"Rare Blood"

By: God of Insanity

Pairing(s): Naraku/Sesshoumaru

Summary: Sesshoumaru was just a human minding his own business when one night a strange man paid him a visit…and changed his world. Warning: FOR MATURE READERS ONLY! Nara/Sess

Warning(s): M/M YAOI, LEMONS, AU(Modern Day), SesshUKE(human), Blood, Oral, Maledom, D/s, ;NaraVAMP, Character Death, and other warnings apply.

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Chapter 5: "Der Schwarze Kuss"


"Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything."-House

The night was young with the sound of chirping crickets. The wind barely blew at all, but when it did, the breeze wasn't as cold as it had been of late. The crescent moon was tinted red shone as brightly as ever, as if it knew something the mortals did not. Something about this night was different.

The first breaths of a newly born vampire followed after golden eyes fluttered open for the first time. Long, straight silver hair surrounded his head like a halo. His smooth, hairless skin was as white as snow. Something about his ethereal beauty was beyond the moral realm. He was the stuff of fables, the stuff of dreams.

For an undetermined amount of time, he lay in the bed scared and confused. Tears sprang in his eyes and they leaked out as he started sobbing his melancholy.

Two strong arms enveloped him into a tight, protective embrace and a hand stroked his hair to comfort him. "Shh…shh…calm yourself, my child. Everything will be all right. I am here now."

After he had calmed down, he looked up at the man who held him. He didn't know who this man was or why his touch, words, and presence had reassured him immediately. He looked so familiar…

"Do not fret, child. You will remember everything in time. Your name is Sesshoumaru. I am Naraku, your master and your father. You are my fledgling and my child. I will protect and guide you. Worry not, Sesshoumaru. It will take time for you to get used to your new life. But for now, just do as I say. It is time for you to feed. Take what you need from me…"

Sesshoumaru blinked and stared at him blankly because he didn't understand what it was that his master wanted him to do.

The older vampire sliced a deep gash into the flesh of his own neck with his claws. Blood flowed freely and trickled enticingly down Naraku's pale neck. "Go on…" Naraku urged him patiently.

The golden-eyed fledgling stared as if transfixed by the blood. It awoke something instinctual within him. Tentatively, he leaned closer and swiped a little bit of the blood with his tongue. The flavor and power of it slammed into him instantly. It was so, so good and he wanted, no, needed more.

"Take your fill, Sesshoumaru."

Without further hesitation, the smaller vampire lapped up all the blood eagerly. He licked all the blood that had dribbled down Naraku's broad chest. Some had traveled as far as his nipple and he licked that away too, unaware that his swirling tongue was having a stimulating effect on his master.

Naraku closed his eyes and tightened his arms around his new child. He had to unleash all of his self-control lest he do something he shouldn't do to the new born.

Sesshoumaru's mouth ultimately found its way back to Naraku's neck. He licked at the wound and was startled to hear his master moan. He looked up at Naraku curiously.

"Suck on it or else it will close." The dark-haired vampire murmured while affectionately stroking the fledgling's gorgeous hair. He was so proud that he felt as if his chest would burst.

The fledgling tilted his head slightly to the side and leaned in to cover the wound with his mouth. He sucked on the wound, which caused more blood to flow from the wound and into his hungry mouth. The more he sucked, the more the blood seeped out. He clutched at his master more tightly as he sucked harder and the moans from his master only encouraged him on.

With a hiss, Naraku pulled the fledgling away from his body. He panted lightly and watched as Sesshoumaru gasped, his beautiful golden eyes wide. As much as he hated forcing him to stop, he knew he had to lest he get drained dry. It would take time and experience for the fledgling to learn how to stop before he killed his donor.

Sesshoumaru felt something poke him sharply in his mouth, so he brought his fingers to his mouth to find that it was his lengthened canines. He looked at his master questionably.

"Ah, those are your fangs, my dear. You use them for when you need to feed. Whenever you feel the need to feed, they will lengthen. Do not worry; they will go back to normal size in time. They can also be used to kill…" Naraku explained softly and carefully. He was aware that his fledgling didn't remember anything from his human life and was currently in a fragile state of mind. That was why he knew he had to be deliberately patient and vigilant with him. Hopefully he would remember his previous life in time.

"Kill?" Sesshoumaru inquired innocently, not quite comprehending the actual concept of the word.

"Yes, love, kill. Do not worry about that right now. Come here…" Naraku cooed and extended his arms out towards the young vampire.

Without hesitation, Sesshoumaru bounded into his arms like an exuberant puppy. Sitting in the older vampire's lap, he wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled his healed neck. He felt his master envelop his arms around him and all his confusion seemed to melt away into nothing. Touching him and being touched by his master made all the bad things go away.

