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Summary: When Harry turned 11, he didn't get a Hogwarts letter, but he had almost full control of his magic at the age of 13. His uncle grew up in Nevada, and after his parents passed away, he kept the house, so he could move into it one day. At the age of nine, Harry was sent to clean and prepare the house for them. That was five years ago. Now Harry had left, and he was living in the wild, with only the horses for company. When someone sees him wandering around , crouching slightly, haven't been out in open space for a while, having stayed close to the forests and mountains, he was wary. When that someone saw him, she told her friend. When that friends tries to find Harry again, they are in for a surprise.

Crossover : Harry Potter X Phantom Stallion.

Harry was nine when he was sent off to Nevada to prepare the house for his relatives to live in. It had only taken him a week to clean the house, and make it liveable for his relatives. The reason it took such a short time to do it, was because of his magic. Although Harry didn't know he was a wizard, he'd always been able to feel a pressure just beneath his skin, lurking there. When he was injured, he was able to send it to help heal himself. After learning that he could do things with it, he began to experiment. He'd been able to fix his eyesight, make his hair longer, and straight, go invisible, and disappear from one place and appear in another. He'd also been able to make things, like a thick blanket, but not food of water. He'd been able to mask his bruises and cuts, along with scars and belt marks, and blood. He also figured out her could change into any animal he knew of. So far, he'd been able to change into a kitten, bird, dog, rabbit, and a snake.

So, having learned to do all this stuff he'd set it to good use. He'd cleaned the three bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and the attic. He then made all the beds, put the food away, with the change on the counter. He wasn't able to eat anything, as his aunt had made sure to get a certain number of things so that she would know what Harry ate, if he did.

After Harry finished cleaning and making sure the house was perfect enough for his aunt, he left.

He didn't know where he was going, but he wasn't staying there. He left with only the clothes on his back, and shoes on his feet.

Five years later, Harry was 14 now, and he learned his relatives were moving here. He hadn't spoken since he left for Nevada, and he was slightly wild now. He'd lived with some wild horses for a while, and learned from them. He knew what a horse would do, before he would do it. He knew body language and what it meant. He stayed around forests and the mountains, so people wouldn't see him, but one day, that all changed.