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I`m Isabella Marie Swan Volturi. Yes Volturi. Actually Aro is my father. Yes I am aware that he is a vampire. I am 1/2 of a vampire. To bad he lives in Italy. So does my half-vampire mother now. He won't even change me into a full vampire like he did my mother. He says i have to wait until I am done with high school. I told him okay.

Now I'm moving to Forks, Washington. I'm leaving all of my popularity and friends behind in Florence. I have so many talents and some of them are going to go to waste when I move. I was head of the cheerleading squad, played volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, video games, did ballet, hip-hop, sang, skate-boarding, trained to fight vampires, just like my mother, played the piano, guitar, violin, and drums. I can even read minds somewhat like my REAL dad. From a distance Iknew your every thought and past action. Only if I chose to. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but... TOOT! TOOT! I'm awesome! As I said, my whole life was in Florence.

Here I'll be followed around for the next two years of high school. I had to give my mom some space because she can't handle the smell of blood yet. I already convinced everyone to drink from animals only. They agreed. That makes it that much harder for my mother to pass the new born stage.

`Here all the guys will try my patience and attempt to get me on a date. I don't look forward to all the attention. I know there is a cheerleading team, and a skate boarding park. I can't wait until graduation. Then I can be a full vampire and live in Volterra as the leader of the Volturi Guard. At least there are vampires here. I'll hang with them. Under no circumstances may I tell anyone who I am. If no choice is left, I can tell them what I am. Part vampire. Princess warrior of the Volturi.

I know that won't happen any time soon. I hoped off of the plane and walked over to my foster father, Charlie. He thinks he is my biological father. Of course my mom couldn't just say `Charlie when I went to Italy, I had an affair with a vampire. The baby is his.' Of course not. I have to call him dad and put people under the impression that he is my real father. Luckily it is easy seeing as I look just like Renee I only have Aro's eyes. That was a problem at first, but Renee said her grandmother—my great grandmother—had the same eyes, and that's is were I got them from. I loved Charlie like a dad anyway, though I hardly new him.

Charlie grabbed the bags out of my hands, though I was way stronger than him and I could manage a few heavy suit-cases.

"how was your flight?" Charlie asked, trying to fill the awkward silence.

"It was okay. You didn't have to come get me. Mom already had my car sent." I said. He was heading for the cruiser.

'' I honestly forgot that you had a car," he smiled sheepishly.

"Well I do," I'll just trail behind you okay?" he nodded and I walked to retrieve my car. I got in my midnight blue Lamborghini Reventon Roadster and followed Charlie to his small house in Forks. I hadn't been here in a while. I really was going to have to get use to the small house. I guess I would find my way around the town with ease as well, since it was so small.

"all right, Bells," Charlie said, opening my door and again grabbing my bags.

"Thanks," I said as we walked up to the porch.

"Well Bells, `s not much, but make yourself at home. I know there is a gymnastics team and a ballet studio... cheerleading too. Sign up. I'm sure you'll do great!"

"okay dad. Thanks. I'll go tomorrow. You know I have to scope everything out and see what everything is like before I actually sign up or join anything." I told him. I went upstairs to unpack all of my things. I went and took a shower when I was done. It was refreshing and I didn't smell like the airplane anymore.

I just threw on some PJ`s since I wasn't going anywhere. I would just cook dinner and go to bed afterwards. I knew tomorrow would be a very long day. When I opened the refrigerator, I was shocked to find it empty. There was nothing in the cabinets but PB and J.

"I ordered pizza. There's nothing here to eat." Charlie said entering the room.

"I'll go shopping while I'm out tomorrow. Enough of all this pizza and take out. Time for some good home cooking." I said.

"You really don't have to." He said.

"I know, but I want to." I said.

"Okay," Charlie agreed hesitantly.

There was a knock at the door and Charlie went to answer it. He came back into the room with two boxes of pizza in his hands. They smelled delightful. Surprisingly, Charlie and I ate all of the pizza except for two slices. After that, I just went to bed. There was a long day ahead of me. Might as well get enough of rest and energy for it.