Naraku sighed and cradled him in his arms. It would be a long night, indeed.


For the first few nights, Sesshoumaru followed Naraku around like a lost puppy. During the day, he slept in Naraku's chambers curled up against his master. His mind was still fragile and if Naraku was away from him for any period of time, he would get frightened and curl up in a ball.

Somehow Sesshoumaru's dependence on Naraku didn't bother the elder vampire. It was actually…nice to be needed by someone.

He hadn't let Kagura or Kanna see the newest addition to the family, yet. Partly he knew it was because Sesshoumaru wouldn't be able to handle them yet and the other reason was…well, Naraku felt selfish and wanted to keep his fledgling to himself for as long as possible.

After about a week, Naraku knew that he had to teach Sesshoumaru how to feed from donors. He hadn't fed himself in over a week and allowing the fledgling to drain him every night was taking a toll on him.

On the eighth night, Naraku awoke to Sesshoumaru nuzzling his neck. Oddly enough, it reminded him of the night that the human Sesshoumaru had died. With a deep sigh, he looked at his fledgling and stroked his cheek with the backs of his fingers. "Tonight you will learn how to properly feed yourself, Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru cocked his head to the side in the way a puppy would.

When Naraku moved to get out of the bed, the younger vampire clung to him almost desperately. "You're going to leave me alone, master?"

"For a short time, yes. If all goes well tonight, I will take you with me tomorrow night. In the mean time, I want you to take a bath."

Sesshoumaru nodded slowly in understanding, but he didn't like it.

Naraku sighed. "Don't look at me like that, pet."

The fledgling snorted and turned his nose away in disdain.

"Such a brat…I cannot wait until you are fully trained…"

Sesshoumaru's eyebrow lifted and he looked at his master questionably.

"Now be a good boy while I am away. As a parting gift…" Naraku tilted the other vampire's chin up, leaned in, and captured his lips in a chaste kiss at first. Then he deepened it and forced his tongue into Sesshoumaru's mouth, tasting and savoring his sweetness. He pulled away as soon as his fledgling was reduced to a quivering pile of goo. With a small smile, he kissed Sesshoumaru's forehead and left the room.


When Naraku returned about an hour later, he was pleasantly surprised to find a naked, somewhat damp Sesshoumaru lying on his stomach playing with his wet hair. He looked over his shoulder, saw his master standing there and he smiled innocently.

"Where are your clothes?" The crimson-eyed vampire asked, a slight husk laced in his deep voice.

Sesshoumaru looked up at the ceiling almost thoughtfully before exclaiming, "Oh, I don't know!"

Naraku closed his eyes for a moment to compose himself. "Get dressed…now."

"Why?" Sesshoumaru inquired while he played with his silver locks.

"You have to wear clothes, Sesshoumaru. We have been through this before."

"But why? I like seeing you naked. I like being naked. I don't like clothes." Sesshoumaru crossed his arms and pouted.

The fledgling's words affected him more than he would have liked. "I like seeing you naked, too, but it's because I do that you must cover yourself. Also…I'm bringing your dinner in here. No one else is allowed to see you nude. Only me. Is that understood?"

Sesshoumaru's amber eyes widened, he quickly sat up, and he blurted, "Does anyone besides me get to see you naked?"

The elder vampire held back a sigh. He knew the question was innocent, but he still had to answer it carefully. After all, Sesshoumaru would eventually revert back to his old self, or something close to it. He would remember everything. "No, pet. Only you get to."


The raven-haired vampire sat on the edge of the bed and gestured for the other to come closer.

Almost immediately, the fledgling bounced into Naraku's lap. He nuzzled his neck affectionately and wrapped his arms loosely around the bigger man.

Naraku stroked his hair and was very acutely aware of the very naked man wriggling in his lap. He marveled at his own self-restraint, especially in a time like this. "Because we belong to each other. We do not need anyone else. Some things are not meant for others to witness…"

"Oh." Sesshoumaru buried his face in his master's neck and he teased the other male's neck with his teeth. He didn't understand everything, yet, but he was aware that certain things made his master feel good. And even though he understood little at the moment, he did know that he always felt most content when they were touching each other in some way.

Naraku picked him up and set him down gently on the bed. He stood up and walked over to his dresser, opened it, and scanned the clothes with his calculating ruby orbs. He finally found something suitable that was close to fitting Sesshoumaru. Closing the dresser, he strode over to his fledgling and handed him the clothes. "Here, put it on…"

Sesshoumaru eyed the Prussian blue silk kimono, and then he put it on as best he could on his body. The other vampire helped him tie it since last time Sesshoumaru ended up knotting it up very badly. It was large on him and in length it reached to his ankles. He didn't mind so much, though. It was his master's clothes and he could still smell the dark vampire's scent lingering in the fabric. Besides…after dinner was over with, he had already planned to wriggle out of the clothes.

