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Chapter 20


"Edward?" I think my heart stopped beating when I looked into the broken eyes staring back at me. With my hands still around his waist we stood there, no words spoken for what seemed like an eternity, but really was probably only a few minutes. The longer we stood in silence, staring at one another, the more I knew something was terribly wrong. Our weekend…our perfect weekend was over and we were back in reality. Sadly, it was all gone and I wondered if anything was taken with it. With a shaky voice I finally spoke. "Wh-what do you mean, 'we need to talk'?"

Nothing ever good came from those four words.

Edward, who had been standing stark still with his arms hanging loosely at his sides this whole time, finally moved. His hands moved up to grab my wrists and loosened the grip I had on him.

That was not what I was expecting. At all.

"Edward! Talk to me." Tears stung my eyes, as he stood completely mute. I kept telling myself not to cry, that everything was fine, but I knew deep down nothing was fine. I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck had happened in the short amount of time we were apart. He held out a pink card to me, which I took quickly, letting my fingers brush along his, just to feel his touch. The edges of the card were curled and worn as if he'd rolled it in his hands over and over again.

I realized we were still in the hallway of my apartment building with the door open, but I didn't care. I was much more interested in figuring out what the fuck was wrong with my boyfriend and more than welcomed the free show if any of my neighbors felt like being nosey.

I opened the card and slowly read through a letter…from Alice. The more I read, the more livid I became. Did she really feel justified in her actions? From what I was reading, and how I perceived her writing, she sounded as if she had reason behind her actions and that she wanted Edward to understand why she acted the way she did. She's more delusional than I originally thought. Okay, so she did say she was sorry, that she was wrong, yada fucking yada yada, but that meant diddly squat in my book.

I wanted to cry because I was so freaking upset, but I wouldn't. She didn't deserve my tears and it wasn't going to happen. Instead, I got mad. I got so mad that I kicked the door; jumping up and down from the pain I'd caused then started pacing. "Are you fucking kidding me?" I started muttering under my breath. "I screwed him over? This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Dammit Alice, how dare you!" I had no idea if anyone could hear my little tirade, but at the moment, I didn't care.

My little tissy fit seemed to break Edward from whatever stupor he'd been in for the past twenty minutes and he grabbed my arm, pulling me away from the door as my foot came up to kick it again. I'm kinda glad he stopped me; I knew it was going to hurt like a bitch, but I was just so…I was just so damn mad!

"Stop. Don't let her get to you like this!" Edward yelled. He yelled at me! I looked up to find angry eyes staring back at me. I wanted to yell right back and give him a piece of my mind, maybe take away sex for a week or two, but the look in his eyes told me not to mess with him. He was down right pissed off. "I've just spent the past two hours listening to her go on and on, letting her irritate the fuck out of me like the fucking nosey ass fairy that she is, and I won't let her do that to you, too."

Edward tried to pull me into his chest for a hug as he dropped his bag to the floor, but I wasn't having it. I didn't want to just 'hug it out' and move on.

"You stop, E. Don't tell me what I can and can't feel; it isn't gonna happen. I don't work that way. And anyway, if you didn't want me getting upset, why would you show me the card in the first place? I think if you really wanted to not have her irritate the fuck out of me too, you would've burned this little ditty and not said a word. Although, if you came here and told me that 'nothing was wrong', I think I would've beat the ever loving shit out of you and denied you the Bella Special for at least a week." Edward wrapped his arm around my waist reluctantly pulling me into his chest. This time I let him. I didn't really want to hold on to him, or be mad for that matter, but it was kind of in the cards right now.

"Because. I wanted you to realize that I'm not in the best mindset right now, and this is why. This is why I now need a new driver's side window in the Aston," I looked up to see a very angry Edward looking back down at me. My mouth opened and shut quickly. "And some new glasses, dishes and coffee mugs too, but that's beside the point and a minute detail to all the other fuckery that's taken place in the few short hours since we've been home."

"Whoa, wait. How, might I ask, did the window in the Aston, the car you love more than life itself, get broken?"

