Title: Shatter
Fandom:Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Characters: Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou KID, Snake, Inspector Nakamori Ginzo
Prompt: #11 Red
Word Count: 288 words.
Rating: pg-13 for violence and disturbing themes.
Author's Notes: character death and Psycho!Kaito…

Red used to be Kaito's favourite colour.

He liked the brilliant fires of sunsets, and the deep glimmers in the ruby his father had bought his mother as an anniversary gift. He liked the soft flush of red on the petals of a rose, and the blush it brought to the cheeks of a pretty, blue-eyed girl outside a clock tower.

Then his father had died, burning in an accident of flames on stage – an accident that wasn't really an accident, spilling red, red blood on the stage and making Mother's eyes red from tears.

All over a red glow in a jewel.

And now…

Now the clean, pristine white suit of Kaitou KID is stained with red (He's never going to be able to wear those gloves again, Mother will be mad at all the laundry she'll have to do…except Mother is dead), and there is red dropping from Nakamori-Keibu's lips onto the floor, joining the growing puddle of red on the rooftop (the bullet went right through him, should have been faster should have stopped him no-one gets hurt and now Aoko's gonna cry and her pretty, pretty blue eyes will turn all red). In the corner of the rooftop, the shattered remains of a jem still glowed red under the light of the full moon.

Red. Red. Red.

And now Snake is red too, except where he's grey and white, red pulp under his fists and splattered over the rooftop and on his jacket, brain matter pooling onto the gravel and white bone showing through, his face a rictus of horror from the sight of a maddened boy who had just lost his second father to the same man…

No, Kaito doesn't like red anymore.