Shugo Chara

My So-Called Brother

Summary: Utau is tired of guys pretending to like her to get close to her brother, who can basically guarantee them a sports contract. So when Kukai takes her up on a challenge of winning her heart, will she fall? Or is he just another boy after her so-called brother?

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Chapter One:


"Hey, Utau-chan? What did ya get for number two?"

I stared up at the calling voice. There was one of my few friends, Aio, hanging above me. She was on the top bunk bed, legs wound around the wood railing as she hung upside down. Her shoulder length raven hair was freed and falling over her head as she held her workbook in hand.

"You're going to fall if you keep doing that." I replied, instead of answering her question. I filled in a blank line of my booklet and stared back up. "Either that or the bloods going to rush to your head and you'll explode."

"AWESOME!" Aio cheered, flinging her arms around. Her legs loosened slightly as her head came in contact with the carpeted floor. "Ouch!" She yelped, sitting up right and clutching her round baby faced head.

"I told you." I looked back at my work and sighed. This is NOT how I wanted to spend my Saturday night.

"Ah…I meant to do that. Wait till Yoru sees!" She snickered and sat crossed legged on the floor. I raised an eyebrow.

"You mean your cat like boyfriend?" I questioned. I probably could have teased Aio to no end, but I wasn't in the mood. Aio vigorously shook her head.

"H-He's not my boyfriend!" She exclaimed, pouting and staring at the floor with red cheeks. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. Guess it was stupid to even ask." I turned around in the black computer chair and finished the remaining problems on my desk. It was quiet for a few minutes.

"Utau-chan? Are you still bored? Why don't you just hang out with your boyfriend?" Aio suggested as my eyes narrowed.

"EX-boyfriend," I corrected, facing her again. "We broke up last night when I saw him talking to my brother. He was striking up a conversation about sports." I placed my hand on my forehead and shook my head in disappointment.

"Maybe you're just being paranoid. Just because he was talking about sports doesn't mean he wanted that sports contract." Aio said, searching for something in her pocket.

"I strictly remember him saying, 'So, you're good friends with that NBA guy, right?'"

"Ah." Aio nodded her head, understanding. She pulled out some crumpled paper from her jeans. "Want to go with me to a concert? Still have an extra ticket." She asked, holding it out. I picked one up carefully and straightened out the corners.

"This is the best the school could come up with? Earth's Core?" I blinked, giving Aio a pointed expression. She shrugged.

"You know the school's on a budget. C'mon! You'll have fun." She chirped, standing up and grinning ear to ear. "Please." She pleaded, with those bright blue eyes of hers. I smiled, but declined.

"Sorry, I have a meeting to go to for my upcoming album. Have fun, though."



My eyes widened at the words Ms. Sanjo just repeated from Mr. Nore's mouth. "But, why is this Nore? You know Utau has PLENTY of talent!" My manager, Sanjo argued. The man sighed.

"I know she does, but the word is final. It seems that the kind of songs the record company's looking for isn't this," He pointed at my album cover. "The kind of songs that are selling are the romantic kind. Not regular pop or bubble gum."

"Okay then. Utau can do sweet and romantic. Can't you, Utau?" Sanjo turned to me, hopeful. I gave her a stern, composed look. I wasn't one for romance considering my status in the dating compartment was low. She could tell I would rather stick pins in my eyes.

"Please give us a second, Nore." Sanjo asked as the suited man bowed and walked out. Ms. Sanjo faced me, wary. "Now, Utau. I know your not one for love and dovey crap, but don't you think you can at least try a song or two-."

"No," I replied threw my teeth. "We both know I can't do that." I ended sharply, glaring at the floor. Ms. Sanjo let out a breath.

"Well, here goes my career," She muttered and stood up. "I guess we better get going. No use sticking around a place that doesn't offer the support we need."

We left the room and stood in the elevator. I examined the wall in front of me. The red cherry wallpaper glued onto the wall. What if this was the end of my barely beginning career?

The doors opened and we stepping into Ms. Sanjo's blue SUV. "People don't know talent when they see it." Sanjo scoffed as she drove on the smooth road. I stayed quiet. "I'm sure that not the only songs in life are about love. There are plenty others." I could tell she was trying to cheer me up, by taking my side; but quite frankly, she was doing the opposite.

"My career isn't going to take off, is it?" I asked, looking straight ahead. I could see her face turn to me.