"First of all, I love you more than that car, but yes she's next of kin, and uh…secondly, I uh…well…" He held up his hand that I now saw was caked with blood and cuts and was about to run it through his hair, a nervous habit of his, before I realized what was wrong with this picture. I took his hand in mine, swearing under my breath about what a complete idiot he was. "I was mad, ok?" And if I did something like this, it'd fly about as well as a whore in church on Sunday morning, winking to some of her regulars.

Whatever. He was mad. Good excuse. Not!

"Yeah, okay." I'm sure he expected me to get more upset over the fact that he would now have to replace a window in his $250,000 car. It was gonna be hella expensive, but it was his car and his money. And from what I'd learned of him, he had lots of his money so I'm sure he could spend a small chunk of it replacing the thing that was second, next to me, in line for his love and affection. And, he said he loved me more than the car, so that kinda made me feel all sorts of mushy and I couldn't be too mad about it.

"Hey, I hate to break up the fight out here and all, because it's really entertaining, but…uh…we've had a few calls already from the neighbors and we really don't need the cops called." Emmett stood in the doorway with his head poked up staring at us. Of course he wouldn't come completely out in the hallway seeing that he was only wearing a pair of Pac Man boxers. He said he didn't want to scare the old lady down the hallway and Monkey Man would definitely scare her.

I have to agree, seeing that she probably didn't see that type of…meat on a regular basis.

"And, we're really hungry and we need to know what you guys want."

Was he serious? Always thinking with his gut.

"Emmett?" I took a step back from Edward and grabbed his over night bag from the floor as I looked back at Emmett.

"Yeah Bizzy?"

"We're having a 'really entertaining fight' out here, as you like to call it, and you're worried about food?" I couldn't help but roll my eyes as Edward coughed out his frustration beside me.

"Yeah?" Confusion covered his face. "So…what do you guys want?"

"Unbelievable! I swear on all that's shiny, that your stomach is your number one priority in this life."

"And you're point is?" He really was stupider than he looked. God bless his parents for trying with him.

Sighing, I thought for a moment before speaking. "I want beef and broccoli, fried rice, and cream cheese wontons, Edward?" If you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em, right?

Edward looked at me like I'd gone over to the dark side. I guess I was a little hungry now that we were talking about food. Besides, there was none in the fridge so I knew the only way I was actually going to be able to eat or feed Edward was ordering out.

"Uh yeah, I'll take the orange chicken and some egg rolls. Oh and some sweet and sour soup too, since you're paying." Emmett looked up at him in surprise. "You are paying, right? I know you're excited to see Bella, and I'm sure you'd like to show you're appreciation by buying her a nice meal." He smiled, a nice wide, pearly white smile at Emmett.

Did Edward know that they hadn't gotten groceries, done laundry, cooked or cleaned in the past week? He was the best boyfriend ever, especially because we were ordering a shit ton of food and it was gonna be expensive. And we weren't paying. Boo-ya!

Emmett scratched his nads before scratching his nose. Gross. "Whatever, I'm glad that she's home…and it's kinda nice to see you too, Eddie."

"Thanks Emma, it's nice to see you, too." Good one. Why didn't I ever think to call him that?

Emmett went back in and ordered the food. Edward and I followed and I went to put his bag in my room quickly while he was bombarded with questions from Emmett, Rose and Jasper about our time in New York. I kinda felt bad for him, being fed to the wolves like he was, but now he knew what I came home to.

Grabbing his hand, I led Edward to the sink in the kitchen and started washing off the blood, pulling a few shards of glass out of his skin as he winced in pain. I looked up at him and rolled my eyes, back in full mom mode, only it was for the wrong kid this time.

"This is what happens when you use your fist instead of your mouth to resolve problems." Did I really just say that out loud? Charlie used to spout that kind of shit to Emmett and Jasper all the time, usually when they'd beat up one of my boyfriends for being to handsy. And then he'd pat them on the back and offer them a beer for watching over his 'little girl'. I loved my papa.

"So E, what exactly did you do to your hand?" Jasper pulled his Spongebob-boxered ass up onto the counter next to the sink and sat swinging his legs watching as I used a pair of tweezers to get the little pieces.

"I thought you guys were listening, so you should know," I murmured, as I yanked the tweezers back, Edward wincing in pain. Apparently I grabbed skin and not glass. My bad.

