I am a big DB fan, and I love all the couples in the show, but for some reason I tend to like Gohan and Videl a bit more. This is my own little version of what happens between Gohan and Videl after the Majin Buu Saga. It's about what happens after all that and returning back to normal, or as normal as it possibly can be.

"This" means someone is talking

'This' means an eternal thought

This means that it is either a letter or a dream.

I don't own Dragon Ball Z, or any of its characters.

Without further ado here is my story called "You're All I Wanted"

"Gohan is dead" Goku's voice echoed in pure darkness.

Videl looked around and saw that she was all alone. "We haven't even found his body yet, and you're acting like we buried him already." Her own voice echoed.

"Videl if we can't sense his life fource, then…" Krillin's voice drifted off.

"No he can't be gone, not before we have a chance to be together."

Just then an image of Gohan appeared before her. "Hi Videl."

"Gohan!" Videl yelled and out stretched her hand to touch him. But with every inch she got closer to him, he got further away.

"I have to go now Videl." Gohan said.

"No Gohan, I just got you back. I don't want to lose you again." Tears started to appear in her deep, blue eyes as she still ran after him, but he began to get further and away.

As a last stick effort, Videl blasted off the ground with more force than she had ever had before. But no matter how fast she flew, he was always just out of her reach. Then in an instance he was gone. Videl scanned the black void, and again she was alone. With tears flowing down her face all she could muster to say was, "GOHAN!"

"Gohan" Videl said springing up out of bed. The room around her flew into focus after a few moments of silence. Composing herself for a moment, Videl looked over at the clock on her side table. 5:00 am flashed on the clock, and Videl rested her back against her queen size head board. Videl was breathing heavily, and she could feel her heart beating rapidly. Videl then took the back of her hand, and removed the beads cold sweat from her forehead.

It had been three weeks since the end of the evil Kid Buu, and Videl was finding hard to settle back into her normal life. She had died; most of the world died, and everyone was walking around as if nothing happened. But the worst part of the whole event was the feeling of just pure emptiness when she had learned of Gohan's fate. Sure he is alive and well now, but there was no removing that felling, or that moment in time. Videl had been having nightmares about that event ever since it happen.

Videl then got out of bed, there was no recovering that nights sleep, she then got ready and did what she always did when she couldn't sleep and that was workout.

Videl found herself in her father's full workout area. After wrapping her hand in tape and a quick warm up, Videl began her workout with the punching bag.

Every punch became faster and every kick became stronger as Videl searched the deep recesses of her mind. 'Why am I focusing so much on when Gohan and I were separated? He is here now; I am only hours away from feel his grasp around me. But these nightmares just won't stop. Why won't they stop?' Videl punches got more powerful, and she again searched her mind.

As she was punching out her frustrations, she didn't hear the footsteps creeping up on her. As the owner of those steps placed his hand on Videl's shoulder, they quickly had to dodge her incoming punch to their face.

"Oh sorry Buu, I didn't hear you." Videl panted as she caught her breath.

"Why Videl almost hit Buu?" Buu said asking in his innocent way.

"Sorry I just wasn't thinking."

"You not think lot lately." Buu said smiling.

"What you mean I've never almost hit you before." Videl asked with her eyes widening.

"No, but Buu see Videl in here every morning when Videl should be sleeping." Buu laughed.

"Yeah," Videl laughed grabbing the back of her head with one hand, "I just have a hard time sleeping through the night lately."

Buu cocked his head and simply said, "Ok.", and left the gym.

Videl looked over at the clock on the wall, she had just enough time to shower, get dress, and head off to school in time to meet Gohan before class. Videl then walked up to her personal bathroom, and began to do just that.

As Videl was walking out of her house she leaned over to the intercom at the front door and said, "Bye Daddy, I'm off to school." Then she left before she could hear his response.

When walking to school all Videl could think about was Gohan. Sometimes Gohan could spot Videl on the ground and would walk with her the rest of the way, so Videl walked at a slow pace to see if she could spot him herself, but no such luck. 'I guess he's running late today.' So Videl just walked calmly to there meeting spot near the front of the school. As Videl waited friends came up to her say hi, but every thirty seconds or so she would scan the yard in search of Gohan.

One minute to go before classes started, and the courtyard started to thin out. 'Still no sign of Gohan, he's never been this late before. Where is he?' The memories of the nightmare from the night before came flooding back. Now Videl was the only left outside, and the feeling of being alone started set in. The bell rang and still there was no sign of Gohan. 'I guess he's not coming today.' As she scanned the yard one last time and saw that there still no Gohan. So Videl turned to go inside, crying as she did so.

