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I awoke the next morning with a new found excitement. I hadn't felt any excitement in a while now. I was really glad to be getting up and doing something. I grabbed my bags and loaded the car with things I thought I might need. I sped off towards the airport after telling Charlie goodbye.

A little while later, I was at the airport. I saw someone I didn't think I would be seeing anytime soon. Alice. She was walking towards the exit. The very one that I was coming from. I called her name. Her head shot towards me.

"What are you doing here?" Alice asked me, surprised.

"I could ask you the same question." I said.

"I came to warn you about a vampire army that is coming to Alaska. They might pass through Forks and I wanted you to make sure you stayed out of there way." She said.

"Nice to know you care. I won't be here anyway. I'm going to visit my mom." I said. I made a move to walk past her, but she grabbed my arm.

"Wait Bella. I've missed you so much." Alice pulled me into a hug. I inhaled her scent and made sure it was in my memory.

"Alice I'm going to miss my flight." I pulled away.

"Okay, Bella. I see you want nothing to do with me. Go ahead. I don't want you to miss your flight, she sighed and continued, "Be safe."

I walked towards the different flight load until she wasn't watching. It was then that I ran towards the Alaska flight before she could notice that I wasn't heading towards my mom. I quickly sat down and had to take calming breathes. Why did she have to show up? Why did she ruin my day? I was perfectly content until I realized the real reason she was here. Well she wouldn't have to worry about me. She might as well go back to her family.

I closed my eyes and rested until I heard the announcements telling everyone that we were landing. As I got off of the plane, I immediately saw Jane's head peaking above the crowd. When she saw me a smile lit her angelic features. I realized that she was sitting on a bench which is why she was so tall. Felix was standing next to her. They ran over to me and engulfed me in a huge hug. I hugged them back just as fiercely.

"Oh my God! Bella! We missed you so so so so so much!!!" Jane exclaimed. I chuckled and pulled her back to get a better look at the two of them.

"You two look good. Nothing has changed much there!" They laughed and we went through a few more greetings before Felix went to get my bags. He loaded them into his car. It was a nice Audi. I climbed into the front seat. Felix opened and closed our doors. Then we were off. The house was tiny by the Volturi standards, but to anyone else, this house is a mini mansion.

It was a grayish color on the outside. Very mellow. The landscape was also done beautifully. The grass was covered in snow, as was the evergreen close by the front window.(pic on profile) Felix took my bags up to the room with a balcony and a view. Their rooms were right next to mine. I took a shower to get the airplane smell off of me and put my robe on.

When I walked out of the bathroom, Jane was sitting with one of my dresses. It was a halter top dress with beads and crystals over the breasts and the rest flowed. It was baby blue with a train.(pic on profile. If it doesn't work or isn't on my profile, go to google and search 'flowing dresses' if you stroll down, the dress matching the description should be there.) I thanked her as she helped me zip the dress up.

I went out and Felix bowed and said, "Princess Isabella." I motioned for him to stand back up.

"No formalities here Felix," I told him sternly.

"Yes, Is—Bella." He corrected himself and I gave him a smile. "You look stunning as always."

"Thank you!" I stated. I noticed Jane had come out of the room. They locked eyes with each other. It was so obvious that they were perfect for each other. Felix just had to realize his feelings and Jane had to grow a pair of balls and tell him how she feels.

"I think I'm going to go and do something." I ran off to leave them alone.

"Wait, Princess!" Jane called. I turned around and looked at her questioningly.

"Yes Jane?" I inquired.

"Master Aro called. He said that the fight would take place sooner than expected." I frowned.

"How soon is soon?" I asked.

"Five hours." She answered. "Everyone will be here in three to four hours."

"Okay. I think I'll read a book or something. Please let me know when everyone arrives?"

"Of course Bella" Felix said for Jane.

I walked to the smaller sized library and grabbed a random book from the shelf. I started to read but I got hungry. I went out in the back yard—where a few deers had strayed—and drained two of them. I didn't drink from the last one because it wasn't a good idea to over drink right before a fight. I'd move awfully slow.

After washing my face, I pulled my hair down. I left the dress on. I ripped the train off to allow more movement. The family should have been here 30 minutes ago. The fight would start in 30 minutes, and we still had to run to get there. There was no way that I wanted those covens or humans to die because the Volturi were too slow.

Jane and Felix ran into my room and told me that their flight was delayed and that they would meet us at the fight. We all took off running towards where the battle would be intercepted by the covens. Where the battle would take place.