"Yeah, we were, but then Rose and Emmett started making out and it was really hard to hear over the awful lip smacking, and then Emmett ripped ass, clearing the whole fucking kitchen, right where you're standing by the way, so I had to abort the mission and head into the living room for a few minutes while it cleared out, and by that time, it seemed like all the juicy stuff was already spilled, so yeah that's my story…share the details." Jasper ran a hand through his shaggy hair as Emmett punched him in the stomach calling him a tattle tail.

They were still eight years old, just in grown-up bodies.

I put my hand out between the two to stop their little quarrel. I swear I was the mom here, not the best friend.

"Edward felt the need to… upgrade the Aston." I mumbled, as I finished cleaning his wound. He was squirmy and I finally stomped on his foot to calm him the fuck down. I think he growled, which was kinda hot and then he stopped moving all together, most likely because he didn't want me to stomp on the other one. I might have only weighed 115 pounds, but I was strong.

"And how did he go about that?" Emmett asked, as he pulled himself up on the other counter and waited anxiously for my response, scratching his chest while he waited.

First it's the nads, then the nose…and now the chest, and I haven't seen him wash his hands once.

I was waiting for Edward to say something, but if they didn't hear the part about the window getting broken, then I wasn't too sure they heard the rest about Alice, so I figured instead of getting everyone involved in the mess, again, I'd just let it go. For now, at least.

"Oh, you know, every few months it's good to get new windows. Apparently it was the driver's side's turn to go and see the guys downtown at the dealership. They're buddies down there or something."

"What?" Emmett and Jasper asked at the same time, smirks across their faces.

I didn't really want to explain to them that my boyfriend had a hot temper and liked to hit things when he was mad. I knew he'd never hit me, God no, but I didn't want him to go through a nice long lecture from my brothers about anger management. Not like either of them had any better control, but they liked to think they could tell everyone else what to do. It's what they're best at. And my hottemperward was…well, he was fucking hot and made my lady parts tingly each time his face scrunched up, or better yet, when he growled.

A knock on the door signaling that the food was here saved me from answering.

Then another knock on the door came and still, no one moved.

"Emmett? You gonna get that, seeing as you're bank rolling this party?" Was he really trying to back his big ass out of this?

Wouldn't be the first time.

I don't know where he was hiding it, and I didn't want to know, but he pulled out his wallet…from his boxers and handed it over to me. That thing was infested with things I couldn't even pronounce and didn't even want to try.

"I'm paying, but…I'm in my Pac Man's, and I know you guys like the goods, but I don't know who's on the other side of that door…it could be one of my players or students, and they definitely don't need to see what the coach is playing with."

Oh. My. God.

"Go answer the door, Emmett." Edward said as he played with the band-aid on his hand. I slapped his hand away and told him to quit picking at it. If I had to put a new one on, I wasn't going to be as nice as the first time.

"No." Emmett sounded like a petulant child.

"Answer the door." Rose groaned as she pushed him off the counter.

"No. Bizzy, come on, help a brother out?" He was practically begging, and I was almost ready to give in, but he needed to realize that if you're going to walk around in your boxers all damn day, you might want to have a pair of shorts handy just in case, like for right now. And, I really didn't want to touch his snausage-infested wallet.

"You know, I don't think I will, but thanks for thinking of me. I'm sure the foods getting cold, so if you wouldn't mind answering the door, I'd like to eat." I crossed my arms over my chest waiting for him to move.

After a third knock, Emmett stomped his foot before finally moving towards the door.

"Fine! I hate every last one of you fuckers!" Emmett opened the door and grabbed the food handing it off to Jasper as he pulled out nutty money, yes, that's what I'm calling it, seeing that it was sitting next to his nut sack for God knows how long.

The conversation he was having with the take out guy was actually pretty interesting to listen to, or eavesdrop on I should say. Apparently it was one of his football players that he coached…and he had a camera phone. I think the end of the conversation was something about letting them out of practice an hour early for the next week and that there would be no ass chewing after the next game they lost. There was something about trying to get a keg out of Emmett too, but I think he drew the line there. Good man. I think Emmett got off quite easy if you ask me. Camera phones were deadly and could do a lot of damage.

