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"Enter into his mind, Ino" Tsunade ordered as she looked upon the unconcious Hyuuga. It was a hard decision but Tsunade had faced harder decisions and right now she wasn't about to let her top anbu captain waste away. It was this option or nothing and Tsunade was a fighter. Give her a weapon and she would take those down with her. She couldn't sit and do nothing any longer.

"Do they know what you're telling me to do? You can't convince me the Hyuuga are okay with your decision. I could seriously damage his memory. He could come out as a vegetable just as easily as he could his usual hard ass self." Ino snapped, hands on her hips. Hazel eyes snapped up, brows furrowed as she glared at the tall lanky blonde.

"Should I put you down for insubordination now or later?" She asked, eyes piercing.

"Hokage sama, we've been through this." Ino replied as she pushed her hair behind her.

"I don't care about the consequences, Ino. He'll die if you don't. I gave you an order. Do it, Yamanaka" Tsunade ordered.

"Even if I can get into his mind,which I'm fairly sure I cant, it doesn't mean he's going to wake up from his coma. I can't make him live, Tsunade. Hell I've never been in a coma patient before." Ino replied.

"I am not going to loose an anbu captain because I didn't try." Tsunade replied firmly.

"But you'll risk a jounin to do it. This is dangerous, Hokage sama. Just because I'm making progress on my clans abilities doesn't mean this will work. What if I get caught up in his coma too?" Ino snapped, blonde eyebrows rising in concern.

"We both know you're too stubborn to let that happen" Tsunade replied firmly.

Ino glowered. "As long as you didn't bet on it, right Tsunade hag?" Ino muttered.

"I know the risks. We need him. Gai needs him since the loss of Ten Ten and Lee- I figured you would understand that with Shikamaru's death-"

"Enough. I'll do it." Ino replied, cerulean blue dimmed by her grief. First Asuma, then Chouji and now Shikamaru. It had been a rough past few years. Yes she could understand how Gai felt.

"I'll leave you alone to it then." Tsunade said, pulling out a gourd and taking a swig. "For what it's worth, Goodluck"

"Thanks." Ino replied, pulling up a chair, and taking Hyuuga Neji's hand. It was so cold, his palor and demeanor was pale, clammy as she intertwined her hand in his.

"Neji, if you can hear me... I'm coming in" Ino whispered, closing her eyes and concentrating on her jutsu.


Ino was hurtled to the floor. A plain white floor. A plain white floor with nothing else but blurry fog. What did that say about his brain? Ugh, she winced.

"Ouch. Ugh...fucking shit...that hurt" She complained as she got to her feet. And promptly glanced down at what she was wearing, or rather lacking. Lacking was definitely the appropriate word as she realized her attire.

Bright red lingerie, revealed the smooth planes of her toned stomach, with matching garter belt and attatchments. She wore stilleto high heels, the lingerie and nothing else. Normally when Ino entered someones mind, she was in charge, but she could feel her chakra control fluctuating. What the hell was going on? Why was she dressed like this? Ino tried to break the jutsu and felt the terrifying edge of fear ripple through her. It wasn't breaking. She closed her eyes, and tried again pushing her chakra to feel the resistance. It snapped, crackled and burned her and she returned to the white room. Damn it that stung! Ino closed her eyes and concentrated. Again. And again. The pain grew worse. Ino felt sick as her mind spun, her lungs burning with the exertion. She couldn't get out. Fuck! She heard something behind her and turned, grabbing her kunai kunoichi instincts kicking it.

"Oh. You" Neji said taking a look at her appearance.

He looked at her with cheap interest, and a funny almost lecherous smile but the edges were drooping. Ino had never seen Neji this before. If it wasn't for his features she wouldn't even recognize him. She felt the heat rising to her cheeks, something that hadn't happened since middle school and a name that started with an S and rhymed with an Asuke and was never to be mentioned in her presence again .Ino crossed her arms over her chest, stomping her stilleto-ed foot as she glared. He caught himself, appeared to have realized himself and he looked into his hands. He had caught her kunai and he tossed it back to her as he turned from her. Ino caught it and eyed him.

".. This?" She asked. Her hair was curled and hanging down and in her face. When she looked down she was now wearing midnight blue lingerie with a sheer teddy over it. Ino gasped.

"Its my world, Yamanaka. You're just in it for the moment." Neji replied. The white room darkened to a brown shade. Lights hung from the ceiling in the brick room. Chairs, tables lined the floor. This was the bar at Konoha. Neji never went to the bar.

"How is this possible? You have no mind jutsu skill whatsoever. And why the hell am I in lingerie?" Ino scowled.

"Because you look better this way. Now if only I could control that mouth." Neji sighed.

Ino balked. "W-what?! Who the hell are you and what have you done with Hyuuga Neji?" Ino snarled, grabbing his shirt. Her fingers slid through the material as Neji's eyes narrowed.

A drink materialized in front of Neji and he took a swallow as he looked her up and down. She now wore hot pink lingerie, a corset with her hair up to be exact."You're in my mind, Ino. And I'm Neji. Just not the Neji you see on the outside." He said as he swallowed the liqour whole. Another full drink materialized and he took that too.

"What's that supposed to be mean?" Ino replied, walking to the stool and having a seat next to him. This didn't make any sense but Ino couldn't get out of his mind for whatever reason and this was...Neji...atleast from the looks of it.

"It's simple. I'm the sexually repressed completely bitter Neji." He replied.

"T-he what?" Ino spluttered.

"The Neji you see is not the Neji you think you know." Neji replied.

"Don't treat me like I'm five. I'm a mind walker." Ino growled. "I know the repressed mind. Where the hell is the rest of you?" Ino snapped, jabbing a finger into his chest.

"Funny. You don't know repression when you see it." Neji replied as he downed another glass. Ino felt the wind and looked down to see herself in black skimpy lingerie. Red with embarrasment she concentrated and felt the black trench coat settle on her.

"Spoil all my fun why don't you?" Neji muttered as he took another drink.

Ino's eyes narrowed. "What is this? I have some control, apparently. But I can't get out? If you know everything then you better start giving me some fucking answers, Hyuuga. Why am I stuck here? Where's the real Neji? What's going on?" Ino snapped.

"Neji is me. I am Neji. You're here because he's not letting you leave yet, because in some sick twisted sense of the word he actually thinks you can somehow help him through this and you're going to have to meet up with several other Neji's to get to him or what you think of as the "real" him. So you should probably prepare yourself...or something. Not like I give a shit" Neji told her, taking another drink.

"W-what?" Ino scowled. "What do you mean by several Neji's?" Ino felt something pulling her. "Ow- this hurts-Nejiii!" Ino cried as the room disappeared from view.