Title: Daddy's Approval

Author: Ihave207Bones, SplishySplash

Pairing: Tony/Ziva

Rating: M

Spoiler: Season Seven

Summary: Eli David comes to get his daughter, but not if Tony has anything to say about it.

Tony stretched his long achy legs, he was scrunched up for six hours in an airplane and then in the backseat of a taxi for another thirty minutes until they stood hand in hand at the dock. The boat seemed bigger than the aircraft carrier that he had spent four months on and bigger than what he imagined the Titanic to be.

Then he remembered that he hated boats. "So remind me, why Alaska?" He asked his . . . wife.

She looked up excitedly. "I have never been." She answered and he raised his brow, she wasn't telling him everything. "It was to change the subject when Ducky was trying to talk to me about what happened when I was in Africa."

"And you couldn't choose somewhere warmer?" He asked with a teasing smile, she looked up to retort but was stopped by his lips being pressed to hers. "I was looking forward to the bikinis."

Her smile grew wicked. "Why?" She asked, her eyes sparkled playfully. "When you can have the real thing."

"Oh. I guess I forgot." He said kissing her again the line moved forward and it was their turn to board the ship. "Alaska is fine then."

The man at the counter was dressed to the nines down to his shiny leather shoes. "Welcome to the Sapphire Princess." He said officially, his accent was thick with something Tony didn't recognize. Ziva gave him the tickets and he scanned them into the computer. "Ah Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiNozzo, we have been waiting for you if you please follow Frances, he will show you to your suite."

They shared a look as their luggage was taken from them and they followed the man onto the cruise liner. The hallway was brightly lit and decorated modestly with paintings and statues until they reached the middle of the ship and it was enough to make both of them gasp slightly as they looked over the side at the floors towards the bottom, people stood randomly on the floors.

"The Sapphire Princess is the most prestigious liner in the Pacific Ocean and you are in one of our finest rooms." Frances said and he motioned for them to follow him down another hallway. "Here we are, state room ten-thirteen."

They stood slightly in awe. "This is bigger than my apartment." Tony commented as he reached into his pocket to tip the man, who left without another word. The room had a small kitchenette in one corner with chairs and a table next to it across from a large sitting area and big screen TV, in the back was a mini bar and a king sized bed. The bathroom was epic, with a large bathtub in one corner and shower in the other. Tony sat down the laptop bag on one of the couches and flopped on the bed. "Woah, this bed is nice."

Ziva rolled her eyes and climbed on to the bed. She had to admit it was probably one of the most comfortable beds that she had ever sat upon, not that she would admit to it. "It is alright." She said and with a wicked smile she crawled across the space and straddled him, sitting on his lap.

"Just alright?" He said playfully, rubbing her arms with his hands before making their way to her waist. "I can see if I can fix that." He sat up slightly, meeting her lips with his and his hands found their way under her shirt, his fingers brushing against her rib cage.

She broke this kiss momentarily to remove the article of clothing, before immediately pressing her lips back to his and her fingers began to work the buttons of his shirt. When he was free from the buttons, he rolled them over so that he was straddling her and he pinned her to the mattress as his lips traveled from hers down to her neck, mapping the uncharted territories. His hand traced patterns down the side of her body, down to her thigh and hooking her leg around him to increase the pressure between them.

Ziva sighed contently as her hands worked his belt buckle, she worked the button of his jeans and expertly his pants ended up on the floor before he knew what had happened. He returned the favor, pulling her slacks off and sat back to admire her, lying on her back in her black lacy underwear. "You are so beautiful." He whispered, pressing a nipping kiss at her neck.

She didn't say anything she was distracted by him pressing into her. She rolled them over again and brushed her lips against his chest and down to his belly, hooking her fingers into the waist line of his boxers and soon that met his jeans on the floor. She released a small gasp when she saw him, he definitely met her approval.

Her mouth came back to his and his hands traveled down her body resting on her panty clad hips. His touch brought goose bumps to her skin and a smile to his lips. He sat up and let his tongue map out her neck and collar bone as he freed her breasts from their lacy holds.

Tossing her head back, her hair fanned down her back in curls and giving him full access to her neck.

In long stretched moments both of them were completely naked and tangled up in each other's arms. She felt his hand slide to the dip of her waist as he used his other one to guide himself into her and she gasped, wrapping her legs around him and tried to pull herself up. The delicious burn of stretching of being filled only went so far and an unfamiliar whimper escaped from her lips, he smiled into her hair because it was him that making her feel that way as he started with a slow, even pace.

"Tony." She growled and he picked up his pace. Her fingers dug into his back, he wasn't leaving until she was done with him and she didn't care if she left marks.

With every thrust and every cry of each other's name they were getting closer to becoming one with each other, only for him to slow down to reach for his wallet and she groaned. "Don't stop." She whispered into her ear.

