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Clash on the Big Bridge

"Where do you think he is?" Terra asked. "He's an hour late."

"I don't know, usually he greets us," Aqua said. "Something might have happened to him."

"Like what?" asked Ven, who was balancing his Keyblade on the top of his head.

Several hours ago, they had been asked by their master, Master Eraqus to meet on one of the large bridges that separated the land which the castle stood on, from the rest of the world.

Ven tripped, dropping his Keyblade.

"Forty seconds," Terra said. "One second short of breaking your record."

"Aw man." Ven dropped himself backwards. "So close, yet so far."

Aqua, while normally the most patient of the three, was beginning to feel her patient waver at the absence of their master. This was demonstrated as she tapped the side of the bridge in an agitated manner.

Terra sat down to the ground. "I wish something would happen."

"Your wish shall be granted!"

The three stood to attention at the sound of the loud voice. Heavy laughter then rang through the air and they looked to the sky.

Flying though the air was a wavering red cloak. The laughs it was emitting was sinister, and full with ill-intent.

The readied themselves y summoning their Keyblades, preparing to fight whatever this creature was as it as it dove for the bridge, aiming to land on it.

Instead, it crashed into the bridge, and bounced off into the air below.

". . ." was the reaction of the three Keybladers.

The figure then appeared over the side, and landed on the bridge. They could now see that it was a large, eight-armed man dressed in a red cloak. In each hand he held a sword.

"I meant to do that!" he held. "Now we fight!"

He then rushed at them.


Despite the humorous introduction the man had given, he had proven to be a powerful opponent, giving the three Keybladers a difficult time in defending themselves.

After several minutes of intense fighting, he fell to his knees.

"It would seem, that I cannot fight three opponents at once," he said. Suddenly he jumped up. "Shell! Protect! Haste!" The three spells appeared around him, buffering him up. "Ha! As if I could loose to you!"

They continued their fighting again.

Ven was thrown back by a powerful swing, but managed to land on his feet.

"Hey! Red guy!" he called. "Just who are you anyway?"

Their opponent lowered his stance and stared at him with glowing white eyes. "So you ask who I am?" He laughed. "It would seem that tales of my greatness have yet reached this part of this funhouse mirror universe, or you three are just soft in the head!"

"Hey!" Aqua snapped.

"Very well! I shall tell you who it is you face!" He struck a pose. "I am the Greatest Swordsmen in the Worlds! I have traveled east and west in search for the Sword of Legend! And in my journey, it has brought me here, to you! My name is known far and wide as Gilgamesh! After this battle, your weapons will be added to my own collection of powerful blades!"

"Powerful blades?" Terra asked, examining each of Gilgamesh's swords. "But, those look like normal katanas."

"Hmp. Do you think I would use my powerful swords at first draw? Fool! But, since you have each proved to be more powerful then I thought, I will do you the great honor of allowing your blades to clash with my own!" He hid his katanas beneath his robes.

"He thinks highly of himself, doesn't he?" Ven asked Aqua.

"Certainly looks so."

"NOW! Behold! My swords of legend!" He began to pull one of his arms out. "The heirloom of the Hewley family, passed down through three generates, the Buster Sword!" He pulled out a large sword.

None of the three had ever seen the Buster Sword, though if they had, they would have noticed it had two extra holes in the blade, and a large Japanese kanji that read 'Fake' imprinted on the side.

"The relentless weapon of the legendary SeeD, Revolver!" It had no trigger, nor keychain, and instead of Griever imprinted on the side, there was a chocobo.

"The dagger of the master thief of Tantalus, Orichalcum!" The blade was too long.

"The water blade of the ace of the Zanarkand Abes, Brotherhood!" There were two hooks on the tip instead of one, the guard had a much different design, and the blade was completely transparent.

"The Dark One's blade! Capable of killing in one strike, Zantetsuken!" Instead of having a lightning bolt design built into the blade, it was a skull.

"The golden sun blade of Ivalice, Tournesol!" There was an additional blade going through the curvy blade, and there was a picture of the moon where there was supposed to be a sun.

"The dual-weapon only used by the most skilled Cocoon soldiers, Blazefire Saber!" The blade had a narrow spaces down the center, technically making it two blades, and it lacked the mechanisms that allowed it to turn into an assault rifle.

