"This is the end, my only friend. The end" (From the song, 'The End' by the Doors, on the album, 'Waiting For the Sun')

Nocturnes and nightmares: An autobiography of Vincent Valentine
(An afterthought about the interview that was conducted and re-written by Phoenix Down)

Part Ten
This is the ending of a nightmare

Mr. Valentine is an interesting character. At first, I wanted to interview him only to find out the mystery of him. The intrigue. I wondered why I was so fascinated by him. I wanted to know what made him tick.
At first he was completely reluctant to talk to me. He tried everything save physically harming me to get me to leave. Then, oddly, he told me everything without holding back.
It was a very interesting and disquieting experience to be sitting alone with him in a dark cave like room for hours just listening to him talk. When he finished, I wondered why he let everyone see his cards, not hold anything back. Then, I realized something. He would do anything to stop his nightmares. Maybe that's why he wanted to talk. Maybe it was because if he kept no secrets, he could be more at peace with himself.
Well, it was worth a try.
Perhaps that was his line of thinking.
If we have learned anything from this, it is that we no longer pity him. We are no longer fascinated by him. We now know everything.
Or do we?
Maybe he didn't tell us something.
I've never felt sorry for, nor have I romanticized Mr. Valentine. Never. Maybe that was what made me different, why he let me become so close to him. I recorded every word, and copied everything he said down to paper word for word. I changed nothing. Everything that you read was the TRUTH.
We wonder what he will do now. Probably lie there in his coffin beneath the Earth, where he knows that he can't hurt anyone and no one can hurt him.
That's what it really all was about, anyway.
He's afraid of everyone hurting him.

~Phoenix Down
Thank you.

The end.

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