After Naraku was satisfied, he slid the shoji door open and pulled someone into the room. It was a human male who looked to be in about his late twenties or so. He appeared as if he were in some sort of trance. The older vampire led him to the middle of the room and instructed him to stand still. "Come here, Sesshoumaru."

Curious, Sesshoumaru hopped off of the bed and approached them like an inquisitive cub. He looked at the taller vampire for further instruction, like a cub would its mother.

Naraku smiled at him and his pointy canines peeked out to greet his fledgling. "You must always put them in thrall, Sesshoumaru. We all have that ability to do so. Each of our kind also has a special ability and it differs in each of us. Do not worry; your ability will surface someday. Now, tonight you just need to learn how to draw blood, feed, and then stop yourself before he dies." Naraku halted his instruction to point at a particular place on the man's neck. "That is where you want to penetrate. The jugular vein is what you need to pierce with your teeth. Can you see it, pet? Concentrate hard on it…"

Sesshoumaru stared at the man's neck and after awhile of concentrating on it, he suddenly saw all of the veins in the human's neck. He focused his eyes on the area Naraku was pointing at. The silver-haired man moved closer until his breath rolled off the human's neck. He could feel his fangs lengthen as his hunger intensified.

"Now, bite him. There is no need to be cruel. Be gentle…this is a lamb, my little lion…" Naraku was behind Sesshoumaru now, his hands ghosting over the slighter vampire's shoulders.

With a small nod to signal his understanding, Sesshoumaru leaned in and after a small moment of hesitation, he slowly sank his canines into the human's neck. He heard a quiet moan from the man and then sweet blood flowed into his mouth. It wasn't as good as his master's blood, but it was still satisfying all the same. He eagerly gulped down the warm life fluid that flowed down his throat. Some of the blood escaped and dribbled down his chin.

The hands on Sesshoumaru's shoulders gripped them tightly. "Enough…or you will kill him."

In spite of his blood lust, Sesshoumaru removed his mouth and looked up over his shoulder at his master.

"Now, my sweet, staunch the blood flow by licking the wound. Our saliva has healing properties in it…" Naraku briefly explained, his hands rubbing the fledgling's shoulders.

Sesshoumaru leaned over again and licked the bite wound tentatively. Sure enough, after a couple of licks, the wound started clotting.

Naraku nodded in approval, took the human by the upper arm and walked him over to the door. He slid the door open, pushed the man outside, and slid the door closed. /…Kagura, take the human, give him what he needs, and set him in the guest room…/

/…Yes, master…/ Was all Kagura mind spoke back.

The dark-haired vampire turned around and was almost shocked to see his fledgling sitting in the nude on his bed. He sighed, but not from despair. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "Oh, Sesshoumaru…"

Sesshoumaru looked at him innocently enough, but Naraku knew that he was playing the part.

"Put your clothes back on." Naraku ordered even though there was no real weight behind his words.

Sesshoumaru pouted, "But he's gone."

The older man neared him, but stopped about a foot away. There was a look in his eyes that the youth didn't know, yet deep down, Sesshoumaru instinctively knew even though he wasn't aware of it. He flopped down on his back and stretched his limbs while never breaking eye contact with his handsome master. He played with his own hair, twirling it around his finger. He wasn't ashamed of his body and he knew his master enjoyed looking at him.

"You have always been my greatest temptation…" Naraku mumbled, his crimson orbs drawn to the smaller vampire like a starving man to food. Desire coursed through his veins like liquid fire and without thinking much on it, he found himself crawling over the naked male. He began kissing and nipping at his neck while his large, tapered hands explored the naked flesh before him. The elder vampire kept his weight off of the other vampire while his mouth and hands languorously, yet lovingly kissed and touched every intimate plane of Sesshoumaru.

He never pushed it further than touching and kissing because his little vampire was in a fragile state of mind. He knew he had to take everything in baby steps lest he unintentionally damage the silver-haired vampire's mind. Granted said vampire running around naked and being a tease made it all the more harder for Naraku to control himself. Yet, he was patient and could wait until the younger man was ready.

"Hey, that tickles!" Sesshoumaru giggled and squirmed underneath his master.

Naraku smirked. "You think that tickles? I'll show you what really tickles."

The larger vampire then proceeded to go through with his threat to tickle the life out of the smaller vampire. The thunderous laughter and giggle fits could be heard drifting throughout the house and all the inhabitants of the shrine were bewildered to hear such a thing.


