A/N: I wrote this poem when I was discussing some traditions with some other author (you know who you are). This "calaveritas" are short poems where you mock the death and your friends in Death's Day, or Dia de Muertos, a holiday in Mexico. In this one I'm mocking myself but if there is someone that feels related too, welcome to the club~! And review!

I don't own The Death (also know as Catrina) or Bleach.

Shinigami Calaverita

"One day the creepy fanfic writer
in the cemetery she was
visiting her dear mentor
who with the Death was drinking tea.
What she didn't know
The Death was following her,
but when writer
met the deathberry shinigami,
that rainy day
Death backed away
because "The Soul Reaper"
Was looking for her.
Too bad that
she didn't watch her path
because she fell
into an open tomb"