When Will The Sun Shine Again?


Chapter 1- A Beginning and an End


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Princess Arwen wandered the grounds of Rivendell listlessly. Her beloved Aragorn had set off on the eve of yesterday. Her heart cried out for him. No sooner had the Great War and darkness been over, he had been torn away from her once again.

She made her way across the bridge where she had said goodbye to him, all those months ago, when he set out to destroy the one ring, and again last night. It seemed her whole life was made up of many tearful farewells and not many joyous welcomes, but all that would change.

Arwen put her hand on her belly. Small now, she thought But soon new life shall be in this world, a blessed fruit of our love

She had not told Aragorn, hoping to tell him on their anniversary, which was only a few days away. But Aragorn had had to depart her side, away to a war in the west, small in comparison to the Great War but grave nonetheless. 

The lady Evenstar basked in the warmth of the sunlight, her dark hair swirling about her porcelain face as her sapphire eyes regarded the falls beneath her. Less watching the roaring waterfall crash down to jagged rocks below, and more the quiet pond beside it, lilies blossoming on the surface of the faintly rippling water. Arwen leaned over the wooden rail and trailed her slender fingers in the cool water absently.

"It is most unusual to see a woman of such grace in such an untidy position my Lady." A light voice said behind her.

Arwen almost toppled into the pond, but a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back from a most undignified fall.

"Legolas! Do not startle me so! It would not do to get such a fine gown covered in weed!" Arwen turned to regard the elven prince behind her a small smirk on his face.

"Of course not, forgive me Arwen, I could not resist." He said taking her hand and guiding her to a nearby seat.

"Do you have news of Aragorn? Neither my father nor my brothers will tell me of him, no matter what my pleas."

"Arwen I would tell you if their was anything to tell and you know I wouldst not lie to you." Legolas replied, seeing her face fall. "Give poor Aragorn some time to leave before expecting news!"

"I suppose you are right Legolas, but there is much I need to tell, and no ears to heed me."

"I will always listen, as I always have."

"I do not doubt it Legolas, but what I need to tell is for my Lord only."

"So be it, but remember I am always here for you Arwen."

"And I appreciate it Legolas, you are my truest friend, there are so little these days."

"Do not be gloomy, Aragorn wouldst despair to see your radiance so altered by his absence."

"I miss him so, more than ever now." She could not help but let a hand subconsciously slip to her stomach.

Realization dawned in Legolas' cerulean eyes but whether Arwen realized he could not tell.

"Well I shall depart with your leave Lady?"

"Certainly Legolas, thank you, for everything." Legolas locked eyes with her for a brief moment and then bowed his head slightly and left, making no noise as his light form walked from the bridge.

Oh Arwen, how I wish you could know my true feelings for you, and you are with child! How Aragorn should be by her side now, not I, no matter my desires… I should send word to Aragorn…shouldn't I?


Far away, Lord Aragorn, son of Arathorn and his men were battling fiercely against one of the remaining Orc troops. Already many were slain, but the attack kept advancing.

He spun in an arc, slicing through two Orcs and severing ones head. Crimson blood splattered his armour and face, his hair matted with dirt and Orc excretions of many sorts. But this did not deter him, only give him more energy behind his lunges. Though Aragorn and his men were weary the Orcs were diminishing by the blow.

He sunk his sword deep into an Orc chest, satisfied as it crumpled to the floor. And that was when the arrow hit him.


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