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Chapter Twenty: The End.

I see you in the evening Sitting on your throne And praying with the fireball, And posted it up against the wall I just wanna hold you Take you by your hand And tell you that your good enough Tell ya that it's gonna be tough

This could be the end.

Kings of Leon - The End.

It had been four months. Four long, exciting, interesting and strange months. It had also been a painful four months. Maybe not for me because of my strange self control, but for the others it had been heartbrakingly painful. The constant reminder of the bloodlust. Carlisle thought it was really odd that I wasn't like a normal new born. I didn't have the emotions of one or the blood lust of one.

It was hard for me though. Too see all my friends in agony. To see my Jasper in pain with nothing for me to do about it.
I didn't think he would care about me, with the constant need for blood on his mind twenty-four hours a day. But he did. He could just sit there for hours with me, watch the sun set in the Italian hills.

After that night when we had killed the Volturi... Carlisle rang practically every vampire he knew, in order to find a new 'Volturi' but nobody wanted the responsibility of ruling the vampire world. So Alice, being Alice thought she'd take matter's into her own hands. She had a vision of Carlisle becoming the new leader.

He didn't believe her at first and refused the fact that he could actually be the right person to lead. Until I had a hear to heart with him. I had told him that if he was leader, he might be able to convince more vampire's to become 'vegetarians'. With that, he was convinced, with a little help from Esme.

Around a week later, we were all packed up and ready to go. Carlisle had ordered the other doctors to stay behind and run the institute, as he couldn't just ship the other's off somewhere else. He was too compassionate.
We had to fly to Florence in a private jet, as the other's would probably drain every single person on the plain, and then turn on each other if we flew with humans.

It was odd being a Vampire. I didn't think It'd be much different, how very wrong I had been. My movements were much sharper now, I was alot stronger, and I was now completely and utterly beautiful. Though Jasper told me as soon as I meantioned this that nothing had changed because I was just as beautiful as before.

He was such a sweetie. Even now, going through the blood-craze. I was just worried that if I said one wrong word to him, he might snap. And I don't think I could handle it if he did. I hated seeing him like this. It terrified me. Not to mention all of our 'powers' were now more enhanced, due to the fact that we were now vampires. And we also had to hunt animal blood at least once a day, just to sustain our needs and to stop us going on a human hunt. Even me, with my weird self-control would snap if I didn't feed once a day.

I did kind of miss my old life. I missed my mum. My dad and my friends. Though most of them, I couldn't remember their names, as our human memories started to fade after a while. Carlisle didn't know why, he just said it was a consiquence you had to pay being a vampire.

The whole 'ruling the vampire world' was kind of weird. We lived in little cottages just outside of Volterra in the woods, but did all of our 'buisness' in the castle the previous Volturi used as their base.
Carlisle had also insisted that We lead too. Which I was a little more than shocked at. We even had our own special made cloaks. In the meeting room, we had thrones. It went Carlisle, Alice, Edward, me, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett then Esme. Nessie and Maggie had refused to be leaders, claiming they'd much rather be guard instead. So they were in training by the old guard, who wasn't too happy to discover we had killed their leaders, but after seeing Emmett's pissed off side, the gave in and joined us.

We had a few army's try and take us on, but were quickly destroyed. Like a vampire called James, was pissed because he was intending on taking on the previous Volturi in order to become leader. So he created a vampire army of new borns to 'claim his rightful territory' or something like that. It was quite amusing to see his petrified face as Alice destroyed the last of his army with ease.

It was now nearly christmas, and It had began to snow. I was sat on the roof of mine, Alice's and Rosalie's cottage, watching the light flakes fall down to the ground. I knew the snow wouldn't last long, because of the hot climate, but It was good to see it while it lasted.
Our blood lust was nearly under control, it wasn't perfect, but we could now resist the urge to rip a human's throat out if we got anywhere near one.

Jasper had made a friend named Peter, a local vampire who lived in the little village we were near. His mate, Charlotte, had become close to all us girls quite easily. She was a feisty one, who could protect herself easily, but that didn't stop Peter being over protective, despite the fact that Charlotte was a three hundred year old vampire who fed on humans.

Deep in thought, I didn't sence Jasper climb up onto the roof until he was sat next to me.
"What's got your emotion's so frazzled, darlin'?" he asked me curiously, cuddling into me slightly, looking out at the sleet.
"Just thinking about every thing that's happened over the past few months. It's been such a journey," I said, smiling lightly as I rested my head on his shoulder.
"It certainly has. But no matter what happens, we'll always be together," he whispered in my ear.
"Forever?" I mumbled, closing my eyes and breathing in the fresh air.
"Forever," he promised.

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