Alright, this has nothing to do with my other digimon stories what so ever. There is no connection to "Destiny" or "Fate." This was just a little idea that popped into my head one day and wouldn't leave. Because it is not one of my main stories, it will be updated fairly slowly. Still, I had to put it out there. It is set after season three ends. Enjoy.

Pain coursed through his body in various degrees of agony. Various cuts and bruises riddled his entire body randomly, with the slash across his back being the worse of those so far. His chest ached deeply and he winced strongly every time he took a deep breath. His arms were useless. Well, one was completely useless, unmoving to his efforts. That one was where he was dangled from like a ragdoll, held in a crushing grip. The other arm, his left, was a little better. He could move his shoulder, but it was a rather bad idea. It looked like he had gained a second elbow as his arm bent unnatural angles. Something was broken and he had to fight the urge to blackout every time it moved. He was a real mess.

One of the causes of his current condition was holding him aloft. There were three of them. Three megas. A data, a virus, and a vaccine. All three had reduced him to this state. He had started out fighting them as Beelzemon, but he had been outnumbered and was beaten down. Now, he was a helpless rookie. If they were trying to kill him, he'd already be dead. No, they still wanted answers. Their continuous attacks were designed not to destroy him quickly, but to cause him to suffer so he would break down and tell them what they wanted.

He might have expected some mercy from her. After all, she wasn't the type who took pleasure in torture for its own sake. She was more likely to give a quick merciful death if one was needed. Or she might even give a second chance, if she felt there was a slight chance... But circumstances had made her hard. Any real kindness or concern for the lives of others was canceled out by the current desire for revenge.

The virus type was especially cruel though. His yellowish eyes burned with such anger and hatred, Impmon could almost feel it like a physical force. The rookie vaguely wondered if the mega even cared about anything anymore except to see the purple creature in pain. He was the one holding him by his arm. He was the one who had snapped his arm like a twig.

The data glared into his emerald eyes. This one was addressing him most of the time. The voice, whenever it asked the same question of him, was always neutral. It was a distant sound, devoid of any pity or anger. It was simply matter of fact, as if its owner couldn't care less about the fate of Impmon.

"Traitor, I'll ask once more. Where is she?"

Where is she? The same question that they want the answer to since they found him. They want to find her. Jeri. They want to know where Jeri is. Such a simple question and he knew the answer. But they would never get it. He couldn't tell them. It would be too awful if they did. If they... No, he couldn't think about it.

Taking a painful breath and wincing as he did, he gasped out his response, "It's… my… it's my… my fault. She… she…"

His words were met with another strike from the virus mega, knocking the air out of his sore chest and causing his broken arm to jerk in an agonizingly movement. He let out a breathless groan. The virus leaned close then.

"I swear," he hissed, "I'll see you punished for what you have done. And we will find her. We won't stop until we do."

He wanted to answer, he wanted to say something to those hate-filled eyes, but he couldn't. The rookie was too tired and too hurt to think of a comeback. He just closed his emerald eyes, wondering how things had gone so wrong.

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