If I was a kid and got a picture of one of my teachers in their unders, I would definitely blackmail the son of a bitch; putting that thing on You Tube or in the school paper or something. Priceless is what that shit would be.

Emmett slammed the door and stomped into the kitchen where we were already digging into our food. He stole my wontons, Edward's egg rolls, Jasper's pot stickers and Rose's sugar buns and pulled it all to his chest.

"This is for making me answer the fucking door, you fuckers! Now you don't get all the good stuff. It's mine."

"And you're gonna eat all that?" Edward asked, as he speared one of my broccolis and brought it to my mouth. Yum, I could think of something else to put in my mouth…put now wasn't the time.

"Yup. You'll think twice about making me answer the door next time, won't you?"

I know I was going to think twice about it. I wanted my wontons, and now I got none. He was right, they were the best part of the meal for me, but then again, he needed to learn his lesson about making everyone else do things for him all the time.

Over the next hour, I watched as he ate all our food…and his own…and I wanted to vomit…on him.

He looked bloated and uncomfortable when all the food was finally gone and wanted Rose to rub his tummy, but instead, she punched him hard and walked away. Poor tummy. Not!

It was getting late, and I definitely wanted to talk to Edward more about what went down with Alice without everyone listening in. I knew he wanted to talk, and even if he didn't, tough shit on his part. There was going to be some talking happening. Her words still irked me and I wanted to know what she said to him to make him hurt his second in line love.

After telling everyone that we were calling it a night and getting lots of eye rolls and catcalls for going to bed at 8:30pm, Edward grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom. I could get used to this.

I lay down on my bed and cuddled into my fresh blankets as he looked around the walls a little bit. I guess the last time he was in here; he wasn't able to really take in the pictures, what with all the drama that ensued that night and all.

"She really was a beautiful little girl. Looked a lot like her mama." Edward ran his finger over a picture of the two of us rocking in a chair as I looked down at my little girl, her hand wrapped around my pinky finger.

"Yeah, she was. But unfortunately she also looked a lot like Jake, too. With him being Native American, ya know. At least she got most of my features and just his skin color."

"Yeah." Edward replied. He stood there for a long time just staring at the pictures.

"So…you gonna talk, or do I have to pull it out of you? I've already had one of those conversations tonight, but I'm not opposed to doing what I have to, to get the details."

Edward was still quiet, but as he turned to face me, I saw the worry in his eyes.

"What do you want to know exactly?" He looked down at his feet, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

"Whatever you want to tell me. This is your sister, Edward, and I'm not gonna come between the two of you, but she's obviously pissed you off and I want to help if I can. So…whatever you want to tell is what I want to hear."

Edward went over to my dresser and leaned up against it.

"I got home, saw a package and opened it. The card was on top and I read it, and then there was a bunch of shit in there, well not really shit, but gifts, stuff she knew I would like. She was trying to butter me up; she's really good at that, ya know?" I did know. When she wanted me to get waxed, she buttered me up with the facial and massage, and to this day I still don't know why she wanted me waxed, especially because it was her brother that was going to see it, but whatever, completely off subject. "And then I went up to her apartment to talk. And she started telling me that she was sorry, but I didn't feel like she was really sorry and called her out on it. She's got a past, Bella. But it's not my story to tell, and if there's one lesson that I think we can all take from what happened here, is that each person's past is their own and their story to tell, right?" I nodded again knowing that it was definitely a lesson that I learned. "And yeah, she's been screwed over, I'll say that much, but she just kept going on and fucking on about how she thought…"

He stopped, looking me straight in the eyes.

"Just say it, E. I won't be offended." I knew they talked about me, obviously.