He stopped completely for a moment and grabbed her chin to look at him. "Are you sure?" He asked and she nodded, bucking her hips against his and returned his attention to his thrusts, burying himself deep inside her until they both reached their peak and they both collapsed in a heap on the bed.

She buried her face into his chest, playing with the chest hairs as she did when they were undercover only this time they were completely naked and completely satisfied. They laid there breathlessly for a moment before Ziva started to giggle.

"What?" He asked, brushing his finger down her face. Her skin was soaked with sweat and soft and completely touchable, his for the taking.

"My life does have new meaning now." She said, remembering the time when they were stuck in the shipping container and he started to laugh.

He pushed himself up to look at her in the eye. "Good, my goal is complete." He said and they both shared a laugh, before they fell asleep content in each others arms.


Gibbs sat in an empty bullpen staring out the window and McGee sat at his desk, typing idly on his computer. The silence was getting to the younger man and it had been going on for nearly a week. "Sure is quiet with them gone." He said, pulling Gibbs from his reverie.

"Enjoy it while it lasts." Gibbs said with a smile as the familiar ping of an email echoed through the room. McGee looked back to his computer and the electronic mail was from Ziva.

"Hey Ziva just emailed me." He said excitedly and Gibbs got up to walk over to his desk. McGee opened the link as he stood over his shoulder and the first to load was a picture of both Tony and Ziva dressed in a wet suits and lifejackets in a tandem kayak smiling brightly.

McGee scrolled down a little farther and the next one brought a smile to Gibbs' stony face, both of them were in the water next to an upturned kayak and on Tony's face was a glare that revealed his own and Ziva was laughing. McGee narrated what Ziva had to say about their trip to Alaska and Tony's ineptness to the wild. They both were enjoying themselves and that they would call them later, it was followed by more pictures of them and deep sea fishing, Ziva held a large fish in her hand and looked at Tony's who was noticeably smaller than hers. "I didn't think Tony would enjoy himself this much." Abby said, appearing from nowhere to stand next to Gibbs.

"He is with Ziva, of course he'll enjoy himself." McGee said. "It's a free pass to break the rules . . .Sorry Boss."

Gibbs' smile didn't falter as he clasped the younger man on the shoulder, before turning into boss mode. "They will want to know the situation with Eli David. What do we have?"

Abby came around, sitting at Ziva's empty desk. "He passed through customs at Dulles yesterday and just landed in Tel Aviv three hours ago." She said, opening the desk and pulling out Ziva's 'playing' knife.

"What was he doing before then?"Gibbs asked, sitting on the edge of his desk and folded his arms.

McGee pulled up a picture on the plasma. "He was holed up in the International Security Organization conference over at the Kennedy Center." The pictures were of high quality of Ziva's father with random people in the security community. He clicked through the slideshow of pictures one after another of Eli David eating with important people or sitting in a lecture taking notes. "I did check all the calls coming and going from his hotel room and there was a bunch of calls placed between him and the Israeli Embassy."

A picture that he stopped on caught the older man's attention and when McGee looked up from his computer, Gibbs was gone. "I hate it when he does that."

Abby was staring at the elevator before looking back at him. "Check how long the conference was, we may have days unaccounted for."


It wasn't often that Gibbs walked into the J. Edgar Hoover building, he preferred to keep things at home base just in case he needed anything, but today it was called for. He waited impatiently for a visitor badge and took the catacombs of hallways up to the desired office.

His friend was sitting at his desk with his glasses in his hand, reading over a file that laid on his desk. He didn't hear Gibbs walk into the office, let alone sit down in the chair in front of his desk. "Good afternoon Tobias." He said and the man jumped.

His hand went to his chest and he looked startled. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" He asked, looking annoyed. Gibbs only smirked before returning to his normal professional self. "What can I do for you?"

"You went to the International Security Organization conference last week." Gibbs answered.

Fornell nodded. "Yes, was I supposed to tell you?" He asked.

Gibbs only shrugged. "You were in contact with the director of Mossad, Eli David."

"Yes, I did have lunch with him once or twice and sat in some of the same lectures. What is this about?" He asked getting suspicious. Gibbs leaned back and crossed his legs, his gaze was dark and almost accusing him of treachery. "Is this about his daughter, your agent Ziva David?"

"Did you talk about her?" Gibbs asked.

Fornell shrugged his shoulders noncommittally and shuffled the papers on his desk. "Only that she got married to DiNutzo last weekend, congratulations by the way now he has a solid alibi." He said with a smile.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, he wasn't going into detail of the marriage itself. "They are good for each other, but that isn't what I was talking about."

"You want to know if he has any plans for her?" Fornell asked. "The way I see it is that she married an American that isn't Jewish and then not get invited to the wedding, if I was in his shoes I would be pissed too. We didn't dwell on the subject of his daughter, we had more important things to discuss."


"International security, it is the ISO conference for god's sake." He said and Gibbs got up, leaving his office more aggravated than before.


