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Kantarou clung at Haruka's neck as the tengu landed gracefully in front of the house. The ride had been fun, though there were times that Haruka tried to scare Kantarou by his way of flying. It was still fun. Kantarou thought Haruka must've love flying, the feeling is great. He loved it when the wind touched his face. Kantarou grinned at Haruka and thanked him, then he knocked at the door.

"Suzu! Can you get that please?" they heard Youko shout. Probably, she's cooking, like always. The door was opened by Suzu and as soon as she saw Haruka, she hugged him happily.

"Haruka! I'm so glad you're back!" she said. Haruka smiled and patted her head. Somehow, Suzu seemed like a younger sister to him. Suzu smiled and pulled the tengu inside, Kantarou following behind.

"Kantarou! …Haruka?" Kantarou grinned at Youko's shocked face.

"Youko, he's back so you should cook more food!" he laughed and proceeded to glomp Haruka, who just groaned at him.

"Oi get off."

"I dun wanna~"

Youko giggled at the scene. Somehow she felt satisfied now that things were back to normal.

"Get off!"


Yeah, back to normal alright. Meaning, the annoying arguments are probably back too. She sighed and smiled, going to the kitchen to cook more.


"Oh, so that's what happened." Youko said after chewing. Kantarou had been telling them about what just happened between them and why is Haruka back now.

"Yep! Then I asked him to give me a ride!" Haruka almost rolled his eyes. Almost.

"No you didn't. You forced me."

"I didn't! I just asked if you want me to make in an order, but I didn't force you!" Kantarou argued.

"Same thing."

Kantarou sticked his tongue out childishly and giggled. Haruka smiled. Watching Kantarou makes his tummy feel weird and his heart flutter.

'what's this feeling?' maybe it is one of human feelings. Still, he didn't understand and just kept staring at Kantarou.

"Haruka? Something wrong?" the folklorist asked, fidgeting a little with a little pink in his cheeks.

"What? No, why?"

"Em, you're staring."

"Oh, sorry."

After eating, Kantarou got into his room to continue his manuscripts while Haruka just went outside, at the rooftop to get some fresh air.

"Hey, I see you're back here." Sugino said as he landed at the roof, going beside Haruka who's looking at the stars.


"So what do you plan now?"

"Nothing, just do what I usually do."

"I see."

Sugino sat beside him, cooing at muu-chan while Haruka kept his mind busy thinking.

'human feelings…what are they? Is this…love? Wait, what am I saying?' the tengu sighed and frowned.

He can't love Kantarou. He just can't.

Because Kantarou is a human. And humans can't be with demons.

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