"She was saying that you were hiding shit from her, from me, and it was her job to look out for me, figure out what it was so I didn't get hurt. Like I can't take care of myself, and that really upset me, seeing that I'm the older one here. I knew that something was going on with you, but I also knew that you'd come to me in your own time when you were ready to talk. I just…I don't know. We both started yelling and it was getting out of hand. I know that she knows she messed up, but it's almost like she just wants to forgive and forget, and I don't think that's the case here. I think, no I know, that she needs to apologize to everyone for the way she acted. And I think she needs to be put in the doghouse for a while. You're my first concern, of course you're my first concern, but what she did to Jasper, that shit wasn't right either. All he was trying to do was help, diffuse the situation, but she just treated him like shit and completely overlooked what he was trying to do. I wouldn't blame him if he broke things off completely, but…I don't know…I hope he gives her another chance, too."

I don't think I'd ever heard Edward speak so much at once in all the time I'd known him.

"Are you done?" Edward looked up kinda surprised. "You're starting to sound like me, ya know. Rambling, I mean."

Edward chuckled and pushed off the dresser making his way over to the bed before lying down beside me.

"I've noticed." We were facing each other on our sides, staring into one another's eyes. He moved a lock of hair behind my ear before kissing my nose. "I've noticed several changes in myself since meeting you, Bella. All good changes of course. Well, except for the rambling." I hit his stomach kinda hard as he grabbed it in mock pain. "But I like it, it's you, and any part of you, I want."

I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his lips, a soft kiss letting him know just how much I loved him.

"That sounds like a draining conversation. I know I'm going to have to talk to her eventually; but eventually, as in a few weeks sounds good to me. Especially if you feel that she's just letting it go and not worrying about the destruction she left in her path."

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea. I actually told her to stay away from you for a little while and give you some space, so let's see how well she does with that." Edward ran his hand up and down my side, moving under my shirt until we were skin to skin.

"I get that it was a draining conversation, but nothing that you've said sounds like something I'd punch out my window over. Is there more you're not saying?" His hand moved to my back and started massaging my shoulders, his hands stopping as I spoke.

Edward was quiet for a few minutes, looking deep in thought. "Nothing you need to worry about. We'll work things out and everything will be fine, okay?" Yeah, nothing for me to worry about, my ass!

I knew there was more he wasn't telling me, but I wouldn't pry. If this was just one of his friends, I may have been a little nosier, but this was his sister, his family, and I wouldn't get in the middle of that. I wouldn't.

Yes you would.

Edward yawned and stretched out his body, bones cracking as he moved. I heard two clunks as his shoes hit the floor.

"You look so tired, baby." I mentioned, tracing my fingers around his tired, blood shot eyes.

"I am. It's been a long day. A day that started out amazing and ended so badly."

I rolled him onto his back and straddled his waist.

"Why did it end badly, and where was I? I can give you a happy ending, if you want?"

Edward's hands gripped my hips, pulling me down harder over his erection that was quickly making itself known.

"I don't think you need to ask if I want a happy ending from you, love. I think you know exactly what I want. What I need." I started grinding myself on top of him, loving the little moans and groans escaping his lips. I knew exactly what he needed. "God that feels good."

"I know. It's what I do best." I leaned forward and placed kisses down his neck and long his collarbone.

"No, what you do best is with your mouth and pussy." Ooh, dirty talking Edward, me likes.

"Say pussy again." I continued kissing as his hands massaged my ass.

"Pussy. You like when I talk like that, don't you? I love these pants, by the way."

I nodded my head in agreement. "Take your shirt off."

"You take it off; I'm tired, and emotionally drained." Okay, now he was milking it.

Good thing I didn't mind.

"Lazy ass." I quickly pulled his t-shirt off and went for the button on his jeans and undid that quickly. "My, my. Spunky is just a little excited to see me."

"No, he's excited to see Clitzy." I looked up at him to see the smile forming on his face, and then fall taking in my expression. "And you, you too, you know that. He loves you… and Clitzy is just an added bonus."

"Sure. Did you want a shovel to dig that hole faster?" Edward chuckled as he pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor.

Edward licked his lips as he stared at my naked chest. "Your tits are amazing by the way." His hands cupped me, flicking his thumbs over my pebbled nipples. I moaned at the contact and his words. I'd never heard him be so vulgar, but I liked it.

God I'm horny.

"Yeah? You like my tits?" I placed my hands over his showing him what I wanted.

"No, I love your tits." Edward leaned forward taking my left one into his mouth, one hand on the lonely tit, and the other on the small of my back pushing me closer to him.