"And the weapon used to seal away the darkness, the Kingdom Key!" It had an extra set of teeth coming from the other side of the blade, the bottom part of the hand guard was absent, and the keychain of two feet long.

"With these eight weapons, you shall be smoted!"

"I think it's 'smote', not 'smoted'. That's not a word," Aqua said.

"Are you sure?" Terra asked. "I think I've heard that word before."

"Maybe so, but it's not a real word."

"I think it's real," Ven pointed out.

"Well it's not."

"DO NOT IGNORE ME!" Gilgamesh called. "We are in a fight! And that is not the proper place to go on and talk about proper grammar use! We shall continue this battle!"

"But, what about-"

"Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And little prepubescent boys!"

"Hey!" Ven took insult to this remark.

"For Gilgamesh, it's morphing time!"

Gilgamesh charged in once again.


While one would expect someone wielding a bunch of fake swords to be a pushover, things only became much more difficult for the trio.

Now wielding these powerful rip-offs, he now began to use more powerful attacks, such as massive explosions, and something Aqua would later refer to as Blue Magic.

Gilgamesh jumped back. "It would seem you three are deserving of high praise. But now we must finish this fight once and for all!" He placed his swords back beneath his robes. "Now, behold the most powerful weapon know to all!" He then drew a golden sword, shining with power, and grasped it with two of his hands in front of him. "The mighty sword, Excalibur!"

"Excalibur?" Terra asked, curious about the blade.

"Yes! Not tremble tiny mortals! Tremble, I say tremble!"

"Like that's going to happen!" Ven yelled. Grasping his Keyblade in its reverse grip, he charge forward and jumped right at Gilgamesh.

"Fool! Face my wraith!"

Both swung their blades.

Ven was quick.

Gilgamesh was quicker.

Excalibur swung at him, striking him in the chest.

"VEN!" Terra and Aqua cried.

Ven flew back as the blade swung forward. He hit the ground rolling, before coming to a stop.

"Ven!" Aqua rushed over to the fallen warrior.

Where he stood, Terra seethed in rage. "You." He turned to Gilgamesh. "You will pay." Small wisps of darkness fluttered around him.

"I will take his weapon when I am done with you." Gilgamesh readied himself.

"Oh, Ven," Aqua said, on the verge of tears as she kneeled down next to Ven, and rolled him onto his back. "Huh?" She was now confused.

"So, this is what it feels like to be dead huh?" Ven said. "I don't feel different."

"You, aren't hurt."

"Huh?" Ven looked down at his chest. "That didn't cut me. Wait, I think there's a small tear in my shirt. No, there isn't."

"Terra! Ven's okay!" Aqua called out. "That sword didn't even hurt him."

"What?" Terra asked, now calming down. He then turned back to Gilgamesh. "Your sword sucks."

Gilgamesh fell to his knees. "I, feel so betrayed." A black hole then appeared around Gilgamesh, covering him from the sights of the three. When it vanished, he was gone as well.

The three stood in silence for several moments, before Ven spoke up.

"Just what the hell was that?"


Not too far away, Master Eraqus watched his three pupils.

"They did better then I thought they would," He said. "Though, your methods could have been performed in a less dangerous way."

Behind him, Gilgamesh crossed his arms over his chest. "I cannot get into a fight unless I pour my all into it. I was even able to put use this worthless blade that keeps ending up in my hands to use."

"What did you think of them personally?"

"I liked them. They are strong, and they have much room to grow." He chuckled. "That blonde kid actually reminds me of a person I once met many realms back."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. You have admiral students on your hands. They will certainly leave massive waves in their wakes." Gilgamesh turned around. "Even though the fight itself would be enough of a reward, I do thank you for the weapon you have given me."

"Yes . . . I do hope you enjoy it."

A portal opened up in front of Gilgamesh. "Now, back into the Void I go, in search of more battles to fight, and blades to claim!"

Now alone, Eraqus studied his students more carefully.

As he voiced to Gilgamesh, he did not approve of the ruthlessness he used, but it did allow him to witness what he feared most.

"Terra . . ."

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