Sesshoumaru lay on his side on a cushion located on the ground while he played with his long, silky silver hair out of pure boredom. He watched Kagura and Kanna out of the corner of his eyes, but pretty much looked as if he were ignoring them. He had met them a few hours ago and the odd thing was they acted as if they had met him before. He didn't remember them at all, but they seemed nice enough.

When Naraku entered the living room with someone else, the silver-haired vampire shot up to sitting position. He eyed the white-haired stranger curiously.

Amethyst eyes met gold.

"Hello, Sesshoumaru…" The white-haired man greeted him neutrally.

Sesshoumaru's head cocked to the side which made him look like a puppy. He slowly waved at the purple-eyed man.

"He doesn't remember anything, yet." Naraku commented, and then he approached his fledgling. He held out his hand in offering. "Come, pet."

The fledgling slipped his hand in his master's and got pulled up to his feet. "Where are we going?"

"I'm going to teach you how to hunt tonight. But first, I want to introduce you to that man over there. His name is Hakudoshi and he is an Original like me."

"What's an Original?" Sesshoumaru inquired quietly. He was hiding behind his master like a shy child would. He peeked at Hakudoshi curiously as any curious child would.

"What you need to know first is that there are three types of our kind. Originals, Reborns, and Generics. An Original is a vampire that was born a vampire. Originals have never died. You are a Reborn, which is a vampire created by an Original. You were once a human, but you died and after your death, you were reborn as a vampire. We used to call your kind the Made Ones, but someone opted to change that.

The third kind is what we term as a Generic vampire. They are made by Reborns by draining a human to the brink of death and then the Reborn gives his blood to the nearly dead human. Generics can make other vampires, too. But…the Originals hold the true power. Reborns rarely can amount to an Original, but it has happened before. "

Sesshoumaru looked at the ground thoughtfully before looking up at his master. He asked quietly, "How Originals born?"

A faraway look drifted into the Original's crimson orbs. "Like humans, we all had a dame and a sire. There used to be more of us, but breeding is too difficult and complicated. The success rate of even conception is rare nowadays. Of course, there's another reason…"

"Such as…?"

Naraku looked down at him. "We tend to be attracted to the same sex. The female Originals want women and the male Originals want men. I do not know why. That is just how it is now."

Hakudoshi leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest. 'I think mayhap we wish to cease to exist. Or…the Reborns and Generics wish to get rid of the top dog."

Naraku glared at the other Original. "There is no proof of that."

Hakudoshi gazed coolly back at him. "And neither do you have proof that it is not so."

"Do not put such foolish ideas into his head, Hakudoshi. He is impressionable. I would have him know truth instead of lies." Naraku growled.

"Truth is often derived from lies…" The white-haired man pushed off of the wall and approached the pair.

"That is because liars like to twist the truth until it is gone." Naraku countered.

"Perhaps…" Hakudoshi pretended not to notice the fledgling peeking at him. He added nonchalantly, "So…Naraku, when are you going to introduce this one to the Others, hm?"

The dark-haired vampire reached behind him and snaked his arm protectively around his fledgling like a parent would his child. "He is not ready, yet."

Hakudoshi smirked, "You do remember that the Others have a right to stake a claim?"

"If they value their lives they will not dare." Naraku replied smoothly, yet there was a threat clear in wine-red eyes.

"It is cute how he clings to you like a child, Naraku. He is so adorable and innocent, but he will not always be that way. He will want to leave you one day. He will hate you in time, just like the other one did."

Sesshoumaru felt his master's arm tighten around him and he frowned. The other vampire's words were bothering him to the point that a whimper escaped. He clung to his master from behind and buried his face in his back.

"This one is different than the rest, Hakudoshi. Even you can see that or else you wouldn't be interested. You are upsetting him. I suggest you take your leave now."

"If what you speak of is true, then you must treat him as your equal. I sincerely hope that he will end your callous cruelty. Goodbye for now, dear brother. And goodbye, Sesshoumaru. I hope you remember everything in time, my dear." Hakudoshi spoke smoothly; a touch of wisdom weaved into his quiet words. He left without allowing any of the other vampires to reply.

Naraku sighed and looked over at his fledgling. He brushed away Hakudoshi's words, but they wouldn't disappear completely. They lingered in the back of his mind like an uninvited guest.


The rest of the night had gone by somewhat smoothly. Sesshoumaru had learned how to track down potential prey, watch/stalk said prey, and eventually put the prey in thrall.

Naraku was pleased to know that his new fledgling was a fast learner in pretty much every way in spite of his naïveté. He couldn't really be blamed for his ignorance because he didn't remember much of anything.

In fact, Sesshoumaru was much sharper than he seemed.

But still, the Original couldn't help his yearning for Sesshoumaru's memories to return. As cute as Sesshoumaru was now, it was the human Sesshoumaru that Naraku had loved.