"Good to know. I love your cock. I love Spunky, and we really need to find a name for your fingers, because they're magical, coming in a close second to Spunky and his fucktastic abilities to make Clitzy moan louder than a whore in heat when he touches her."

Edward began laughing hysterically causing both of our bodies to bounce together. That right there was magical in itself.

Edward stopped laughing and his expression became serious. "I love you Bella, I really do. I hope you know that."

I leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips, his hands moving back to cupping my chest, hanging on like his life depended on it. His poor hand had to be hurting, but he didn't show any signs of pain.

"I know you do. I love you too. But you knew that, didn't you?"

I pushed my body down his and put my hands in the waistband of his jeans when he placed his hands over my own.

"Just stop…for a second. You know I don't want you to actually stop, but just…okay. I just don't want Alice to come between us and I didn't really want to mention my sister when you were going down on me."

I continued pulling his pants down, boxers coming with and threw his clothes on the floor.

"She won't come between us. As long as you love me, and as much as this sounds childish to say, but as long as I'm number one on your agenda, that's all I care about. That's all I need to know."

I placed a kiss on the head of his dick, licking the precum from my lips as I stared him in the eye. His cock twitched below me signaling that he liked what I was doing. I smirked and bent down licking from base to tip.

"I think we can stop talking about my sister now," Edward groaned as I took him completely in my mouth, thanking God once again for my non-existent gag reflex.

"Uh-huh." I tried to speak around his dick, but it was big and there wasn't much room left in there. I also knew that my voice would vibrate against him if I spoke and as he moaned and bucked his hips into my mouth, I knew I'd done my job.

"Fucking Christ, that feels amazing. I swear that you get better at this by the day." Edward tangled his hands in my hair pulling me down, allowing me to take him deeper and deeper in my mouth. "You look so good like this, with your lips wrapped around my cock. I'd love to take a picture and put it on my desk at work."

I'd like a picture of it too, if we were being completely honest here. His cock was huge and I bet it would be hotter than hell to have a blown up picture of it to put on my ceiling so when he wasn't here to sleep with me, I could have sweet dreams knowing Spunky was close.

Poor Pattsy would be so jealous, hell, he probably was already jealous, seeing that he hadn't been taken out of his drawer in weeks, well longer than that actually, ever since Edward and I met. I didn't want to make him feel bad; he was my plastic lover for a long time, but I had to move on. I hadn't thrown him away, he was my friend, but having the real deal was so much better than imitation and he needed to come to terms with the fact that I'd found someone; a replacement if you will. No, no, that didn't sound right. An upgrade. Yeah, that sounded better.

Edward was getting close, his body starting to tense up. He pulled me by the arms so that I was back resting on his chest.

"You didn't want me to finish? I heard there's lots of protein in spunk, and I don't think I got my fill at supper." I licked my lips as he groaned again. That shit got him every time.

"No, I just want to fuck you first before mount St. Spunky decides to blow. I'd like to say I'd recover quickly, but we've been fucking a lot lately and I think I'm almost drained; need to refill."

I nodded in agreement. We'd been fucking like bunnies lately, and I sometimes wondered how he was keeping up with all our extra curricular activities.

"Then fuck me. I'm horny and I need a little attention down there. Clitzy's a greedy little fucker…literally."

Edward rolled us over so that he was hovering over me in all his naked glory. He quickly discarded my pants from my body.

"No panties?" His voice was deep and raspy, dripping with lust as his fingers dug into my hips.

"No." I wasn't going to tell him that I dressed in front of Jasper and didn't want to have to put my panties on in front of him, so I kept my answer simple. Probably not the best time to talk about my best buddy watching me get dressed, even if it was innocent.

"God I love you." Edward bent down and placed a kiss on my clit. It felt amazing, not gonna lie, but I pulled his head up anyways. "You're honestly gonna tell me you don't want this?" Edward licked my clit just to prove his point and of course my hips were traitors to their master, me, and bucked forward wanting a little more of what he was giving.