From the distance, we could hear talking. I realized that one voice was Jasper and the other was a girl with an accent. I motioned for Felix and Jane to stop. I listened more carefully.

"Just turn around Maria," Jasper snarled.

"Why would we do that? Victoria and Laurent want their revenge. Your family, namely Edward, killed Victoria's mate. I wouldn't mind expanding my territory north either. You all just happen to be in my way." Maria said matter-of-factly.

I had no idea the Cullens were here. For a breif moment, I thought about leaving and letting them fend for themselves. Then I thought about all of the humans that would be killed and that thought vanished.

"You killed my mate, Edward. You won't tell me where your mate is. I saw it as fair that your mate should be killed. Mate for mate you know." Victoria, I guessed, said. I stiffened.

"I'll never tell you where she is. I'd rather die." My heart skipped a beat. I heard my family approach and Jane and Felix stopped them.

Then I will just have to kill all of you. Both the Denalis and the Cullens." I knew the rings had turned black. I was getting really pissed. I recently recalled that Eleazor and his wife Carmen had moved here with the Denali sisters.

"This is all your fault Edward." Someone said. I took a peek. She was standing behind the Cullens and had strawberry blonde hair. "You fell for a stupid human girl. None of this would have happened if you hadn't fell for that human bitch. That Bella" Jane ran out of the trees at her words. The girl was immediately writhing on the ground in pain. Their were hisses from the denali coven.

Eleazor was shocked when he tried to hold Kate back from attacking Jane. She charged at Jane and I interrupted. I grabbed hold of her. My mental shield protected me from her shocks. Carmen was holding tightly to Irina.

I looked at the girl that was writhing in pain on the ground.

"I'd watch who you're calling a bitch next time. Jane." Jane stared at the helpless vampire for a moment longer and then turned and looked at me. "It's okay. I'm not offended."

"What's going on here? Bella, why are you here with Jane?" Edward asked. All of the Cullens were watching me and were confused. I heard a snarl.

"So this is Bella? Your mate?" Victoria snarled. Maria still had a shocked look on her face. I looked behind her to see over a hundred newborns about to go insane at the smell of my blood. My family stepped out of the trees. Daddy, mom, my uncles and their wives stood on the front line. The guard was behind them. I let go of the Kate and went to stand by my dad.

"Is it true, Bella?" Edward asked. I searched his mind and realized he had read the thoughts of the guard and now knew who I was.

"It is," I said.

"Why—," My father interrupted him.

"What a wonderful gathering. Maria, Carlisle, you haven't changed a bit, I see."

"Thank you, Aro. I could definitely say the same." Maria said.

"I'd advice you to control your army. No harm will come to Bella on my watch." Aro sneered. Maria told the newborns something quietly and they immediately calmed down.

"Aro. If I may be so bold, what's going on here?" Carlisle asked.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill everyone here," Aro said. Edward told Carlisle that he meant it. I looked at my father and shook my head.

"Your eyes are golden."Alice observed.

"Yes well they have been for a long while now. A three year old convinced us to change our ways." Aro said referring to me.

"Maria, I'd suggest you take your army and leave. Never come back to this area. Understood?" Cauis ordered.

"Of course, Lord Cauis. Until we meet again, Jasper." She turned her attention to Jasper.

"And refrain from killing any humans in this area." Marcus said.

"Of course." Maria and her army left. The only people left were Victoria and about 20 newborns.

"Destroy the rest of them. They have broken rules. They have caused suspicion among the humans. Now." I said. The guard( except for the higher members) all destroyed the newborns. I killed Victoria myself. All that were left of them were ashes as they were burned.

"Princess Isabella," Eleazor and Carmen kneeled and bowed. I heard the members of the covens gasps.

"Rise. You know how I hate formalities." They stood up and I gave them each hugs.

"It has been a long time," I told them.

"It has." Eleazor said.

"How are you, darling?" Carmen asked. Her spanish roots shining through her voice.

"I'm well," I said.

"Please excuse Tanya. She didn't mean it," Eleazor said.

"Of course she meant it. It is fine." I told him. Glancing at Tanya.

"Can someone please explain what is going on here?"Emmett boomed.

"You all abandoned my daughter," Aro spoke. "You also revealed our secret to someone. At the time you had no clue she wasn't human and you are still to blame. You should all be exterminated at once. Except the denalis." Felix and Jane made moves to attack them. They stopped once they heard me shout 'no.'

"They will not be exterminated, daddy. I won't allow it."

"We'll vote," Aro said. I frowned at him. He has never denied me anything I wanted. And this could go either way.

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