There was no guarantee that this new Sesshoumaru would be anything like the old one.


The next few weeks seemed to pass agonizingly slow for the inhabitants of the shrine. Each day was pretty much slow and uneventful except for the antics of the Reborn vampire. Sesshoumaru would throw off all of his clothes and streak throughout the shrine with Naraku chasing him down. Kagura and Kanna both received an eyeful of Sesshoumaru's goodies. After the first couple of times, the females both learned to look away when they heard the Reborn giggling.

When Sesshoumaru wasn't basking in his nude glory, he was playing hide and seek with everyone. Of course no one really wanted to play his games, but they kind of had to if they wanted to find him because he wouldn't budge from his spot unless someone found him first.

It was one such day that the fledgling was hiding under the bed and was patiently waiting for his master to find him. He was nearly asleep when hands grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out from under the bed. He looked sheepishly up at his less than pleased master.

Sesshoumaru waved slowly at him and cracked a grin.

"You are such a brat, Sesshoumaru. What am I to do with you?" Naraku chided and sat down on the edge of the bed. His fledgling immediately made himself comfortable in his lap and wrapped his arms around the elder. He buried his nose in the taller man's neck and nuzzled him affectionately, which was something he often did.

After a few minutes of silence, Sesshoumaru looked up at his contemplative looking master. "How come you don't play with me anymore?"

Naraku looked down at him distractedly, for it was obvious his thoughts had been interrupted by that quiet, innocent voice. "What do you mean? I play with you all the time, precious."

"Not like you used to."

"How do you mean?"

Sesshoumaru looked away and tried to figure out a way to explain in a way that his master would comprehend. Sometimes his master was rather dense, but he still loved him. When he figured out what to say, he looked up at the dark-haired man again. "I had dreams where you would do things to me. I would do things to you, too. A lot of the time you drank my blood, too. You don't do that anymore, either."

Naraku's eyes widened. "You remember?"

"I only remember those things right now. Whenever I wake up, I try to grasp them, but my dreams fade if I don't think about them a lot."

"I see."

"Master, I want to do those things with you. How come you don't ever do those things with me anymore? You don't like playing with me anymore?"

The Original sighed and patted the younger vampire on the head. "That is not it, Sesshoumaru. For one thing, that is not called playing. It is something adults do for procreation, for carnal pleasure, or for the sake of love."

Sesshoumaru pouted. "I'm not a kid!"

"You certainly act like one." Naraku snorted.

"Do I look like a child?" Sesshoumaru used his hands to gesture towards his body.

Naraku sighed and kissed him on top of the head. He pulled him closer, trapping him in his arms. "No, no…you don't look like a child. I am painfully aware of that. If it makes you feel any better, I always want to play with you, as you so childishly call it."

It was Sesshoumaru's turn to snort. "Then how come you don't?"

"You are not ready for it. That is why. You still think and act like a child. It would damage you to do that. I do not want you hurt."

"Oh." The silver-haired male nuzzled into his master's chest and dropped the subject. He pretended as if he was satisfied with that answer and that he had no further questions. The gears in his head grinded as he pondered everything he was told. It was then that an idea struck him and as he sat curled up in his master's arms, his idea morphed into a plan.


The next night was quite the shocker for Naraku and Kagura. Kanna didn't seem surprised at all, but then again, she was a child that lacked outward emotion. In some ways, she seemed more mature and grounded than anyone in the shrine. She said little, but when she spoke, it was something to ponder.

The thing that shocked the Original and the Dhampir was that Sesshoumaru was dressed and he was clad to the point that barely any skin could be seen.

He simply entered the room quietly and sat down at the table. The fledgling didn't crawl under the table, he didn't hide anywhere, and he didn't try to play any games with them. He just simply sat there and greeted Kagura and Kanna with a nod of his head.

Naraku's eyes narrowed as he regarded his fledgling carefully. The brat was obviously up to something.

"Good evening, Sesshoumaru." Kagura greeted politely while she brushed Kanna's long white hair.

Kanna hummed something quietly to herself as she combed through her doll's hair with her small fingers.

"Good evening, Kagura…and Kanna." Sesshoumaru returned the greeting and cast both females fleeting glances. He didn't even look at his master. It was as if Naraku wasn't even in the room.

The Original vampire tapped his fingers on the table and watched Sesshoumaru without even uttering a single word. He wasn't impressed so far, but at the same time he was curious, too. His lovely little vampire was trying to prove something and Naraku decided he would bide his time for the time being.

"Did you feed already?" Kagura inquired and stopped brushing her child's hair. She set the brush down and gingerly stood up.


Naraku glanced sharply at his fledgling. He was starting to get annoyed. "And why not?"

Sesshoumaru merely stood up and left the room without acknowledging his master.