"I…want…it…but…oh God that feels good." Edward's head disappeared between my legs once more and I couldn't stop him. I didn't want to stop him. As he focused his attention on my nub, I felt two of those magical fingers that I mentioned before enter me quickly, making me moan loud enough for the neighbors on the next floor to hear. I hoped that there weren't any cuts on those fingers from the broken glass. I'm sure it would sting if they mixed with my…fluids.

"Baby, you gotta be quiet. I really want to fuck you, make love to you, whatever, but if you keep that up, which you know I love by the way and you can do it all you want when we're at my place, someone's gonna hear. Emmett still kinda scares me from time to time and I'd like to keep my dick attached so I can hear you moan like that again."

He really was turning into me, or maybe I was just rubbing off on him. But it was funny and I really wanted him to keep his dick too, so I shut my mouth and threw a pillow over my face and screamed, loudly, as a third finger was added and my orgasm burst through my entire body.

Magical fingers, fucktastic tongue.

"E? I absolutely love what you're doing down there, but I need you, like really need you. Please!" I was practically begging for him to put his dick in me, and if I had to get down on my knees and beg, I would, all I wanted was his cock. I was going to beg for his cock.

"You have no idea what it does to me to hear you beg like that." Edward's eyes were hooded with lust. I looked down to find him stroking his cock; his enormous cock with veins popping out the sides as he pulsed against his hand. "Can I fuck you now?"

"Please." I spread my legs as far as they would go and watched as he entered me in one swift move.

"So wet. So tight," he mumbled into my neck as he started to move in me, slowly at first and then picking up speed. It was a little raw from all the extra workouts, but still felt amazing like I knew it would. Edward was amazing; everything about him draws me in, especially his enormous piece of man meat, my candy.

Edward pinned me to the bed as I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling myself to him, as we stayed connected and moved together. I watched as his stomach flexed with each thrust, making me moan louder and louder. I tried to put the pillow over my face again to drown some of them out but Edward said he wanted to see my face when I came. I couldn't blame him; his cum face was absolutely like nothing else I've ever seen.

"God I'm sorry but I'm gonna…"

"Just let it go, love," I moaned as I felt him release in me, my walls tightening around him as my second orgasm shot through me.

Edward collapsed on top of me as we tried to slow our breathing.

"I love you Bella Swan, so fucking much." Edward wrapped me in his arms as he broke the connection and rolled me onto his chest.

"I love you too, so fucking much," I mumbled into his chest as he caressed my back.

Cuddling after sex was the best part, well the orgasms were the best part, but the cuddling came in a close second.

It was perfect like always…until we both jumped from the loud banging on my bedroom door.

"Bizzy! For the love of peanut butter, shut your yap!" Of course they heard. I'm sure the entire building was aware of our little…adventure.

I heard something slide under the door and reluctantly got up to see what it was.

"What is it?" Edward asked, as he got up and pulled on his boxers. I think I whimpered at the loss of sight of his peen.

"Looks like a CD." I looked it over, not sure what was on it and went to go pop it into my stereo. As it was loading, I pulled on my pajamas and lay on the bed.

The music started playing. The sounds of Nelly Furtado bounced off the walls as she sang 'Man Eater', straight from Jasper's personal collection of songs.

Edward and I were laughing hysterically as we listened to the song that was repeated on the CD at least six times.

Something else slid through the door and this time Edward got up to look.


Belly, you're a screamer, obviously, and Edward…you must have a monster cock and now I'm horny. Well I am Emmett; you can thank your new friend and Bella's whorish moans for that. Anyway, here's a CD we put together for you guys so we don't have to hear that shit again. It gives Jazz and Emmy nightmares. Hope you get better…use out of it than Jasper did.

-Rose, Emmett and Jasper

"Well, at least they know you're…well taken care of, right?" Edward smiled at me, looking like a proud little boy who just got an A on his report card and was ready to skip home to tell mom.

I hit him upside the head with a pillow before I was tackled to the bed.

We decided to let the CD play as round two started.

This time I threw the pillow to the floor.

I was going to have a sore throat in the morning.

A/N: I think we all know that Edward tends to over react at times, and this was one of them, but I guess we don't know exactly what happened between him and Alice during their conversation. Will we ever know? Hmmm…I'll keep you guessing on that one.

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