Chapter 5: Brothers to the Rescue

It was finally time for Michelangelo, Raphael and the Batman to go rescue the Joker's five captives. As the three arrived up on the abandon toy factory itself, Batman was worried that Raphael should really fight like a turtle and not like the Nightwatcher anymore.

"I think it's time you take off that disguise of yours" said Batman.

"Ha, like you're going to make me, I'm going to go down in there and smash the Joker's happy face into the ground" laughed Raphael.

"Like the last time you attempted to do?" asked Batman.

"Hey, that was an accident" barked Raphael.

"Fine, suit yourself" said Batman.

As Batman gazed down in a glass window, he could see the two other turtles along with Master Splinter, Casey and April all chained up to a wall.

"That's them" said Michelangelo.

"We shouldn't jump right it, it's an obvious trap" said Batman.

"Bah, you look your way in, and I'll look for my way in" said Raphael as he then noticed an air vent, "this entrance should do nicely."

As Raphael ripped off the air vent, it was quite loud to which Batman signaled Michelangelo to follow him to not get caught.

"Should we go help him?" asked Michelangelo.

"He's on his own for now" replied Batman.

As Raphael started to head down the air vents, some of the Joker's goons were playing cards while still trying to figure out ways of mentally torturing their five guests. The Joker, typically was out again, this time using some of his thugs to go get so-called protection money from a local coffee shop.

"You think the boss will bring us back the coffee we like?" asked one of the five goons.

"I don't think so, he didn't last time" sighed the second goon as he placed his card down.

"Have any threes?" asked another goon.

"Go fish" sighed a fourth.

Suddenly the Joker's goons could hear some noises in the air vents.

"You think it could be old Bats?" asked one of the goons as he got out a bat.

"Nah, Bats wouldn't be this stupid" laughed a fifth.

"You, go behind the back where the other end of the air vent leads to, and greet our guest with a big surprise" laughed the third goon.

"Will do" laughed the goon as he headed toward the back of the factory.

As Raphael crawled his way, his Nightwatcher suit was obviously making quite a bit of noise. This of course got a certain Master Splinter woken up, despite being chained up he could tell Raphael certainly never did learn some real ninja training.

"Master who do you think could be in the air vents?" asked Donatello.

"One thing is for sure, it's not this Dark Knight" sighed Master Splinter.

At the other end of the air vent system, Raphael had managed to use his chains to break free.

"Finally now to go rescue my brothers and the rest of the gang" said Raphael.

"Looks like the only one who'd be need rescuing is you" said the clownish goon with the bat as he came out of the shadows.

"Hey, how the heck did you know I was coming?" asked Raphael as he was swinging his chain around.

"Let's just say all that heavy equipment of yours didn't make you sound like as quiet as a mouse" laughed the clownish goon.

"Well, I was going to kick your butt anyway" said Raphael.

Raphael then throws his chain around the goon's arm and brings him right toward him. He then delivers a punch right at the clownish goon to which made the others get up from their table and started to run toward them. Meanwhile, the Batman and Michelangelo had managed to slip through a nearby open window undetected as Raphael was used for a clever diversion.

"Ah, Michelangelo, glad to see you finally got rid of your ridiculous costume" said Master Splinter.

"I finally realized, I only want to fight like a turtle, and not a Titan Turtle" said Michelangelo as he started to get Master Splinter free and the others as well.

"We better get moving, the Joker could be back at any second" said Batman.

Yet it was certainly too late, as the Joker along with some of his clownish goons on a coffee truck had arrived right back into the factory itself only to find the Batman freeing their five guests.

"Bah, you just can't rob a coffee shop, and get your coffee for the month" sighed the Joker, "it's just a bad joke."

"Here's another one for you, the only coffee you'll be having is in prison" said Batman.

"Ah, but your turtle friends don't have their weapons" said the Joker to which there was a crate that was taken up from a secret compartment with Donatello, Leonardo and even Casey's weapons, "tell ya what Bats, I'll be happy enough to leave your turtle friends alone if you would be willing enough to fight me instead, providing you don't have any interference with, say weren't there reportedly four of you?"

Suddenly one of the Joker's goons who was in the back fighting Raphael came flying right out sending himself crashing right on the pavement of the factory.

"Don't mess with the Nightwatcher!" laughed Raphael as he came out.

"I see you managed to use my son's arrogance as a diversion here" said Master Splinter.

"Well, it worked for this" replied Batman.

"Get them!" ordered the Joker to his goons.

As the Joker's goons went to battle with Batman and his new allies, even without their weapons, Donatello and Leonardo managed to overpower their attackers. Master Splinter had no problem taking down a few attacks as he managed to use his rat claws against them.

"I'm going to get your weapons for you" said Michelangelo to his two brothers to which he took out his nunchucks and began to use them against the Joker's goons, "excuse me, coming through, pardon me!"

As Michelangelo knocked down a few of the Joker's goons, he finally came to the crate that was filled with most of his brothers' weapons. Even as the turtle was about to open it, the Joker appeared right before him on the crate itself.

"Not so fast turtle" said the Joker, "you think you can tango with me? Your other brother didn't seem to do a very good job."

"I'm not going to stop until you leave me and my family alone" said Michelangelo as he started to charge at the Joker.

Michelangelo really went at it with the Joker who couldn't believe the onslaught that was coming toward him. The turtle smacked his nunchucks against the Joker, not once but several times. The Joker then fell heading toward the truck that was parked. Then the Joker had an idea of his own to which he quickly got into the driver's seat and restarted the engines.

"Hey, that's not fair!" cried Michelangelo.

"Life's not fair!" laughed the Joker as he was about to charge up.

As the Joker started to speed up the truck, Raphael who was about finished fighting leaped into action and saved his brother in the nick of time.

"I'm going to enjoy having flatten turtle soup for dinner!" laughed the Joker as he was still busy at the wheel as he turned the truck around.

"Let's show this clown how we fight like turtles" said Leonardo.

"Alright, just once, but I keep part of my Nightwatcher suit on" said Raphael as he took off his helmet and gave it to Master Splinter.

As Batman got Splinter, Casey and April out of the way, the four turtles leaped right onto the truck itself.

"Oh, so you four want a joy ride?" laughed the Joker.

"No, we'd rather put an end to your joy ride" replied Raphael as he launched a chain sending the Joker flying right out of his seat and heading right toward a wall knocking him unconscious.

The four turtles then leaped from the truck, as itself began to drive itself toward the docks and right into the ocean nearby.

"Good job fellas" said Batman as he came with cuffs for the Joker, "I'll take things from here, you head back to the sewers."

As the four turtles, gathered their equipment stolen from the Joker, and also went home with Master Splinter, April and Casey at least Master Splinter was pleased Raphael and Michelangelo got a taste of what it was like as being a real super hero.

"So, are you two going to stop arguing?" asked Master Splinter.

"No more arguing for me" replied Michelangelo.

"Good, once we get home to the lair, it seems those Joker goons left quite a mess, I'm going to need all the help to clean it up" laughed Master Splinter.

"That's not funny" sighed Raphael.

The scene ends from there.