On the outside, Naraku seemed cool, collected, and calm, but inside he was starting to quake with budding rage. No one liked being ignored, especially someone like Naraku.

"Kagura, you may take Kanna out tonight. I think me and my pretty little pet need some alone time this very night." Naraku spoke darkly as he rose from the table.

The dhampir female nodded solemnly and frowned as soon as he swept from the room. She didn't like the sound of his words and hoped that the night didn't turn out to be as dark as Naraku's foul mood.


When Naraku entered the bedchamber none too quietly, Sesshoumaru didn't even turn to look at him from his seat on the edge of his master's bed. Instead, he continued to hum a random tune and brush his luxuriously long, satin silver locks.

"Sesshoumaru…" Naraku growled and stood rooted in the doorway glowering at his fledgling.

Said vampire continued seemingly obliviously brushing his hair and humming as if he were alone.

Naraku slowly slid the shoji door shut behind him without taking his simmering crimson eyes off of his naughty little burden of joy. Without any further words, he stalked towards the other vampire and grabbed the brush from Sesshoumaru's hand. He chucked it across the room in a random direction and it made a loud and almost sickening crack with the wall.

Sesshoumaru looked at his hand as if puzzled by why the brush was no longer there.

The elder vampire pushed the younger vampire down on the bed until he was flat on his back. He grabbed Sesshoumaru's wrists and pinned them above his head. The slighter vampire still wasn't acknowledging his presence so Naraku crawled over him and crushed his lips to Sesshoumaru's in what could be called a bruising, almost violent kiss.

When the Original felt those lips respond and that body arch against him, he pulled away from the kiss to look down at his fledgling. "What game is this, brat."

The Reborn gazed up at him with his half-lidded golden eyes and his silver hair that was deliciously tousled. He murmured almost breathlessly, "No game."

"Then what is it?"

The older vampire's throat was close enough so that Sesshoumaru leaned up and kissed his throat. He sucked on the pulse point and teased it lightly with his teeth. He knew his master had relaxed when the hard grip binding his wrists had loosened considerably. He sucked a bit harder, his tongue swirled over the skin and he smiled at the low moan that resulted from his actions. The fledgling leaned up closer and dragged his teeth against the skin, yet not quite breaking it. The large hand holding his wrists together tightened slightly from the pleasure and his neck pressed against his mouth as if giving silent permission to proceed. Sesshoumaru trailed his mouth down until his lips found Naraku's jugular and with a slow roll of his tongue against his jugular, the Reborn sank his lengthened fangs into his master's flesh.

The next thing either of them knew was Naraku was on his back with Sesshoumaru on top of him eagerly drinking his life fluid. They both writhed sensually against each other, the euphoria of both drinking blood and having blood sucked overwhelmed both of the vampires. When vampires fed from one another it usually inspired the more primal, carnal side of them.

Naraku's loins tightened increasingly and in order to relieve the tension, he sat up quickly and pulled the other vampire into his lap. He gripped his fledgling's hips and ground his groin against the round, supple curve of Sesshoumaru's firm ass. He felt the mouth leave his neck and he looked down to see the smaller male gazing up at him with hooded, lust-glazed eyes. Blood was smeared on the fledgling's lips and some blood even dribbled down his chin. Naraku leaned down and licked the blood from the chin up to his mouth. As soon as he had cleaned it all away, he kissed the Reborn fervently in a way that foreshadowed what he would do to him soon.

The Original vampire slipped his hand between their bodies until he found the Reborn's crotch. He rubbed Sesshoumaru's arousal gently at first, but the moans prompted him to rub him more vigorously. The slighter man rolled his hips, pressing his swollen member against the large hand that touched it.

Soon enough, Naraku grew weary of the clothing that acted like a restricting barrier. He released Sesshoumaru's mouth and growled low in his throat. "You are wearing too many clothes. I do not like it."

"You told me to wear clothes, remember?" Sesshoumaru smirked. It seemed that his plan was working.

"That is because every time you strut around naked it makes me want to grab you and fuck you raw." Naraku rasped, his voice ragged and filled with unbridled lust.

In response to that, Sesshoumaru wriggled in his master's lap which caused his rear to rub adamantly against the hard shaft that poked it. He leaned in closer and whispered into Naraku's ear, "Maybe that is why I do it."

Naraku growled. "You little coy brat…"

With a little huff, Sesshoumaru bounced in his master's lap and was pleased at the grunt that resulted from it.

The raven-haired vampire snarled and threw the other vampire down on his back on the bed. He pinned him down and glared down at the angelic-looking beauty. There was no trace of anger in his glare. "Be careful, my little pretty. Your teasing will result in a thorough fucking. You will not be able to walk for days."