When he came back into the building, McGee and Abby were waiting for him with information and it was spilling out before he had time to take off his jacket. "The ISO conference was Monday through Wednesday of last week and took every moment of those days." Abby said with a frown.

"Sunday he checked into the Israeli Embassy at 0830 and left around 1230, we were able to follow him through the day via the GPS on the car. . ." McGee started before Gibbs interrupted.

"How did you get the GPS on the car?" He asked with a raised brow.

McGee swallowed visibly and grew nervous under his gaze. "All cars driven by foreign consulates are recorded for the State Department's records just in case one gets hijacked or stolen and all I had to do was get into the State Departments data base and voila."

Gibbs nodded, impressed by the junior agent. "Good work McGee." He said proudly and McGee smiled. "But that doesn't account for Friday after he left and all day Saturday."

Abby nodded. "We are working on that, trying to find a cell phone or a credit card without actually having one is like a needle in a haystack, but my computers are running them now." She said and she looked at her watch. "They should be calling soon I have a web cam set up down stairs."

They followed the Goth down to her lap with a stop to the Caf-Pow machine before they waited for both Ziva and Tony on the web cam. It didn't take long until they were standing face to face with Ziva, whose attention was off camera. ". . . Seriously Tony, I am making the connection right now. . ." She said with a sigh and she turned her attention to the screen to see them staring back at her. "Oh hello."

Gibbs' smile was amused and both Abby and McGee laughed, waving to the camera. "How are you Ziva?" Abby asked.

Her smile was broad and she genuinely looked happy. "I am fine, how is everything back in Washington?" Ziva asked as he name was called from the background, she ignored Tony and kept her focus on the team.

Gibbs nodded. "It's still here, what about Alaska?" He asked as Tony took a seat next to Ziva with his arm around her shoulders and she leaned into his embrace.

"It's freezing and you are lucky to get any sun around here." Tony complained with a frown before it turned into a smile at the end of Ziva's elbow. "It's beautiful." He was wearing an open Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops.

"Tony, you look a little out of place there." McGee commented with a smile.

He shrugged. "I am bundled up like an Eskimo all day, at night I get to dress like Magnum." He said with his bright smile and Ziva only shook her head as she gained the looks of the team as if to say 'you allow that?'

"Do not look to me I am only married to the man." She answered, idly playing with the ring on her finger. "I found the perfect gift for you Abby, you are going to love it."

Tony glared playfully at her. "I believe it was I that found it, sweet cheeks." He said and it was her turn to glare at him and he recanted his statement. "Right, you found it."

Abby laughed and clapped her hands excitedly. "Now I really can't wait till you guys get back, it's been way too quiet." She said excitedly, her insides were warm and fuzzy from the display from the pair because they were the epitome of a married couple.

Things grew somber for a moment and she took Tony's hand in hers. Gibbs noticed the sudden shift. "Have you had any contact with your father since last Friday?" Gibbs asked.

She bit her lip and looked at their joined hands, even Tony looked surprised. "He left me a voicemail on Saturday, telling me that it was not too late to go back to Israel and that this wedding idea was foolish." Ziva said, both Gibbs and Tony knew that it wasn't all of it and Tony nudged her to continue. "I got another voicemail a couple of days ago from someone I did not recognize that said that I was a disgrace to Israel and to my father, I cannot go back to Israel or I will be killed."

Gibbs' hand went to his forehead to rub away the headache he that was building behind his forehead as Tony asked her to question all of them were begging for an answer. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

She released a shaky breath. "I do not want you to get hurt, Tony. This is my battle. . ." She started.

Tony interrupted her and held her by the cheek. "No it isn't, Ziva. The moment you agreed to marry me, your problems became our problems and I will not let you go through this alone." The three in the lab shared a look, when had Tony grown up to this man that they barely recognized? She whispered something to Tony that they missed and he pressed his lips to hers before returning his attention to them. "Is there something we don't know about?"

"Eli David was at the International Security Organization conference until yesterday when he flew out of Dulles, he landed in Tel Aviv earlier today." Gibbs started. "His alibi is airtight for the conference."

"We were able to track his vehicle movement on Sunday because the Embassy gave him one of theirs, but even then it is spotty." McGee said. "We also don't have anything on him for Friday and Saturday."

Tony was about to ask something, but Abby shook her head they were not supposed to think about this while they were away. "We are working on it you guys have fun and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon."

"But. . ." Ziva said, shifting in her seat.

Gibbs shook his head, Abby was right. "Don't worry about it right now." He said, leaving no room for argument. "We will see you next week." With that they said their goodbyes and closed the chat down and the three shared a look.

"What do we do now boss?" McGee asked after a long moment of silence.

Gibbs took a deep breath, the headache was getting worse and he needed to think. "We figure out what Eli David was doing before the conference before they come home. But go home and get some rest, we need a fresh start for tomorrow."