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Chapter 8: Charlie's Mind And Actions Are Confusing But He Is Not Stupid


It's been such a slow day today, and then again this is Forks. Nothing exciting really ever happens here except "wild animal attacks" that never get solved. Right…animal attacks…I'm not stupid. I just don't voice all the truths from my thoughts all the time. I'm not a liar, the Chief of Police sort of is. It's just for the best that the general population doesn't know what actually happen behind unexplainable disappearances and murders.

My children know I'm not stupid. We just don't discuss everything we know to each other.

The Cullen family thinks they have the whole town fooled except Bella and the Quileute tribe. And I like them to think that I'm not an exception too but since the episode with Edward this morning that might not be the case anymore. Then again I told him I'm on the need to know basis so they won't confront me about their secret.

Not that it's actually a secret…they can thank my best friend Billy for that. He believes or thinks he knows I'm stupid. That's why he keeps trying to tell me their legends every chance he gets, every time something out of the ordinary turns up around here. He wants to warn me and thinks I'll start getting the gist of it if he continues telling me their legends. I got it the first time! The Chief just like to pretend that nothing unusual happens in our boring little town. Is that so wrong?

My children, especially Bella actually appreciates it. That's why she gives me expensive shotguns or fishing equipments on my birthdays. She also offers her holier than thou services whenever there's a problem the station comes across with and can't handle. Problems meaning that they are normal, natural and explainable. I pretend to not know that my house is filled with secret passages and compartments filled with weapons and hi-tech equipments that can rival the military. And I don't ask how she's able to do the things she does because as I said before I like to pretend that the Chief knows nothing about the unnaturalness in the world. But she knows I'm not stupid and that's all that matters.

Zach is more open to me than his twin and he purposely avoids anything unordinary which I'm glad. But that doesn't mean I don't know anything that he doesn't talk to me about in his life. I pretend not knowing the reason why Bella is hell bent on killing him...sometimes. I pretend not knowing the reason as to why she doesn't kill him. I pretended not knowing about the comas she gave to him before. I pretend that he and Bella get along fine. Bella will not kill him and that's a fact and that's all I needed to know.

I know Edward is going to be my son in law in the near future despite the fact he's on my list of least favorite people. I know that information due to the fact I have "cupid" for a granddaughter. Vivian doesn't really have any filter when talking about anything out of the ordinary but she doesn't even see me that often and when she does its less than half a day so it really doesn't matter. She makes sure her grandfather is not stupid about the things happening in the world even though I said that the Chief don't want to know everything.

The only real part of me is in the deepest recesses of my mind, so deep where no mind reader can reach. That part of me only comes out when I am safe from prying eyes and ears or when I need help from my children and sometimes their friends. Other than those times, then I'm just plain old regular Chief of Police of Forks Charlie Swan. And the Fork's Chief of Police does not see, hear and talk to paranormal beings, Charles Swan does. The Chief talks to mythical beings that only pretend to be humans and interacts with people in public. Paranormal and mythical, there's a fine line of difference in my book.

Speaking from Charlie not Charles, I pretend a lot of things.

I pretend to not know what Bella's life entails.

When Bella was thirteen and introduced me to her "friend" Vivian, I pretended I didn't see the matching wedding rings hanging on their necklaces.

I pretended I didn't saw the similarities of Bella's and Vivian's physical features on baby Viviella when they brought her over.

I pretended not knowing that Viviella was originally carried inside Bella.

I pretended not knowing that my granddaughter was transferred from Bella to Vivian when she wasn't even considered a fetus.

I pretended I didn't know that my granddaughter was genetically altered to add Vivian's genes.

I pretend I don't know what Billy is talking about. I pretend I don't know what's happening with the boys at the res.

I pretend to believe all the Cullen's cover story. I pretend they are just regular and ordinary humans.

I pretend to be an American with an American "accent". I, the Chief don't have a mix Irish and British accent. The Chief didn't come from the Swan Clan of Ireland and lived half of his young life in England.

I pretend that Charles Swan does not exist when I am in public.

I pretend I do not know anything beyond death than what is considered normal.

I pretend I'm just a regular ordinary person…most of the time.

See? I pretend a lot of things but it doesn't mean I know nothing. I am not stupid!

End Chapter 8…TBC…

I hope this filler gives some insight…to what…I can't tell you. My mind is threatening me again, so I will obey.