"As long as you love me the way you used to, I do not care to ever walk again." Sesshoumaru murmured, squirming underneath his master.

"I would rip off my own limbs before I ever hurt you, Sesshoumaru."

"I know, Master. But I am no child and I will not break."

Naraku rested his forehead against Sesshoumaru's and stared him straight in the eyes. "I want you."

Without any further words, Sesshoumaru tilted his head to the side and kissed his master feverishly. When he finally broke the kiss, he said, "Then have me."

The crimson-eyed vampire sat up and brought Sesshoumaru up with him. He silently untied Sesshoumaru's obi and pushed his kimono off his shoulders. He tugged down the fledgling's hakama until they were completely off. Once he was finished, he began to undress himself, but the silver-haired vampire pushed his hands away and started to divest his master of his clothes. There was something strangely intimate about them undressing each other.

When they were both naked, Naraku instructed, "Lie down on your stomach and spread your legs. I wish to prepare you before anything else."

Sesshoumaru turned around and laid down on his stomach. Even though he had had dreams about this, it was still somewhat new to him. He was both anxious and excited that it was going to happen.

The fledgling nearly jumped when something hot and wet swiped at his entrance. It felt like a tongue, but he wasn't completely sure. He gasped when it pushed inside him and wriggled around as if searching for something. Sure enough, it brushed against something that made him grip the sheets and cry out. Panting now, he pushed back against the thing relentlessly massaging his sweet spot. He was disappointed when the tongue left his body.

Naraku grabbed Sesshoumaru by the waist and hefted him into his lap. He snaked his arms around him and kissed him on the neck. "You are beautiful."

"And you are beautiful, too, Master." Sesshoumaru smiled and turned around in his master's lap so that they were facing one another.

They were beyond words now.

Naraku cupped Sesshoumaru's face in his hands and kissed him deeply and passionately. While they kissed, his hands left the Reborn's face and trailed down the younger vampire's smooth, well-defined body until they reached his ass, which he groped appreciatively. Sesshoumaru gasped into his mouth and the elder vampire would have smiled if his mouth wasn't busy ravaging the fledgling's.

While Sesshoumaru was distracted by the kissing, Naraku spread the Reborn's legs and positioned his engorged, angry-looking erection at the golden-eyed man's entrance. He pushed in his well-lubricated cock in slowly, inch by inch until he was sheathed to the hilt. The loud moan that his mouth seemed to eagerly eat didn't go unnoticed by him. It wasn't a moan of pain, which pleased him. The tight heat that gripped him made it all the more harder not to start thrusting. Instead, he kissed Sesshoumaru's neck and stroked the small of his back to help him relax some.

Sesshoumaru clutched at Naraku and buried his face into the male's neck. It hurt some, but it was mostly just a full feeling that tingled a little. Something about this was so hauntingly familiar. There seemed to be something inside his head telling him to relax and wait. For what, he wasn't sure. But he decided to listen. With a muffled sigh, he nuzzled his master's neck. He would have resembled a child if he had not been naked and sitting impaled on another man's dick.

When the silver-haired man wriggled a bit in the dark vampire's lap, Naraku took that as an indication to begin. He anchored his hands to Sesshoumaru's hips and raised him almost completely off his turgid length and then he plunged himself back inside the man's portal. He grinned into Sesshoumaru's chest after the third thrust when his arousal had hit the other male's prostate because he had nearly screamed.

"Sesshoumaru…ride me, move with me…" Naraku groaned while he gripped the other male's hips hard. He was sure his hands were going to leave bruises but at the moment he didn't care.

"Yesss, M-master…" Came Sesshoumaru's breathy response. He placed his hands on his master's shoulders and started to raise himself up and down. Something about him pushing down and his master thrusting up made it all the more better. It was a slow pace at first, but after some time, he moved faster and pushed himself harder.

"Yes…yes, that's it. Good boy…" The Original praised; the slick feel of his lover's passage was driving him insane. He took one of Sesshoumaru's nipples in his mouth and sucked on it amorously while one of his hands left the light-haired man's hip to wrap around his leaking erection. He was rewarded by a sharp intake of breath and then a heaving moan.

Naraku could tell that his fledgling was getting tired so he pulled Sesshoumaru off of his cock and pushed him down on his back. Without hesitation, he spread Sesshoumaru's legs and re-entered him in one swift thrust. Sesshoumaru cried out and arched his back, his hands clawing at the sheets. He wrapped his long legs around his master's waist and pulled him as close as they could get considering he was being fucked into the mattress.

The sounds of moans, grunts, groans, gasps, and flesh slapping flesh seemed to echo throughout the room. The dark-haired vampire repeatedly mumbled something almost incoherently that sounded like Sesshoumaru's name.

