ago, when I was 13, from England. I mean, yeah, it rains a lot there to but I loved it. I still have my accent. My mum said people at my age loose their accents quickly, but she thinks it's because I love the place so much, I'm holding onto it.

In England, my dad was just a regular Police man, but he got offered a job in forks with twice the pay he was getting before and a house already paid for, so he thought, hey, lets take it. Without even telling me. My mum took me ahead of my dad, they told me we were going on holiday. Two weeks later, she took me to a house in Forks where my dad was, unpacking all of our things. I then figured out what happened. I wouldn't talk to my parents for six months. I finally cracked when they bought me a laptop, a green one at that. I may be an only child, but I am no way a spoilt brat. But a girl cant refuse something she wants that bad, now can she?

I hated people spending things on me, even though my family is quite rich.

So any way, back to the present, I am currently sitting in a church in the middle of Plymouth, waiting for the funeral service to carry up Uncle Frank's coffin. I've got my Nan one side of me (Uncle Frank was her brother) who was bawling her eyes out, and my mother the other side of me, sobbing uncontrollably. Perfect. don't get me wrong, I'm sad that someone has died, but 1. I didn't know the guy, and 2. I'm not one for showing emotions.

Once they had carried up Uncle Franks coffin, every one sat down except Nan, who was up front saying her speech thing.

"…he was the best brother ever!" she cried out.

I rolled my eyes. "yeah, best brother, you didn't speak to him for 10 years!" I muttered.

"She always was so over dramatic, even when we were kids… used to always get her way," someone sighed from next to me. He was slightly opaque (A/N: that is the word for slightly see through right? If its not let me know, and I'll correct it.)

I frowned and picked up the invitation and looked at the picture on the front. The man next to me looked exactly like the man in the picture.

But that's impossible, That's not Uncle Frank, Uncle Frank's dead. Maybe he had a twin I didn't know about? But why is he cold and slightly see through? I looked back up at him and frowned again.

"Are you Uncle Fran's twin brother or something?" I whispered. The man chuckled and shook his head slightly.

"No, I am your Uncle Frank," he told me.

Shocked, I looked around to see if anyone else could see him. By the looks of it, nobody could. I looked back at him and whispered, "that's not possible. You're… You're…" I stuttered.

"Dead?" he offered, grinning like everything was normal about this conversation.

I stood bolt up right. The vicar stopped what he was saying. I wonder when Nan finished her speech? Everyone in the room turned to look at me.

"Isabella! Sit down!" My mum was hissing at me. I shook my head slightly, looked down and saw that Uncle Frank was still there, grinning at me. I screamed and ran down the aisle, past the shocked faces of my relatives and out the doors.

I walked over to a wall that was on the edge of the grave yard.

All I could think was, Oh shit!

An hour or so later, I was still sat on the wall thinking, when the church doors swung open and my mother stormed out, looking furious with my dad following behind her.

She walked over to me and glared.

"Get in the car!" she whispered angrily. I walked over to our rent-a-car and stood beside it, waiting for my father to unlock it. I got in the back and waited for the yelling that was soon to come.

It never did.

What the hell? My mum usually shouts for hours on end and my dad just sits their and nods in agreement and tells me how disappointed he is, (A.N: Seriously, this happens to me, its kinda hard to take it seriously when my dad is sat there doing that, and trying not to laugh himself lol). Today, they just sat in the front of the car, glaring at the windshield, not saying a word.

When we got back to the hotel we were staying at, I thought I'd either got away with it (which isn't likely) or my parents are on drugs. I go for the latter.

As soon as I shut the hotel room door, my parents rounded on me, well my mum did, dad just stood there trying to look all serious.

"What the hell were you thinking?" my mother exploded.

See, I told you it was to good to be true.

"Uh…I…um…," I stuttered, trying to think of an excuse that seemed believable. Yeah that wasn't going so well.

"Well? What gives you the right to just stand up and walk out, halfway through a funeral? Answer me, for gods sake!" she yelled. Jesus, she didn't even give me the chance to breath, let alone answer her.

"I saw Uncle Frank," I muttered. Not being able to think of a good enough excuse.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"Everyone saw his coffin! that's your big excuse?" she started yelling again.

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Yes, but I saw him! I mean his ghost was right next to me!" I told her.

She looked at me like I had three heads.

"You saw his ghost?" she asked slowly, like she was speaking to a 4 year old.

Then she suddenly screeched, "Get to your room, Isabella Swan!"

I walked to my hotel room and pressed my ear against the door. (A/N: Seriously, I do this when my mum sends me out of the room, usually I'm laid on the floor, listening through the floor though. It's hilarious when my mums mad!)

"Charlie! She's crazy! She said she saw his ghost! that's not possible!" said my mothers muffled voice.

I heard a deep sigh. "Maybe we should send her away to get some help, Renee!" said my fathers voice. My eyes widened. They wouldn't send me to a nut house would they?

Yes.. Yes they would! It has been three days since then and I was now on a plane to New York's finest mental institution, as my father put it. They were actually sending me to a loony bin! And they aren't even sending me of! My mother told me to pack my bags and rang the mental institute. They sent me to Plymouth airport saying they never wanted to see me again because I was a crazy bitch. Nice.

I got into a taxi and asked the driver to take me to NYC MI (A/N: I have no idea if that's really a place in New York. I'm sorry if it's a college or a Prostitutes house or something, I've never been to New York and I live in England. If it is a Prostitutes house you can either tell me or ignore it. Your choice) He looked at me, a little wary. I rolled my eyes.

When the driver stopped I got out and paid him.

When I turned around I froze. There in front of me, was a massive, white building.

Not what I expected. I thought it would be a big gray building, with barbed wire fences and security guards with their dogs and bars on the windows.

It was nothing like that.

It was beautiful, a nice, big garden out front. With Rose beds and everything.

I walked up and knocked on the door. Well, I guess this will be my own personal hell.

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