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*Dark Wings*

Chapter 1 - Devastation

"It's been nearly 16 years." I whispered softly looking back at the burning rubble of the house I had lived in.

The house… synonymous with pain. Smiling I flexed my hands tracing the two scars that marked my palms. No I thought shaking my head. This wasn't magic. Magic had forced me to live within that house for all these years. Magic was constantly after me to kill me. Magic wanted me to be their sacrificial little lamb. But who was protecting their savior?

"I'll be no Jesus to these people. I'll be no Jesus to anyone." I growled at the night air.

Summoning my belongings I let my new powers gather and vanished, forever leaving the damned place that was Privet Drive, my prison.


Miles away at Hogwarts a scream was taken up from all things in the castle with a voice. And thusly the castle became visible to Muggles as it's magic was drained away like so much water down a sinkhole. Pictures were stilled and the lone Professor who had been sitting at his desk found himself feeling empty. Half-moon glasses glinted in the light as he collapsed.


Twelve days later

"Like I said. It was just burning rubble, only three bodies were found – they've been identified and none were Potter." Severus Snape informed me rolling his eyes.

"Did you look properly? I know you don't like the boy and I just want-" I began hurriedly trying to sit up from my hospital bed.

"I looked. Don't tell me I didn't. I didn't find any of Potters belongings or his body. My guess is that somehow the wards went down early and Potter left. The Dark Lord is angry and has been scouring the country for the boy. They have yet to find any traces. I checked at Gringotts – he withdrew both the Potter and Black fortunes. Other than that the goblins refuse to tell me." Snape replied as I fell back in defeat.

"Any word from the Aurors as to what happened to the school?" I asked fearfully.

"The wards and magic returned when you left. The house-elves tell me that their magic was untouched by the draining but they told me something strange… Or at least the elf Potter had befriended did." He answered hesitantly.

"Who was it Severus?" I whispered fearing the worst.

"They felt a power that was unlike any other they'd felt at the school before. Like magic but different. Not like any known creature in existence. Dobby said… He's felt it on Potter before but that it has nothing to do with the Dark Lord." He replied not meeting my eyes.

"There's something you're not telling me." I stated knowing him.

"There was a part of his mind… I accidentally touched on it during Occlumency. I fear that it may have awakened something inside the boy. A power. I witnessed it very briefly when he managed to reflect my Legilimens back at me. It seemed… Inhuman." Severus whispered shuddering.


Ten days earlier

Glaring at the passers by from my window in the Leaky Cauldron a sneer formed on my face. 'The only people who'd ever been straight with me' I thought monotonously. 'Draco, Sirius, Remus, the twins, Severus and the creatures.' Growling I felt the betrayal clearly. My whole life planned by Them. My parents hadn't wanted that. They'd left the order to protect me but had been struck down by another. My best friends – trained to be my friends, to know me. I knew that now. Thanks to Neville and Hermione. I'd confided in Neville once and he'd broken. He knew the truth but he didn't realize just how bad it was. I recalled our conversation.


"Harry. I… Didn't realize it was that bad. I mean Gran trusted Dumbledore and told me that if he wanted me to do things to help you or pretend things around you that I should. 'Never Question Dumbledore.'" Neville whispered as I cried onto his shoulder.

I'd wanted to keep the wounds a secret. But I needed help. Some of my many cuts had become infected – badly. I couldn't trust Hermione to not tell anyone, likewise Madam Pomfrey from telling Dumbledore. So I went to Neville, we held a tentative friendship and as all Gryffindors, he was loyal. I only went to ask him for some plants I needed for a healing potion. I told him why and showed him. We spoke about the cause and he began crying. I thought it was something else. But I never expected this confession.

"Who? Who is just pretending? Who is real??" I asked drying my tears and pulling away.

"The pretenders… Nearly everyone but there are those who are honest, real. Draco and most of the Slytherins. Though the house enmity is over-exaggerated. Fred and George. They kinda thought it was crap that no one was telling you the truth. Snape has never lied to you from what I can tell. Sirius and Lupin – yea I know about Sirius. And all the magical creatures. They refuse to lie. But Sirius and Lupin have been… Unless you meet them face to face… They aren't real. Both Sirius and Lupin are closely monitored cause they aren't real members of the Order. They were til the prophecy. They left with your parents. Mine too. It's why they weren't protected well. A fidelius charm is weak Harry. I'm sorry I didn't know they were so bad. I didn't know…" He explained sadly.

"It's not your fault. At least now I know." I whispered hugging him.

"Draco tried to convince you in first year… Harry."

We spoke for a while longer and soon it was time to use the potion. It had to be used as a salve with certain leaves and since most of the cuts were on my back Neville was going to apply them. Shivering slightly I slid my shirt off and winced as I heard a gasp from Neville.

"Merlin Harry… I… come stay with me this summer. You can't go back with that much damage." He whispered as I turned back to him.

"I can't. It would get you in trouble." I told him shaking my head.

"Trouble my foot. These two up here look the worst. There's black in them." Neville muttered as I turned around waiting for the salve.

He touched the cuts gingerly pulling away as I hissed at the pain. Closing my eyes I waited while he cleaned the cuts. My teeth clenched I resisted the urge to hiss and cry out in pain. The faint smell coming off the potion got closer as he stopped and I cried out as he applied the first of the salve.

End Flashback

That was shortly before OWL exams. We'd spoken since then and there'd been many confessions. Including one from Hermione. She had a sister called Samantha. They were blackmailing her into doing this. I spoke to Draco once. He wasn't as bad as I'd thought. He'd merely wanted to be friends rather than go along with a phony script. It was why he'd tried to convince me in first year. Of course now he thought I was a bit of a git but he still wanted to be friends. Smiling sadly I stalked away from the window and made my way to Diagon Alley, destination Gringotts. I was avoiding everyone. The Privet Drive fire had been in the paper and more besides. Everyone knew of the deception.

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