Naraku rocked into his lover's body harder and faster with each plunge into that pliant body. He could feel that they were both drawing close to their releases so that he reached in between them and wrapped his fingers around Sesshoumaru's neglected member. The larger male stroked and pumped him in rhythm to his powerful, thorough thrusts. He angled himself so that each time he rammed into Sesshoumaru's body he would slam hard against that little bundle of nerves that made the Reborn see Heaven.

"Come with me, Sesshoumaru…" Naraku groaned, his groin coiling up, which meant that he was about to ejaculate. He leaned forward and laced his hands with Sesshoumaru's and then he propelled his erection as hard and fast as he could, which effectively tortured the hell out of Sesshoumaru's stimulated prostate.

As if actually following Naraku's command, Sesshoumaru screamed Naraku's name as his inner muscles clamped down on his master's thrusting cock. His seed shot between them and his orgasm shot throughout his body like liquid fire. He barely felt Naraku's jaws clamp onto his neck or his master's semen coating his insides.

All Sesshoumaru knew was sweet nirvana.


Sesshoumaru lay on his side for what seemed like hours, his lover spooning him from behind. He wasn't sleeping, although he looked as if he were. In fact, he was rapidly reliving all of his lost memories.

After he had regained his entire memory, it had left him shaken and unnerved.


"You…you brought me back to life. Why? You should have left me to Death." Sesshoumaru whispered bitterly and tried to get out of the embrace, but the Original wouldn't let him leave his arms.

"You remember everything now?" Naraku questioned quietly, his voice almost emotionless. There was no mistaking the relief in his voice.

"Yes, I remember everything."

"I have missed you." Naraku murmured and buried his face in Sesshoumaru's gorgeous silken hair.

"Yeah, missed fucking me." Sesshoumaru spat out.

Naraku shot up and spun Sesshoumaru around so that they were facing each other. He grabbed the Reborn's faced and forced him to look at him. The Original was livid. "Is that what you think this is? After everything I have said and done…you think you are nothing but a fuck toy to me? If that were true, you would not be alive right now. If that were true, I would not have bared my soul to you, child."

Sesshoumaru looked away and said nothing. "…"

"You have done things to me, boy. You have changed me. Ever since I laid eyes on you…you started to change me into something else. For three thousand years, I have been the same unchanged monster. For three thousand years, I have felt absolutely nothing. For three thousand years, I have been hollow. Until you. You make me feel things I have never felt. You leave me feeling weaker and stronger at the same time. You make me want no one else but you. You make me crave you…want you more and more. You make me weep, scream, and sigh. But most of all…you make me feel human."

The amber-eyed vampire looked back at Naraku.

Naraku continued, unhindered emotion brimming in his eyes and voice. "I did not know until the night I killed you that I loved you. I cried for you. I didn't stop crying until you took your first breath. When you opened your beautiful eyes and sobbed, I nearly wept from joy. Just having you there, in my arms and presence filled me with such happiness and comfort that it was all I needed. Even though you were alive again, you still weren't completely you. I missed you so damn much, Sesshoumaru. You have no inkling how much. I prayed that you would remember. Yes, I actually prayed. And now you have returned fully to me."

A lone tear slipped from Sesshoumaru's eye.

The dark-haired vampire wiped the tear away with his thumb. "Do not cry…"

"You love me…" Sesshoumaru stated as if he didn't believe it. In fact, he was stunned by what he heard.

"I love you, and only you, Sesshoumaru. It's to the point that I would die for you. If you asked of me to kill myself, I would do it right now." Naraku cupped the side of Sesshoumaru's flawless face and kissed the spot where his tear had been.

"No…no, don't die for me. Live for me." Sesshoumaru whispered and encircled his arms around the taller man. He closed in the distance and brushed his lips against Naraku's in a chaste, but loving kiss.

"Come, let us rest. It has been a tough night, especially for you. Tomorrow is a new night."

Sesshoumaru smirked, one of his fangs poked out. "As soon as we wake up, I'm jumping your bones. I don't think we're going to leave this bed for a week."

Naraku snorted and swatted his ass. "And you called yourself the fuck toy. It seems it is the other way around."

"Shut up and go to sleep, baka." Sesshoumaru snorted and laid down on his side. He yawned and almost purred when his lover pulled him into an embrace.

"I love you, too, Sesshoumaru." Naraku muttered and nuzzled his lover's neck.

It didn't take either vampire long to fall asleep.

For the first time in a long time, the night was serenely quiet.


Kagura slid the shoji door open as slowly and as silently as she could. She poked her head inside and peeked into the room.

What she saw warmed her heart.

With a soft, relieved smile, she silently closed the shoji door.

And for the first time in two thousand years, the dhampir felt peace.



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