"No, that's not true," she hesitated. "We just need more time." She turned another road and I shook my head.

"Time isn't the problem. Its my…songs. They aren't good enough, are they?" I countered Ms. Sanjo who became silent.

"That isn't true. I've heard your songs, they're wonderful. But…" She let the silence linger and turned toward me fully. "Utau. What was the reason you started singing in the first place?" These words had me a bit puzzled, as I often asked myself the same question. After all the confusing breakups and mixed up feelings, it was all lost in the chaos.

"Honestly? I have no idea anymore." We pulled into school campus as I unbuckled my seat belt. Sanjo reached for my hand.

"Listen. Don't give up just yet. That isn't the only record company around. We'll keep trying. For now, just…find your inspiration." She smiled and let go. I hopped out of the car and closed the door, watching her drive away.

I sighed when the vehicle came out of view. Now my job was in jeopardy. My dream. Was the only way I could save it was by finding my inspiration? Most of the songs I wrote were by instinct, my own feelings. There wasn't a big point or realization in there.

I began walking down the sidewalk when I was accompanied by the one and only guy I've ever given a chance. My brother.

Though, it was quite ironic. The only boy I actually trust is the whole reason I don't trust any guys, really. How funny is that?

Ikuto stared down at me with probing eyes and a composed expression. I kept my face hollow. "Didn't get the album produced?" He questioned as we walked together in the morning air.

"What makes you think I didn't get hired?" I asked, raising an eyebrow to him. He did the same thing.

"I know you, Utau. If you had it, you probably would be excited and bubbly right now. Not saying you aren't happy this very second. It's been a while since your 'true character' came out." He explained and I couldn't argue with his assumption. He was right. As always.

"It doesn't matter. We still have other places to look at too," I shuffled through my purse and took out my cell phone. "It's just a minor setback."

I flipped the phone open and punched in the number. The dial tone began to ring.

"Hello?" A familiar voice asked into the receiver. I smiled.

"It's been a long time since we've spoken, Hinamori. You up to some air hockey tonight? I'm thinking of beating my brother at his own game." I turned to Ikuto who rolled his eyes. Ikuto was pretty good at hockey, despite not joining the team. The actual air hockey game, however…

"That sounds nice and all Utau, but don't you remember? I live more than two hours away from you now." Amu replied, in a sulking voice.

"So? You're making something as small as transportation stop you? Ikuto will pick you up." I could feel his eyes bore daggers into the side of my head, but I ignored him for the time being.

"I don't know, Utau. This is the same guy who stuffed corn dogs down my pants." Amu rekindled the memory that I smiled at for a moment. It was funny to remember, but soon my cool attitude kicked in.

"Really, will you never let that go? It happened once when you were five. Get over it." I commanded, rolling my eyes. The scene was no longer amusing.

"I had dogs wedged up my butt crack for about two days." Amu countered.

"And now your ass is free. So are you coming or not?" I asked impatiently, stopping on the white cement.

"Uh…I'm sorry, Utau. I'm busy." She finally answered after a moment of silence.

"You're kidding…right?" Amu was never busy. Being the "nerd" she was, she'd usually be locked up in one of her books. Manga, was it? I could feel Amu's pause prolong.

"I…I have a date." She finally admitted. My eyes widened.

"You…you have a date?!" This statement shocked me. Last time I checked, Amu saw boys as worthless and cruel. Never likeable. I could feel a smile crawl on my lips.

"Oh. My. God. You have a DATE!! What's he like? Is he hot? Details." This sure was exciting. I began squealing into the phone until Ikuto grabbed it and snapped it shut, ending the call.

"HEY!" I whined, snatching it back and glaring darkly at him. Ikuto seemed bored. "Do you like to torture me?!"

"I'm your brother, isn't that my job?" He questioned, stretching. I rolled my eyes. I decided to play innocent.

"What? Don't you feel bad for your little sister after being rejected by a record company?" I asked innocently.

"You'll get the next one. I gotta go though. I'm late for my date." He answered, simply.

"Urr. Does EVERYONE have a date, but me?!" I growled, annoyed by this factor. Ikuto faced me.

"I could get you a date if you're really that pathetic. Maybe that guy Kermi?" He suggested. I shook my head.

"No. I'm perfectly capable of finding myself a boyfriend." Although, that wasn't the reason I turned Ikuto down. But he didn't need to know that, now did he?