As Videl reached her classroom she took a few moments to compose herself. As she was crying her last tear, she let out a quite statement. "Gohan, I need you." Just as she was about to head inside, voice behind her said, "Hi Videl"

Videl knew who it was without having to look, but she needed to make sure her heart wasn't playing a trick on her mind. Sure enough it was Gohan with his innocent smile standing behind her, and the tears started to roll her face again. All Videl could muster was a blubbering, "Where were you?" Then Videl collapsed into his chest, and began crying uncontrollably.

"Geez I'm sorry Videl, I woke up late because Goten unplugged my alarm clock. I didn't know that would make you so upset." Gohan said rubbing Videl's back as she cried.

"Oh it's not you being late that made me cry, I had a nightmare again last night. And it was just a felling of loneliness that set in when you weren't there." Videl said while wiping the tears out of her eyes, and gazing up into the eyes of Gohan.

"Not the nightmares again" Gohan said letting out a deep breath.

"I don't know why it's affecting so much. I mean I know you're not dead; you're right here. But when you're not around, the feeling of loneliness sets back in and I can't help but cry. I don't want cry but I have too. I'm sorry I don't want to be so dependent on you."


"Because you'll get annoyed, and then you'll leave. I also want to be independent like I was before."

"Videl I don't think I could every leave you. You're in my heart. As for being independent, I think it would be hard to do after what we've been through together." Gohan smiled down at Videl. Oh how that smile could melt her heart. "Now as for those nightmares, I think have the solution."

"Really, what?" Videl exclaimed.

"Well we haven't really spent any one on one time with each other since the whole Buu fiasco. Well why don't you come over to my house after school, I'll help you with your homework, we can have dinner with my family, and then we can go for a romantic walk threw the woods and watch the sun set at the top of one of the mountains."

"Gohan, what a great idea! I could really use a break from the silence of my dad's house. Gohan you're the best." Videl flung her arms around Gohan's neck, and began kissing him.

As the young lovers were losing themselves in a kiss, a loud cough broke them up. They turned around to see where came from and saw their teacher standing in the doorway. "Am I interrupting something? Or are you just going to stand out here making out all day"

"No sir, sorry sir" Videl bowed respectively to her teacher.

"It will not happen again sir." Gohan said bow just the same as Videl.

"Now get in here and if I ever catch you being late to class again, that doesn't have to do with keeping our fair city safe, you'll be in detention for a week."

"Yes sir" Both Videl and Gohan said while slipping by him to get into the class room. As they walked in front of the entire class, their entrance was greeted with wolf calls, and whistling. The couple both had bright red faces at this point.

"Now where was I…" The teacher trailed off starting his lesson again.

The rest of the day Videl and Gohan paid very close attention to their lessons, in fear of getting in trouble again and putting a damper on their plans for later on that day.

As the final bell rang, the courtyard fill with teenagers running to car, or buses to get away from school as soon as possible. As the madness died down, all who were left were Gohan and Videl and a few other teenagers.

"Well that was embarrassing." Videl said recalling this morning's events.

"Yeah," Gohan laughed and grabbing the back of his head with one hand, "I don't want to repeat that. So should we get going?"

"Um I think I should go tell my father where I'm going so he doesn't worry; you don't want him to put Satan City in a state of emergence because I didn't come home for dinner."

Gohan laughed, "Yeah that's true, and I should call my mom and tell her the plan."

"Ok so we'll go over to my house to tell my dad, and you can use our phone to call your mother."

"Sounds like a plan." Gohan said smiling back a Videl.

Videl smiled back at Gohan, and then noticed the ice cream shop behind him, "Hey do you mind if we stop for a second, so I can get some ice cream."

"Sweet tooth bothering you, huh?" Gohan laughed.

"No it's not for me, it's for Buu. I almost punched him this morning, and I'd like to make it up to him." Videl said opening the door to the store.

"You almost punched Buu?" Gohan asked with a blank stare.

"Let just say I was really focused on my workout this morning."

"Remind me never to interrupt you training again."

The couple laughed as they waited in line. When it was Videl's turn she ordered five different kinds of ice cream for one cone. When the order was finished the employee handed the cone to Videl and then they both left the store.

The walk to Videl's house took little time at all, and soon the couple was walking through the front doors of the house.

The pair came across Buu first, which was a good thing because the ice cream was now dripping down Videl's hand.

"Hey Buu, I got this for you. I am sorry about this morning" Videl exclaimed handing over

"Videl brought Buu ice cream. Buu like Videl even more." Buu said gobbling down the ice cream in one bite, "All gone"

"Your welcome Buu, now where is my father?"

"Buu doesn't know where Mr. Satan is. Videl should use talkie box to find him." And with that Buu left the room.

"It figures, in a house like this you can never find anyone." Videl rolled her eye, and walked over to the intercom and hit the button. "Hey Daddy I'm home, Where are you."

