Sometimes, one can never expect to have a bond with another, not until they've felt the connection with the other.

Certainly, Abe no Yasuaki never even considered he'd ever have a bond with someone, not like he'd seen people he'd helped had shared with others at least. The only bond he'd ever thought he'd have would be the one with his master, and even then, while the elderly onmyouji was responsible for his being alive, Yasuaki felt nothing more than Seimei was his master, that was all.

So, of course he found himself surprised when he met Akane, the legendary Ryuujin no Miko that the stars had foretold. She shed tears, and he found tears forming in his own eyes as he watched and wondered just why the teenage girl was crying. He certainly did not understand how that happened, nor did he understand clearly why one of his stray tears formed the dragon gem under his eye. But, he found himself thinking, would this be a connection with her...a bond?

Again, something similar happened when Yasuaki crossed paths with a young monk who was destined to die that night. Something caused the dragon gem to burn, but he found he couldn't completely understand it. But, there was something else aside from that warmth coming from the gem; it was a message coming from nobody and sounding in his own ears that the monk was to be saved, and he was the one to save him. Yasuaki didn't understand why, he was the one to predict the monk's death, how could it be that he was to contradict his own prediction? Deciding not to think about it, he silently, steathily followed the young monk.

The time was coming, the time the monk was to meet his death. But, Yasuaki sat calmly under a tree and just brought the danger to the monk's attention. Seeing the monk was busy with the kin, he move into the water, using a barrier to keep the onryou from attacking the smaller male. He held it off as best as he could, and soon sensed another was about to appear. He turned, ready to purify the onryou in the kin, only to stop when the monk pleaded to be allowed to deal with the onryou in his own way. Silence passed between them once he'd stated he understood. Truth was, he didn't clearly understand, but he did not need to let the monk know that, there was no time for explanations. Then again, what happened once the monk calmly purified the soul of his friend, he found he'd made the right decision in allowing the smaller male do what had to be done.

Again, that connection came in handy in saving the young monk, whose name he'd learned was Eisen; his Hachiyo partner, the Ten no Genbu. He could sense something was wrong, and what the wind howling in the trees told him confirmed it. Making haste, he hurried to his partner's side, and arrived just in time to hold off an attack Sefuru was using on Eisen. Something must've happened that night, because he could feel his connection, his bond, with his partner was much stronger, and that allowed them to not only use a powerful attack combining his onmyoudo with Eisen's powers of water, but also to find the talisman of the north, the seal required to free the beast god Genbu.

There were times he found himself getting confused concerning his bond with Eisen, it was much stronger than it was with any other, even stronger than the bond he shared with Akane. At first, he supposed that it was because they were partners under the same beast god, but that answer didn't satisfy him. There was much more to the bond, much more. Maybe one day, the onmyouji would find the answer, until then all he could do was seek it. But, at least he was finally able to understand what it meant, how it felt, to have a deep connection with someone, a mutual bond shared between two destined souls.