Chapter 6

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"I'm Alec, this is my sister Bella and my brother Emmett. You have a beautiful house!" He looked round, but he wasn't admiring his surroundings. He was checking for danger.


I guess he found none, because minutes later we were lead inside to this grand mahogany dining table that they obviously used for meetings. The inside of the house was as perfect as the outside. Windows covered one side of the house, it was a very open and light plan. Looking at it you wouldn't know that it was a crypt for vampires. Alec and Carlisle seem to be talking animatedly and everybody else was talking amongst themselves. I seemed to be the odd one out, like I always felt when we met up with others covens for the first time.


I watched her as she walked into our house and surveyed the interior. Alec and Carlisle were now avidly in conversation, and everybody else struck up meaningless conversation with each other. Bella seemed left out and lonely, I thought that I could resume our argument from earlier about how amazing Volvo's are.

It looked like I had dragged her out of a reverie when I greeted her with a simply and stupid "Hey," great, that was the most amazing remark I have ever made, NOT. She laughed and mirrored my thoughts.

"Wow, great wit you have there, almost as good as your Volvo defence." That was below the belt. If she really wanted to dis the Volvo she better have a good defence on her car.

"Oh, Ha Ha Ha. What car do you have then?" I bet it's something crappy, like an Old Chevy truck.

"A midnight blue Audi TT actually." Damn her. That's like anybodies dream car. Probably stock though.

"Yeah Jane did heaps of work on the engine, and Emmet fixed up the paint job, and Alec refurbished the interior. It's like a one of a kind car now. And it Drives like a dream." She just destroyed all chances I had of renewing my faith in my intelligence.

"You were trying to make fun of my car, and then it turned out that you would do anything for the car I have, Right?" This girl saw right through me.

"Pretty much. You don't miss a beat do you?" At this she laughed, it was musical and angelic. I caught myself staring, unfortunately it seemed her brothers did too.

Alec AND Alice gave me a meaningful look, meaning the complete opposite of the other. Then thankfully Carlisle started talking.

"So, tell us your story. I've been dying to know." I still don't get why, but automatically everybody turned to look at Alec. Was that guy a magnet or something, it was just weird.

"Well I'm hoping you've been filled in on what we told you at lunchtime. Good, well there's not much more to it really. What exactly are you looking to know?"