"Through the crack of my dream, I sigh. But no one is there for now I must try…to…to…Ugh!" I yelled, crumpling the paper in front of me and throwing it into the nearby trashcan. By now it was filled with hundreds of useless lined words. I really did suck at romantic songs.

I began scribbling some more crap down, looking over the words and taking a breath. I began to sing again.

"Forgetting the past, determining the truth. I am who I am because you did me wrong, but I'm sad and I'm mad, because it didn't last long. I fell for your tricks, your stupid wit. Why can't you just see? You should only have eyes for ME!" I choked out, biting into my tongue.

The words were stinging on the surface of my mouth, getting ready to erupt and yell and pull my hair out. I struggled to keep my eyes from becoming blurry and tossed the sheet out. This wasn't working right.

I sat for a moment, thinking, when a piece of chocolate landed on my lap. What the hell???

"I got it!" A voice hollered, before lounging and grabbing the treat from my lap. No, scratch that. The hand meant to grab the brown snack, but ended up tripping and his FACE fell on my lap. My body jolted slightly, surprised, before irritation filled me.

The face lifted up. "Uh…sorry. Just playing." Before I was ready to smack the face silly, I took time to examine this poor soul.

He wasn't that bad…not like the pervert I imagined him to be. With nice suntanned skin and brown , curly locks draped over his head and just shy of his eyes. His orbs were a neon bright green, mixing in with some lime to give it a cooler look.

I stared at him for a moment, without moving a muscle. My face was filled with disgust, I was sure. The boy stood, probably about 6 feet even and rubbed the back of his neck.

"See, I didn't mean to fall. Honest. Just trying to catch this chocolate piece." He pointed back at the candy as I looked at his teeth. Nice and straight, seeming whiter with his skin tone.

"Are you okay?" He asked after a moment. I blinked. That's right, I should be angry right now.

"Am I okay?" I raised an eyebrow. "A boy falls onto my lap, CLAIMING to be retrieving a piece of candy. Do I LOOK okay?!" My voice probably sounded bitchy, but there was nothing I could do about that.

"Uh…no, but it was an accident. Really." He pleaded with his bright eyes, and for a second I wanted to believe him. But I'd been with liars for so long I knew better than to trust that expression.

"You're lying." I responded, seeing right through his act. His eyes widened slightly, before a tiny smirk appeared on his face.

"Hehe. What gave me away?" He asked innocently, as if this were all some kind of joke. I turned around, marching away.

"Wait!" He called, catching up. I didn't slow down, but he soon matched my pace. "Whoa, your pretty fast for a chick in heels." He commented, impressed. I kept my eyes forward, staring straight ahead.

"So, I'm sorry. I guess that was wrong of me to trick you, but, hey. How can I not want to meet you?" He smiled, gleaming pearly whites my way.

"Tip # 26."

"Huh?" He asked confused as I stopped, glaring straight into his eyes. He took my challenge and squared his shoulders, smiling confidently.

"Tip # 26: Apologizing for something, hoping to clear any errors between you and the girl and breaking the ice with a cheesy, yet flattering comment." I explained as the boy's eyes twinkled. His grin widened.

"Pretty smart for a chick in heels, too. I like that." I rolled my eyes.

"Really. You'll pick any dead meat left in this town. Now move out of the way, I'm late for a concert." I quickly made that up, remembering Aio's offer and stepping passed him. He caught my arm and stared down at me, bringing contact between us. I could smell his shampoo, along with a musky smell from the outdoors. He must have been outside all day.

"Tip # 38: Using any lame excuse to hurriedly leave a boy when uninterested or…intimidated." He added for his own benefit. He caught onto the game I had just played, and I usually accepted any challenge thrown at me. But not this one. My teeth bared.

"I'm not scared of you." I barked back. He raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm…Are you attracted to me then?" He wondered, and I began to laugh into the evening air.

"Yeah, because a boy in...," I quickly overlooked his outfit. "Brown shorts and a green sweater TOTALLY turns me on." I didn't, however, comment on how his sweater seemed to match his eyes in a way to bring them out even more.

"Ah, you're just in denial. You play hard to get?" He asked, brushing off everything I had just said. I sighed.

"I'm not interested in you or any moron in this retarded city. So just leave me the hell alone." I broke away from his grasp and turned on my heel with a head held up high. At least now I had my "inspiration" for my next song. How to tell he's a lying retard.

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