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The Last Halloween

It was a warm October that year in Gotham. Robinson Park was awash with color—leaves flushed red and yellow over the darkening earth. Broken bottles sparkled on streets and down alleyways as urban gems, seasoned with pepper cigarette butts. Winter flirted from afar by blowing smoke rings between buildings, so every resident knew her advance at a breath.

People didn't put pumpkins on doorsteps in Gotham. Teens carved nasty messages across their faces or put firecrackers inside Jack o' Lanterns for kicks. But window displays were fine, and provided you traveled in packs it was perfectly safe to go trick-or-treating.

Rachel Dawes was too old to go trick-or-treating by now. She'd last worn a costume at fifteen—stretching for a creepy witch outfit that just didn't happen. The warts fell off. The dress didn't fit. She got pimples after too much face-paint or chocolate. Regardless, her festivity had reached new heights this year after losing a coin toss to Harvey Dent again. They would hand out candy together and spend the night doing whatever it was complicated co-workers did on Halloween.

She didn't expect bandages when he opened the door. "Rachel," said her boss with a broad smile and a manic eye. There were fake spider webs stretched across the hall. Little bats dangled overhead.

"A mummy, Harvey?" said Ms. Dawes, vying between amusement and mortification as she stepped in.

"Why yes," replied the mummy in question, blond hair sticking out between layers of gauze, "And you are still a civilian." Bumping the outside world from view, he grinned mischievously. "We might have to fix that."

"No," she answered firmly, betrayed by a laugh. "Can you imagine what the press would do with a story like this? 'District Attorney Under Wraps: Public Darling Celebrates Pagan Holiday' One of us has to keep an eye out tonight and it doesn't—" Rachel yanked a rubber rodent floating near his ear, making it bounce, "—seem to be you."

He simply chuckled, ruffling her curls before steering them both into the kitchen. It was very ordinary, with cream and yellow hues interrupted by a mostly red painting. Not especially pretty, but comfortable. On the table rested a plastic cauldron, still stuffed this early. He sat her down and snatched up a Milky Way. "I know you're tempted," said Harvey, grinning smugly.

She raised an eyebrow, skeptical. "You aren't going to give this up, are you?"

"Now why," his answer, "would I do something like that?" Rachel reached for the bribe, which was lifted playfully out of reach before getting dropped into her open palm. Around a mouthful of caramel and nougat, she watched him remove costume supplies from the corner cabinet. Ears. Face paint. A tail. Realization dawned.

"No!" She squealed before covering her mouth in embarrassment. He continued to grin wordlessly (broadly) as she swallowed. "I'm not dressed for it!"

"You'll be the most beautiful purple cat in the city tonight," declared Harvey, plunking sideways onto the seat next to her. Their knees touched.

Rachel delivered her best mock glare. "I don't like cats."

"Do you want to flip for it?"

She squared her jaw. "Harvey…"

"Rachel…" At this, she finally rolled her eyes and surrendered.

"Doll me up, darling."

Author's Notes: So, while Night Terrors (unless I change the title, which I'm considering) is being beta'd, I decided to have a look at this fic. Reading through I was surprised to realize it felt done. Was going to add, but then again I also sort of like the snapshot effect. What do you guys think? Should I expand, or is it fine as is? ALSO: Thank you Dawnstag for recommending Twoface: Jekyll and Hyde. While this particular story is utterly unrelated, I enjoyed the read and may try to incorporate elements from that comic into an as yet un-conceived story. Anyway, a belated Happy Halloween to everyone!