There were a lot of differences for him, now that he was human. And because he was the Doctor he documented each one aloud, sharing each as though he were the first to discover it. Rose enjoyed each and every one.

The first touch of the sea against his skin and his voice, breaking with a shiver, "Oooo, that's different!"

The first rumble of hunger in his stomach, his lopsided grin half-embarrassment, half-pride as he huffed, "That's different…"

Followed swiftly by, "Rose! This is incredible! You have to try this!"

"Doctor, I have had egg salad before."

"But not like this you haven't! This is different!"

The surprised sound of pain when he slammed the car door on his finger, "That really hurt!" followed by a muttered, "That's definitely different."

The quiver he gave as her fingers gently playing with the hair on the back of his neck tickled him on the drive back. He gave a charming bit of a laugh, shoulders hunching up and said, "That tickles that!" Then starting to see the joke of it he winked at her, "That's different!" Then proudly leaning forward, "Look, goose bumps!"

His first sneeze in the expansive garden at home.

His first go at hiccups after eating his dinner too fast.

His first time working the coffee machine without the sonic screwdriver.

Each punctuated with: "Oh, that's different!"

She knew he heard her laugh when he stepped into his first shower and let out a bit of a scream, "Oohoohoo! That's different!" echoing back into the bedroom.

Then, in the dark, alone together at last, her hands slipping under his clothes and tracing patterns that made his head spin. Down, down they wandered until he sucked in his breath, pleasure so sharp it was almost pain. A gasp, a bit of wonder, then a wry, appreciative smile. His voice, coloured by anticipation, "That's different…"

Love making it a laugh as they sank down together and he added with cheeky ardor, "And the best part so far…"