Title: Daddies Approval

Author: SplishySplash, Ihave207Bones

Pairing: Tony/Ziva

Rating: K+

Spoiler: Season 7

Summary: Eli David comes to get his daughter, but not if Tony or Gibbs has anything to say about it.

Chapter One: Plausible Deniability

She stood playfully close to him with her chest against the back of his chair and her new Star of David rested on his shoulder. Her breath tickled the hair on the back of his neck as he read his email she laughed softly at the content, an inappropriate forward about condoms sent from one of his buddies from the Baltimore P.D.

When she asked him to explain a part of the content he looked up at her amused. "You know this is a personal email, right?" He tried to reprimand, but the smile on his face sent it out the window.

"Did you know that the content of that email constitutes as red light behavior?" She answered innocently and turned to the filing cabinet to file the latest paperwork on the case they had just closed.

He stood up and pressed her up against the cabinet, his hands on her hips. "What constitutes as red light behavior these days?" He whispered in her ear, sending chills down her back.

She shut the drawer and turned around, her back against the metal and his arms moved to either side of her shoulder with their noses nearly touching. "Maybe you should pay attention during the training." She said huskily. "Or I can remind you."

Her eyes traveled down to his lips, daring him to make the next move. His heart thumped loudly and he was convinced that she could feel it, but hers mimicked his. Tony hated it when she put him in limbo, where he couldn't tell if she was serious or not. Today was a not, as she stomped on his toe and his hands dropped to his side before a well placed smack on the back of the head caught him off guard. It was Gibbs, whose stony face hid the amusement well. "Are you two finished playing grab ass?" He asked as he sat down at his desk.

"Yes boss." Tony said with a glare and sat back in his chair with a pout.

She smiled triumphantly as she returned back to her folder in her hand, pretending to read the writing on the paper as Gibbs' phone rang. "Yeah, Gibbs." He said into the receiver, Ziva looked to the boss waiting for the word to grab her gear. He frowned and looked up at Ziva. "Can you distract him, McGee? Okay got it." Tony and Ziva shared a confused look. "Eli David just entered the lobby."

Ziva's blood ran ice cold. She wasn't ready to face the man who disowned her and sent her on a suicide mission where her new family saved her. "What do we do boss?" Tony asked as his voice rose in pitch.

The treacherous elevator dinged loudly and they all knew was in the cabin. "Hide her." Gibbs said with a pointed finger in her direction while getting to his feet and shoving all remnants that she was there into a drawer. He pointed to Tony's desk as he got up to meet the director and Tony grabbed her wrist, shoving her into the small space. He tucked his legs underneath the surface and she buried her face into his knee, he could feel her tremble against him.

It wasn't like her to hide, she was an assassin after all, but Eli David had power that she was well aware of. Though she had resigned from Mossad, he had the power to revoke her visa and legally force her back to Israel where she would surely be killed. The door slid open and McGee stepped off, looking panicked as Gibbs sized up the man. "Hello Special Agent Gibbs." His accent was thicker, more precise than his daughters, but the resemblance was uncanny.

"Director." He said coldly, he nodded to McGee who scurried over to his desk and sat down, he looked over at Tony, who pretended to type on his computer and uninterested in the man who just entered the squad room. McGee tried to catch his eye, but he wouldn't look up from his screen.

"I wanted to thank you for saving my daughter." He said with a smile as he looked around the room for her. When he didn't see her, his focus turned to Anthony DiNozzo, the one who held her heart. "Where is she?"

"She is out for the day." Answered a voice from behind him, it was Leon Vance. "She said she wasn't feeling too well this morning."

The older man scoffed. "America has made her soft, she would have never asked for a sick day when. . ." He said, before he stopped and smiled. "I have come to take her home."

Gibbs' glare made Tony wince from across the room as he reached under the desk and ran his fingers through her hair as she buried her face deeper, to stifle her breathing. "She is home, Eli." Gibbs said firmly.

To prevent a scene from breaking out, Vance placed a hand on the director's shoulder. "We should take this up stairs, to let people get some work done around here." The old man nodded and Leon led the way to the stairs, causing Tony to tense and look up at the man when he passed his desk. Ziva clung to his leg and he wished that he could take away her discomfort at that moment.

"How about we take the elevator? My body aches from the flight." Eli said as if they were meeting socially.

"Right this way, Eli." Vance said and Gibbs followed, giving Tony a look that spoke volumes. His hand snuck under his desk and brushed against her hand as they waited for them to get to Vance's office. He caught McGee's eye and motioned to the desk and he nodded, the elevator dinged again and they waited with a hitched breath until the door closed.

Tony pushed back and helped her out of the crawl space, before booking it towards the only place they could think of to gather their thoughts, in Abby's lab.

With her much smaller hand in his and McGee in tow they took the stairs two at a time until they stormed into the lab, startling the forensic scientist and McGee shut the door. She turned the music off and did her best to look annoyed. "What the hell, guys?" She asked and took in their out of breath states, her annoyed face turned worried. "What's wrong?"

"We just need somewhere to get our thoughts together." Tony said as his arm went around her shoulders, pinning her to his chest and her face buried into it. Adrenaline rushed through her veins and she closed her eyes, never had she ever felt this scared for her life.

A sinking feeling in Abby's stomach made her turn to McGee with a harsh look. "What's wrong, McGee?"She asked impatiently, her flight or fight impulses raging as she looked between the three.

McGee didn't say anything, the guilt from not stopping Eli David from stepping in the lobby ate at him and his heart broke watching the woman cling to his friend like a life preserver.

Her grip tightened on his shirt as she fought back the tears. "He's going to have me killed. . ." She whispered, just loud enough for Tony to hear. "I disobeyed an order. . ."

"Shh, Gibbs won't let him take you." He said softly with his chin resting on her head and tightened his grip on her. "I won't let him take you away from me again."

The room was silent, except from the humming of the mass spectrometer and computers. Tony sighed before pushing her back slightly and sunk down just enough to look her in the eye. "This is what you are going to do. . ."He said before whispering into her ear instructions, so that McGee and Abby couldn't hear what he was saying. "You got it?" She nodded before he enveloped her into another hug and led her to the rarely used backdoor. Hidden behind the large oak door, he pressed his lips to hers tenderly and ran his fingers through her hair before giving her a slight shove out the door. "Be safe, please."

He shut the door and walked back to McGee and Abby. "What is going on, Tony?" Abby asked again.

With his voice low he told her about Director David's untimely arrival in the squad room. "We need to find a solid, preferably legal way to keep her in the country." McGee's face fell and he looked uncomfortable, Tony noticed it in a heartbeat. "Tim?"

"I'm sorry, I should've . . ."He said.

Tony placed his hands on his shoulders. "None of this is your fault, but all you can do now is help Ziva." Tony said, but he still turned away. "You called to warn us that he was on his way, if he would've seen her. . ."He shuddered to think of what that man could do her.

"Where did you send her?" Abby asked, already formulating plans on how to delete her from travel rosters and creating secret identities.

Tony turned to leave. "I can't tell you that." He said as he left the lab.

McGee turned to Abby. "He's creating plausible deniability." McGee answered, almost stunned. She sighed before turning to her computer and typing furiously, slowly McGee made his way back to the elevator to head back to the bullpen.