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I'm going to try writing this in third person point of view and getting all the character's thoughts/feelings at the same time. I can't find many of those here in the Twilight section for some reason^.^ EPOV is also nice if only I can get my mind to get use around how he thinks because a surprised, blown out of his mind Edward is always fun to read. Some BPOV too maybe… we'll see, wait no. The next chapter which is the first chapter has to be Bella's point of view to set things in motion, so never mind.


It is night and the full moon, which is partly hidden by the dark ominous clouds, is shining down on the world covered in darkness. Noises are everywhere in the busy nightlife of Paris, France but on one dark alley a man lies precariously in the balance of life and death. The man is kneeling on the ground, his energy spent, in front of his maker. His body trembles as he looks up at the cold eyes of the slender reaper who hold his life by a lithe finger on a trigger of a gun which is pointing at his temple.

The assassin's long luscious brown slightly curled hair which is under a black knit hat, billows in the wind. The most noticeable feature of the reaper is the eyes because from below the eyes are covered with the high collar expensive trench coat. The eyes of the reaper, once bright chocolate brown, are now pitch black with splashes of red that is threatening to overcome the darkness. The killer is at war inside.

Assassins are deadly but this one is more so than the rest. The task at hand is supposed to be the utmost importance but inside the mind of the killer, a single picture rises above all. A bronze haired man with kind, caring and loving golden eyes begging…begging for something.

The assassin's lids slowly descent, hiding the ruthless, unmerciful eyes briefly before opening them again. A decision is made.

The deadly being turned, walked away and blended in the shadows, not even the expensive high heeled boots are making any noise on the cold pavement. The man who is still drenched with his own bodily fluids and cowering in fear, slumps forward in relief. He didn't know why his life had been spared but he thanks the heavens and looking up into the sky, he loudly made a proclamation.

"I promise to God I will change my ways. I will be a better person!" The man cries in happiness.

Unbeknownst to the man on the ground, the assassin who is also looking up at the sky is standing on top of the building next to him and heard his pledge.

One thought is only occupying the slayer's mind.

'The bloodlust…the need to kill is strong for me to overcome but I wonder if it is possible for me to make that same oath too...' and the image of the bronze haired Adonis with the golden eye appears again '…for him, I will try. I cannot make any promises but for him I will try to better myself.'

And with that, the manslayer has one destination in mind. The Shadow Assassin, the finest and unsurpassed assassin in the world, heads back to the place where happy memories and a painful heartbreak lie. Home. Back to Forks, Washington USA.


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