"My Pumpkin home from school, I bet you made meatloaf out of those books. Come tell you old dad about it in the garden." Mr. Satan called out over the intercom.

Videl's cheeks turned a bright shade of red, and Gohan fought back a laugh. "Oh and hey Dad, Gohan is here and he's wondering if he can use a phone to call his mother."

"Sure it's the least I can offer the boy after all he's done for us. He can use the one closest to the garden."

"Ok Daddy, see you in a bit."

Videl gestured to Gohan to follow her. "It easy to get lost on the way to the garden"

"Well if we do at least we won't go hungry, not with all that meatloaf you have." Gohan couldn't resist the joke.

"Oh be quite." Videl said smiling at the joke as well. It took no time at all to arrive at the garden, and then Videl pointed out the phone closest to it, and waited till he started dialing to head out to the garden. "When you're done just come out here, ok Gohan?" Gohan nodded his head, and then started talking to whoever was on the other line.

"Hi mom it's me Gohan…No everything is all right…No I'm not hurt…No mom the world isn't going to end…" Gohan said trying to get through to his mother. Videl then left to go find her father out in the garden.

"Hi there my little Peach how was school?" Mr. Satan asked smoking on of his cigars.

"It was good Daddy." Videl said taking the seat next to him.

"I trust you paid attention to the lesson, and not on other things." Mr. Satan said eyeing Gohan's shadow coming from inside the house.

"Yes Daddy" Videl said rolling her eyes at her father. "Hey umm I was wondering if I could go over to Gohan's house to study tonight?"

"What why can't you too just study here where I can keep and eye on the boy?"

"Dad you know Gohan, and you know me."

"Yeah but I also know what's running through your brains."

"Daddy, listen I have been having nightmares about losing Gohan since three weeks ago…" Hercule nodded with understanding at his daughter's sudden opening up about her feelings. "I haven't been able to sleep, and I am starting to get stressed out at school because of it. I think if I spend one night studying with him away from the city it would stop the nightmares"

Hercule was quite for a while as he search he mind for a reason not to let her go. "Ok you can go"

"Oh thank you Daddy." Videl threw her arms around her father.

"…But I want you to keep your hands on the books, not each other"

"Oh Daddy" Videl went red again.

"No I mean it now, and another thing…" Videl braced herself for another embarrassing moment. "…I want you to be safe so if it gets too late I want you to hunker down at their place, in a separate room, and get a good nights rest and then I want you to be back here first thing in the morning. Got it?"

"Got it" Videl smiled at her father and gave him another hug.

Just then Gohan appeared from the house having just finished his phone call with his mother, "Well it's all good with my mom. Good thing it's the weekend, or I don't think my mom would have let us. Is ok with you sir?"

"Gohan my boy, it is fine with me." Mr. Satan said tapping some of the used up ash off of his cigar. "Videl why don't you go gather up some clothes for tonight and tomorrow."

"I'll help you Videl." Gohan said getting up to go help her, but Mr. Satan pulled him back down.

"Oh no you don't, you and I have something to discus before you to jet off."

Gohan look over at Videl with a help me look on his face. "Don't worry I'll be back in a few minutes." Then she ran off to her room to get some pajamas, and an outfit for tomorrow. After grabbing some toiletries from her bathroom, she quickly ran downstairs with her bag to get back to Gohan and her father as soon as possible. As she came closer to the garden she over heard the final bit of the conversation.

"…You don't want to get on my bad side do you?" Videl heard her father say.

"Hi I'm back and ready go, ready Gohan?" Videl said trying to save her boyfriend from more awkward conversations with her father.

Gohan popped up and shook hands with Mr. Satan and said, "You have nothing to worry about your daughter is safe with me."

"She better be or you are going to answer to me." Mr. Satan said and then got up and hugged his daughter. "I want you to be safe ok?"

"Yes Daddy, I know." Videl said blushing at what she had just heard.

Gohan reached over and picked up Videl's bag for him to carry. "Thanks Gohan." Videl said loud enough for her father to notice his gesture.

"No problem at all, Videl." Gohan said, "Well should we head out?" Videl nodded her head, and with that they both blasted off towards Gohan's home.

"Be careful!" Mr. Satan yelled one last time as he waved goodbye to them.

The pair waved back, and before long Mr. Satan couldn't be seen anymore.

As soon as they were far enough away, Videl turned to Gohan and asked, "So what did my dad say to you while I was upstairs getting my stuff?"

"Hmm…oh…" Gohan smiled and got ready for his best Hercule impersonation, "Now listen her you little pipsqueak, I know you're a zillion times stronger than me, but if your hurt my little Angle in anyway, you will awaken the beast within."

"He didn't really say that, did he?" Videl ask turn red again.

"Every word" Gohan laughed.

"How embarrassing"

The pair just started laughing all the way to Gohan's house.

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