The world is insane

Part 1: Anime is now real

Chapter 1: Rabid Fangirls can't die

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It all started when Roxi found a crystal, a random crystal that was thought to be plastic because it was from a garage sale. Actually we all found one. Each was glowing we thought it was just batteries we were wrong. Roxi found one first because it was glowing red and was for sale for a penny. Then Pau found one thanks to her brother's obsession with hot dogs and she was forced to go grocery shopping it was on a shelf and glowing a gothic looking pink color. Then Roya found one well actually Pau found it for her it was glowing lime green and it came with an escape the fate wall poster ( it was stolen from a bill board so it was huge). Then I found one it was glowing Blue and I got it from a claw machine after spending 60 bucks worth of tokens.

2 weeks later

I was walking down the street when it first happened I saw it actually i first heard it.

Who wouldn't have heard it was a million, no, a billion squealing girly voices all saying the same thing, "OMG IT SESHY!!!" and there you have it, a terrified Sesshomaru running down the street and who wouldn't be terrified, the thing chasing him was rabid Fangirls!

"Oh no not another one" He said when he saw me. Hey I was insulted by that!

"I'M NO FAN GIRL MORON!!!" She the thought of a way to prove it "Why don't you use one of your powers or swords?"

His reply was, " I tried it doesn't work it's like you kill one and 50 more take their place!"

"Then follow me I know someone who'll help!" I stood there thinking a little "You ain't the only ones who hate fan girls" she ran off and he gladly followed.

It was near the Tim Horton's where Pau was, he stopped

"But there's human's in there" He said.

I turned around to respond to it "yea it's the last place a Fan girl would look and Pau's in there."

She was in there but she didn't look like herself unless you knew her favorite OC combo, long black hair with pink streaks and her eyes were green and she was pail and I know our school is a uniform school but damn she looked like she popped out of an anime any ways, she always did but this time it was more anime than ever.

"Dude Pau you're an OC now" I screamed she looks up from the blank paper with writing on it typical she's writing ideas for her next fan fiction.

She glares. "Rizz look who's talking you do too" She took out her cell and snapped a picture to show me, I had mid back length silver hair and red eyes. I was dead pale and I had real fox ears, I also suddenly had the generic Anime school girl uniform on, weird.

"OMG is that Fluffy!?" Pau pipes up, I look at her.

"Yea it is and guess what; we aren't the only ones who know. We're gonna help 'em hide from rabid Fangirls apparently having all the power in the world can't kill them all" Pau was waving him over to the table to smack him in the face

"Where's Rin?" She asks," Don't tell me you left her in the middle of a mob of fan girls." she hisses. Thankfully Rin was already in the Tim Horton's.

"Sesshomaru you made it" She said running out from the bathroom

"Pau was all most ready to kill him if she didn't see you" I said to her then turning back to Pau " yo if I'm an Oc now then My name's Aqune from now on ok"

Pau pipes up " Then I'm Thea got it." Her Phone rang it was Roya " Hello Roya....Wait, what EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Nora exists " She paused to let Roya talk "Wait you're hide him in your house? Why? FUCK Stupid fan girls I'm gonna kill them all Nora's mine!!" Sesshy glared at Pau, who was now Thea, he covered Rin's ears when she swore I turned to him.

"In this world you're gonna have to do that a lot." Then the fangirls zoomed by in pieces and a giant wave of blood red sand. If it was before all these anime related things appeared I would have screamed Lordi now.

I run outside and scream "You better get in here Garra cause Fan girls don't die they just create more Fangirls!!"When the sand settles and went back to being a giant gourd the remains of the various fan girls turned in to silver goo and rose up turning in to another fan girl each piece did that and they just kept on moving forward squealing as the usually did so he took the advice and ran into the Timmies.

"Well what do we do now the Fan girls are worse than zombies they can't be killed at all and we can't stay in here forever" I piped up.